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With all images of science and technology in our lives, the endless possibilities that got people thanks to the Internet, to date, not invented anything more efficient and strong against all kinds of negative influences on us than prayer, purification rituals, protective rituals. Yes, the same ones used by our ancestors.

Past and present

Let's Say more modern people, alas, still helpless before the energy and magic negative than in times past. When people kept the faith and knowledge of certain rules and traditions that are kept and passed down in families from the older generations the younger. Knowledge of special prayers, omens, incantations and certain actions, the ability to apply them in time and place is securely protected from someone else's envy, evil eye, hatred, theft and destruction, disease and other misfortunes. The so-called “village” magic was a kind of ambulance, to which resorted in cases of emergency. When more serious problems went to snatam and healers – for uchitomi, cleansing egg and wax. And in the Church-to the Holy images. However, the world of scientific and technological progress pushed in our minds a subtle connection with the other, invisible realities into the background. And now we don't know what to do, how to protect yourself and your loved ones, your home from someone else's evil will. But it is now so easy! Want foe or rival to be the death of you with the light – the social networks got hold of a photo of the victim, on magic forums or in occult books, of which there are so many, found a description of the appropriate ceremony – and all damage done! Yes and all kinds of magicians, fortune-tellers now a huge number! As they say, to do mischief – do not want!

What can we do?

Archangel RaphaelSo what can we, the children of the 21st century, to help yourself and your family if suddenly deteriorated health, for no reason began to crumble, the family, there are misunderstandings at work and generally in life there was a period of chaos? Someone rushes to astrologers, fortune-tellers, someone is going to clean the aura of bio-energy, to clean up your karma with psychics. And someone comes wiser – takes the book of Psalms, the prayer book and deepened into communion with God and saints. And it works – isrelease, firming, invigorating. Increases prayer and the influx of divine grace. One of the main helpers of our among God's heavenly host of Archangel Raphael.


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Angels and archangels

prayer rafailo the ArchangelThey are the messengers, the messengers of God, spirits, endowed with high intelligence and helping the God to protect the people, to convey to them His will. They instruct each person to the path of virtuous, righteous life, ready to help him. Main, the strongest is Michael, a kind of chief over them. Archangel Gabriel represents God's power. Archangel Raphael has long been revered as God's healer, healer. Pray to him, when overcome by illness. Archangel Jegudiel teaches to praise God, reinforces the strength of those who suffer for the faith and intercedes before God for the fact that the companions received due reward. Other divine spirits are also to perform their functions.

Works of the righteous

prayer to the Archangel for healing rafailoAs a helper in afflictions, physical ailments, Raphael in human form dwelt a while among the people. As described in the book of Tobit, he was a companion in the long journey of the righteous Tobiah, protecting it in transit. Raphael also helped Tobiah to remove Sarah from the delusions of the evil spirit. And taught how old Touitou to restore sight. And the righteous gave some valuable guidance on how to live in order not to deviate from the divine path. That is why the Holy Church says: prayer to Archangel Rafail about healing will help everyone who suffers from mental and physical infirmities. Only people and their requests should be supported by good deeds, filled with mercy and love.

The Healer from God

icon of the Archangel RafailThe Archangel Raphael – a companion of God, it is written about him in the texts of Tawitawi books. The name of the spirit in Hebrew is literally translated as “the Lord healed”. In the Aramaic dialect, it means “God's Healing”, “God's Healing”. Why this treatment is associated astral personality? According to Scripture, when Abraham circumcised himself, the Archangel Raphael soothed his pain, has contributed to rapid healing and full recovery. Even in the modern Hebrew language is the word that matches the name of an angel with a value of “doctor”. Thus confirmed his healing talents.

Saints image

Archangel Raphael healing,If you are bad – what to do? The miraculous power of prayer has rafaelo-the Archangel. To offer it before the relevant icon in the Church. The images he usually portrayed tall, dark, handsome young man. In Orthodox iconography behind drawn angel wings around his head-a halo. In his left hand he has a box (vessel) drug-drug, in the right – a bird feather, which are lubricated wounds. Later with similar attributes began to depict Saint Panteleimon. Especially effective is the prayer rafailo the Archangel in front of such icons, which in a transparent vessel is depicted by the Lord himself. This means that the angel has the power of God and heals in His name.

Memo praying

temple of the Archangel RaphaelTo be heard – how to pray? First of all, sincerely and deeply with faith. Throw away all extraneous thoughts, focus on that person, which is directed your words. You should try to get in such a state of mind which is called the sublime. And ascend the prayer to the Archangel Rafail about healing, like any other “on demand”, should not less than 2 times a day. The simplest of them: «St. Raphael the Archangel, heal me from mental and physical ailments, I pray thee!”

Power handling

Holy Archangel RaphaelA Heavenly spirit, you can get help for himself or for another person who needs it. And since we are all weak flesh, grow old, become weak, begin to suffer from unbelief, it is desirable that the icon of the Archangel Rafail were in each family. But even if you don't have the image – all the same, please contact Angela, do not be silent, do not suffer, do not suffer alone. The Lord gave him enormous powers. The only condition: that made Raphael the Archangel of healing, it is necessary to call prayer. Without your call, good your will to intervene in human life, rescue force, he can not. And having received such a heavenly patron, you will immediately feel the desired positive effect. Gradually you leave the emotional distress associated with physical illnesses. People who were helped by the Archangel Raphael, the supernatural deliverance from the diseases that had tormented them for years, compared with the second birth. Like them going back to Shine the light of the sun, and beautiful colors were beginning to Land.

About our smaller brothers and Divine Providence

Raphael-doctor from God not only of human, but of the whole “the creatures of the earth”. It is important and useful to know for people involved in farming or just having at home a cat, dog, fish, birds, etc. Having great healing power in relation to animals, the Archangel helps in cases that veterinarians seem hopeless. Most importantly – hot faith of the owners in the recovery of your pet. Moreover, it is necessary to pray rafaelo, if you suddenly lost four-legged friend – no matter if he ran away or someone picked him up. The spirit of God will be very useful in these situations – animals feel his angelic care and tenderness, and therefore immediately respond to only they heard the call.

The House of angel

Church of the Archangel Raphael, the largest in Russia, located in Moscow on the street Radio. Anyone can come there with their needs and problems - to be alone with God and His Holy helpers, ask for advice and assistance in resolving difficult situations. People who seek spiritual growth and development, Raphael can be useful also in terms of enlightenment, the disclosure of intuitive abilities, clearing of internal, exacerbation of the mind, improving memory. Through prayerful contact with the Archangel, not only can we see, understand and feel the peace of God in all its complexity, harmony and grandeur, but also get a powerful charge of creative energy to implement those talents that God has given us.

Cleanse spirit and space

The Healing of body and soul – that is to say, the minimum program for Raphael. The main thing is its purpose – to purify and to heal the Land desecrated fallen angels. During the great Battle, together with the other archangels and the entire hosts of God, Raphael overthrow in the abyss, destroy the army of Satan to the glory of God and the joy of the people. This is stated in the apocryphal texts the book of Enoch. Akathist to the Archangel Rafail consists of 13 Kondakov and 12 ecosov. The last (13th) is read 3 times...

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