What dream wedding a hassle?


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Wedding worries – it is a pleasant thing. However, what if they have nightmares? Mean the vision has a lot, but for proper interpretation it is necessary to clarify some details.

wedding trouble

What does it mean to marry?

Wedding planning always precede the trip to the registry office. Some girls are waiting for this moment all my life, and others are not happy about such events. Everyone is different, but, what is dreaming all this, even if the girl is not thinking about marriage, the wedding and everything else? So, if she accepted the offer to register relations in the registry office – it means that soon the girl will become quite a respected person and gain recognition from other people. And it will be those individuals whose opinion it is very important. And also likely that soon the life will have to take some serious decision. And it will be correct. By the way, we should not think that the wedding trouble always dream to marry. It is often to promotions, bonuses at work, successful completion of long-pending cases and much more.

And what dream wedding chores a married woman? To the fact that soon she will expect trouble. This vision is recommended to take as a sign, a warning. Should not be in the near future to make important decisions and to do something big – it could end badly.

Interesting items

The Interpretation of dreams depends largely on the details that the man had to remember. Well, if a girl, doing wedding bustle, sees her passes by her groom in a black suit and read in his eyes the look – this is not good. Namely – to the disease. You should be careful with their health in the near future. If the guests were dressed in the dark – to the sorrow and sadness. To see something bad happen during the mating ceremony – suffering and misery.


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If a girl sees how she was captured by the wedding planning, but somehow in the dream she looks miserable and sad-it's not good. Dream book Miller argues that during the marriage the girl is also not acquire what he wants.

dream interpretation wedding worries

Dream Interpretation for men

If the wedding planning had to man, it can be both good and bad sign. If he and his young beautiful bride together with vanity, the reality should prepare for a good turn of events and circumstances. All will go smoothly – in work, personal life and many other things. But if the guy decided to marry the girl who already has a mate, and preparing for the wedding with her – it's the fact that he ought to protect yourself from those desires which do not need to be. Perhaps some of his dreams even criminal. If the guy saw his ex-girlfriend that he still harbors feelings, is preparing for marriage – the secret suspicions and major regrets. To see another bride – promises happiness, and his – trouble and even danger. To witness the groom – also to the joys, and to be – to the rumors and evil gossip, which can malign the good name. This interpretation gives family dream.

 what dream wedding worries

The Wedding chores according to the ancient book of interpretations

Any wedding worries mean buying the dress. That same promises a dream in which the girl imagined, as she chooses is an important apparel? If it was white – a pleasant meeting and an unexpected meeting. But this interpretation is not for everyone, but only for those women who are not going to get married. If a dream I had the night before the wedding, the girl will just care about the reception.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century says that if a girl tries on a wedding dress – it is to meet a rich guy it is possible to establish a relationship. In the near future love life will improve, and it promises more and different pleasant surprises. But if the dress is ugly and very dirty – the parting with loved ones, and, most likely, return nothing. But to decorate their attire with crystals and ornaments – to unrealistic plans. Sorry, will have to abandon the idea and get back to reality. Anyway to implement them is not worth it.

what dream wedding chores a married woman


A Lot can be said about what dream wedding worries. But be sure of individual attention it should be noted that what the girls are in the night of festive bouquets. Wedding flowers-a mandatory attribute of any wedding. If she saw the bouquet in a dream – thankfully. Soon there will be something good and should be ready for it. But throwing the Bridal bouquet – for major losses. So interpreted such a dream.

The Wedding planning, during which the girl picks a bouquet for her wedding – is the fact that soon she will meet a soul mate. But if she already has a boyfriend – that means the choice is correct, and the relationship with that young man can end with a wedding. To dream among the crowd is a strange man holding wedding bouquet – for a major change in his personal life. And, most likely, the girl will meet someone who will later become her legal spouse.

wedding trouble

Wedding worries and their interpretation dream Freud

The restaurant, the host, treats and, of course, wedding cake – all this, too, is an integral part of a typical celebration. If a girl sees how she has been recruiting all of the above, and she can't do something – it is for unforeseen circumstances and probably even to trouble.

In General, to dream of wedding worries – the changes in life. If there were many guests – that to family happiness. Cancelled wedding usually promises a good outcome of any business. But see how beloved is marrying some other girl – to senseless quarrels arising from jealousy of snovideni.

Choose wedding rings – to family happiness, but if the girl jewelry in the dream lost, you should be ready for sorrows and worries. Bad if they were cheap – to small trouble. And dirty decorations and even the promise of trouble with the misery.

dream wedding worries

Italian dream interpretation

If the girl sees as she adjusts her veil in a dream – to the fulfillment of desires. Whether it is also the white – a good and happy marriage. But black promises the disease. By the way, to see his face, covered with a veil – also a bad sign. This is a warning. Girl should be sincere and stop trying to hide from their loved ones. Excessive distrust in favor do not go, can only spoil everything.

By the Way, it should be noted that sometimes the wedding concerns only dream of due to the fact that the girl in real life getting married. And all these visions – only a signal from the subconscious. This happens when a person is constantly thinking about something. So, if you dream something strange, it is not necessary to think too much – it was just a result of the experiences, nothing more.


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