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Even non-believers usually quite aware of mortal sins. In the end, literature and cinema often mention them. However, people tend to forget that mortal sins are not limited to – there are far more than seven, and sinful these acts are considered to be well founded. Another thing is that the harm to them is much less and is usually applied as a sinner myself, so these offenses are considered to be less “important”. However, such faults are condemned by the Church, and it is not in vain. Among these is a ‘selaimesta” – again, this is a sin, and such, which is primarily dangerous to the person and his entourage.this selaimesta

What does this word mean?

Its Origin is connected with old Church Slavonic word "MSEL". Interpretations it has several. The most common – thing, but sometimes interpreted more widely, then it denotes the property. The Church means by this word is mainly profit, greed and profit. Accordingly, it is possible to say that selaimesta – materialism, dependence on objects, the desire to accumulate, to gather, and in any case not to lose (in any way: neither selling nor gifting, or even use is not implied, because the last item comes into disrepair, and salomez it no longer has).

Types of sin

The simple and relatively innocuous Church is defined as bribery. In this embodiment, the sinner takes bribes things (a classic example of – “hounds puppies”). Then comes the collecting of the gifts, and they are stored, even if absolutely not necessary. One begins even to beg or extort favors from donors, even get some outright nonsense. However, the most difficult option, when selaimesta – this is a stupid gathering of the entire row, pulling off to the house and keeping it just to what man can reach. In Soviet times, such behavior was called "hoarder".selaimesta value


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Initially, selaimesta – sin, which has accused the monks gather in the cells things, does not comply with the monastic Charter. This was especially true of objects that do not carry practical importance, or unnecessarily embellished, frilly items. However, since the concept of shalomtv has somewhat evolved and acquired new interpretations.

Why is it a sin?

The Spiritual fathers give several reasons why such a defect classified as sins. Chief among them is the use things for their intended purpose. Because selaimesta – it is just the storage of the collected, purchased or donated items that were created with the purpose of serving the people. Violation of destiny – this neglect the Lord's instructions. Next: things must be purchased in case of need, and not for the satisfaction of a painful addiction. And most importantly – the person is bound to objects, begins to serve them and their addiction, while must serve God. It is appropriate to recall the “do not create yourself an idol” and that the unrestrained accumulation is already quite similar to the worship of the artificially created idol.

A Vice or a disease?

selaimesta sinModern medicine tend to believe that selaimesta – is one of the varieties of mental illness. And it is divided into several subtypes. One of them is called pathological hoarding (syllogomania). Affected by the disease people accumulate a huge amount of things that are never used. And littering the premises comes to the fact that its inhabitants can neither move around the house or lead a normal life: all the space is clogged by some objects. An additional feature of this branch of pathology is arbitrary dumping findings in a heap.

However, this is not the only form that gets selaimesta. The meaning of the term changes somewhat when the person does not collect the trash, and buys it. Morbid craving for regular purchases received in the modern world the name "shopogolizm." In medicine the option of shalomtv is called "oniomania". When her man no matter what, where and why to buy, just to do it. Often buy and then not used. But shopaholics could talk about them for hours, while you know in which stores and at what time there are sales, and do periodically wonder why they bought some sort of trinket.

Clearly, selaimesta – it's not theft, not murder, not adultery… But to live with a man with such a sin, and uncomfortable, and restless, and very expensive. So if you pull it is pointless to spend money or bring home something without which you can do quite well, think about it: do you want to become Meloman? Like any addiction, this later will be difficult to get rid of.

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