Tobolsk, the temple of the most Holy Trinity and its history


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Once in October 1831, the Russian army under the command of count I. F. Paskevich had suppressed the rebellion that broke out in the territory of the Kingdom of Poland, of Lithuania, right-Bank Ukraine and partly Belarus, the population of Siberia was added to exiles, a never-ending stream arriving from these areas. For many of them, for many years a place of residence became Tobolsk. The Church of the Holy Trinity, located on the street of the Rose Luxembourg (formerly Epiphany), is a monument to those old events.

Tobolsk Church of the Holy Trinity

House of prayer for the exiled settlers

With difficulty obzhivshis in new places, the exiles, the settlers, the majority of whom were Catholics, created their own religious community. In 1843, its members have approached the provincial authorities with a request to allow the construction of the house in which they could worship according to their religious characteristics.

After consideration and long-term agreements with the city authorities, the permission was granted, and in 1848 from the exiled Catholics had the house of prayer. Because their numbers are not decreased, and in view of a number of political conflicts has even increased, in 1868, of them had formed an independent parish.

Wooden construction – the predecessor of the temple

Soon, a small wooden house built for worship, received the status of parish Church. Its Abbot became a Polish priest ordained in Warsaw, but, like most of his parishioners, trapped against their will at a residence in Tobolsk.

Church of the Holy Trinity Tobolsk

The Church of the Holy Trinity – now called a house of prayer political exiles, in those years was a small wooden structure, different from the houses of local inhabitants is that the cross on the roof. Over the years it deteriorated and, moreover, could not accommodate all the burgeoning years the flock.


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Church – the brainchild of Russian Catholics

The Need for construction of new large and stone structures became every year more apparent, and finally in 1891 re-appointed rector, father Vincent Przesmycki concerned with obtaining permission to build a stone Church.

From time immemorial the wheels of the bureaucratic machine were spinning in Russia is extremely slow, and the petition of the Tobolsk priest six years traveled from office to office until finally, in 1897, was not a successful response is received.

Three years it took to collect the necessary funds. It is safe to say that the Church of the Holy Trinity (Tobolsk) was the brainchild of all Catholics of the Empire. From anywhere, even from the most remote of its ends, was a enumeration in a distant Siberian town. The main contributors were, of course, the representatives of capital. It is known, for example, that the widow of the Ural industrialist and merchant Alphonse Poklevskiy passed to Fund the construction of 3 thousand roubles-huge for those times money.

Church of the Holy Trinity Tobolsk monument

The trial of the Bishop and the closing of the temple

Holy Trinity Church (Tobolsk) was built for seven years, and its solemn consecration took place in September 1907. With this goal, the city came to the Catholic Bishop Jan cieplak's. After the October revolution this Minister of the Church of Christ was arrested by the Bolsheviks, and in 1923, a Moscow court sentenced to death for alleged counter-revolutionary activities. Only through the intervention of the international community, to the voice where the country's rulers were still listening, the death sentence was commuted to ten years in the camps.

In those days, when Moscow was the trial of the disgraced Bishop, in Siberia there was a growing wave of anti-religious campaign. The Holy Trinity Church (Tobolsk) - a monument of architecture of beginning of XX century was closed, the tower demolished. The building itself was originally used as a dining room, and then – office box office.

Rebuild the temple

In the early 90-ies of the baton of the democratic transformation in the country took and Tobolsk. The Holy Trinity Church was returned to believers, and, after a number of reconstruction and restoration work, it made the first mass. In 2004, funds donated to a charitable organization of Germany, in his room was an organ. Since there are regularly held concerts of classical music, which is rightly famous Tobolsk.

Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity description

Holy Trinity Church, restored and renovated, is a structure of red brick, erected in neo-Gothic style. Over the Central part of the facade rises a belfry, and its edges framed by two side towers.

On the West side of the building is the semicircular apse, which is placed inside the altar. Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity, which is complemented by a placed in the article photos, perfectly integrated into the landscape and blends well with the nearby Tobolsk Kremlin.

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