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What is astrological ephemeris table? What they need? In astronomy is called the ephemeris table of celestial locations of the moon, Sun, planets and other space objects, computed using the same periods of time. For example, at midnight each day.

The Star called ephemeris tables, which indicate the apparent position of the stars, subject to the effect of nutation, and aberration procession. Also called ephemeris formula, which calculate the time of arrival of the moments following the moment at least dimmed for variable stars.


How to use the ephemeris tables? With them, determine the coordinates of the observer. This term is also called synthetic position information satellites used for navigation, for example, in the system NAVSTAR (GPS), Galileo, "GLONASS”.

tabular ephemeris

Information about the location of satellites are presented in special reports. Under the circumstances, talking about the transfer of the ephemeris.

Historical publications

It is Known that in 1474 Regiomontan published his famous tables of ephemeris in Nuremberg. In this work were 1475-1506 ephemeris for the year, calculated for each day. The book contained tables of planetary positions, the coordinates of the stars, the conditions for the connection of heavenly bodies and eclipses.

Modern editions

Today, the ephemeris tables are published in the most important astrological books: “Astronomical Yearbook" (published RAS 1921), Nautical Almanac, American Ephemeris, Berliner Astronomisches, Connaissance des Temps. In addition, there are sites, which allow you to calculate the ephemeris. They create enthusiasts and professionals.


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table ephemeris Michaelson

So, we know that on the website “NASA” Espenak Fred published data the position of the planets of the solar system, the moon and the Sun in 1995-2006 year. And the site ‘Institute of calculation of ephemeris, and celestial mechanics” a calculator of coordinates of space objects. In addition, there is a library, which can be used in an Excel worksheet to carry out astronomical calculations using Swiss ephemeris, JPL and Mosier.


The ephemeris Tables are in service with every astrologer. Today the movement of objects around the Sun studied very well. Different astrological associations to create a mathematical form to compute ephemerides, competing with each other for accuracy. These samples are described in special publications of the astronomical.

The Old theory

The Version of ILE is an improved theory of brown. She first proposed by E. W. brown in 1919 in his work ‘Tables of movement of the moon”, which was an improvement WJ. Eckert in 1954 in the work of “Improved lunar ephemeris”. In the future, the theory has several times been amended.

 tables of the ephemeris for the date of birth

This model was previously used F. Expediacom to calculate eclipses provided by the website “NASA”.


Version VSOP82 describes the movement of the planets around the Sun. It is proposed in 1982 by P. Bretagnon and printed in the astrological almanac “Astrophysics and astronomy" called “Theory of the movement of all the planets-the VSOP82 solution”.

Another version

The version of the ELP 2000 describes only the ephemeris of the moon. It is printed in the astrological miscellany “Astrophysics and astronomy" in 1983, the M. Chapron, Tusa and J. Chapron, and also in the article, “moon Ephemeris ELP 2000". This theory contains 7 684 periodic member to the Ecliptic latitude of the moon, 20 560 – for the Ecliptic longitude and 9 618 – for distance. Amplitude younger members corresponds to 2 cm for distances 0.00001 second of arc. In its simplest form, the model is applied F. Expediacom to calculate eclipses, published on the website “NASA”.

Publications of the USSR

What can you say about world of astrology? Based on the version of the DE200/LE200 published ephemerides of the moon, Sun and planets "Astrological Yearbook of the USSR" (since 1986).

astrological ephemeris table

Model laboratory JPL

The version of the DE403/LE403 describes the movement of the planets around the Sun and focuses on the coordinates of the moon. It was developed by the staff of the laboratory of JPL Standish, Williams, Newhall, and Faulkner. She published the article “Lunar and planetary ephemerides JPL DE403/LE403" (1995) in a special edition of this laboratory. Today there is a new table of ephemerides, developed by JPL.

Handy table

The position of the planets produced by stargazers for many years to come, and the calculation results are transferred to table. They are critical of the apparent positions of the planets, which calculate using a computer, following the laws of mechanics of the cosmos. The position of celestial objects in the tables are indicated with a specific step, indicating the period of time between two related moments on which it is calculated. It is convenient to use the following table in increments of one day:

  • American table of Michelson ephemeris for the twenty-first century 2001 to 2050, and for the twentieth century from 1900 to 2000.
  • Rosicrucian ephemeris (1900-2000 year).
  • Tables of Raphael (the positions of the planets for every year).

table ephemeris 1973

It is Known that in the Michelson ephemeris positions of celestialobjects are given for Greenwich midnight of each day, and data is presented monthly. Each page also contains the value of longitude of the planets for two months in the form of a pair of blocks (Longitude).


Many astrologers like table ephemeris 1973. They argue that it is very comfortable. Some praise the table at midnight (2001-2050). and claim that they are a necessary tool for working astrologers and beginners training. Experts say that the ephemeris in the book is presented in sections for each month and year. They like that in this edition and indicated the position of the stars and planets in the Zodiac signs for every month. Many complain that they had to buy a very small table that people with poor eyesight have difficulty reading. Some don't like the print quality and binding of certain publications.

Daily Horoscope

What else is required tables of ephemerides? The date of birth with the help of them you can make your own horoscope. What is it? Our horoscope is the ratio of the planets, describing circles around the Sun through time and space, which is formed by the time of our birth in a particular place on Earth.

The Base of every horoscope is composed of the Ecliptic-the great circle that is the apparent annual movement of the Sun, or rather its center. It is regarded as a section of the celestial sphere the plane of earth's orbit because the Sun's movement reflects the Earth's rotation around it.

a new table of ephemerides

The Movement of the planets is mounted in the plane of the Ecliptic. Their position considered from the point of view of the observer, it is always possible to accurately calculate ephemeris. At the same time, you might see some connection between the planets, called aspects. They are also noted in the horoscope.

In order to make your own horoscope, you need to know the exact time of his birth. Without this caveat, the mapping is impossible. In order to learn how to make their own Natal chart, you need to have a table of ephemeris, an Atlas of the world “a Table of Houses,” and a calculator.

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