Tatyana Vorobiev, Orthodox psychologist and educator: facts from the biography, the basic principles of raising children


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Tatyana Vladimirovna Vorobyov, an Orthodox educator and a psychologist, it's not so much to read much to see and to listen, especially to her excited stories about children's issues and the right approach to solving them.

The Life of childhood

Tatiana Vorobyova - Orthodox psychologist. Her biography remains a mystery to many fans of her techniques. To the question about where to get her books, she shrugs: nowhere, they are still in the drafts. And this despite the fact that she is a real encyclopedia of an invaluable educational experience, enriched with a confident knowledge of psychology. And to write a book Tatiana once.

Tatyana Vorobeva has dedicated his life to children and each day continues to melt into love for him. She gives advice on problems of child psychology, and is also involved in pedagogical discussions. Her video lectures teach parents gentle wisdom in relation to the child.

Girl from the orphanage

It is no coincidence it so happened that Tatiana Vorobyov, a psychologist. The biography will help to understand the motives of her own actions and discovery.

The First vital impression of Tatiana connected with the orphanage. Therefore, she understands very well what is happening in the soul of the child, deprived of love mom and dad, home comfort and family happiness. How to help these children not to become embittered, not closed in its shell and to create a happy and complete family, which, by the way, has she?

Tatiana Vorobiev

Now Tatiana Vorobyov could confidently tell them: "Honor your father and mother! Whatever they were, honor, and in any case don't judge because they are given to us by God." They teach even their negative behavior. Children of alcoholics are patience and forgiveness to their hapless moms and dads; the imprisoned father is already your fate says: "Son, don't do as I do". The lesson of the children's home that a future psychologist has carried through all his life: you'd get hurt, and you don't be.


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Crisis 7 years in children: the signs and ways of overcoming it. Developmental psychology and age psychology

Crisis 7 years in children: the signs and ways of overcoming it. Developmental psychology and age psychology

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"Half my life I have lived among the saints"

As a teacher-professional Tatiana Vorobeva was formed thanks to the studies with children in kindergarten. One of the motives of choice of work was that she felt the need, and someone's advice: "In the kindergarten are fed," he decided her fate. But then, the woman realized what a joy it is to be around children, because up to five years, all of them pure and Holy.

Tatiana Vorobiev Orthodox psychologist biography

Their sensitivity, spontaneity, sincerity and ability to love have become a school of life for the future of the honored teacher of Russia.

Vorobyev was Engaged in methodological work, there was also a service in the child's Home. Summarizing his 40 years of teaching experience, she says: "Children are an endless lesson."

"her husband's Family gave me everything"

There is nothing in life is accidental, believes Tatyana Vorobiev. It is no coincidence that the man's family turned to the former girls from the orphanage school, love and family welfare. She deeply respects her husband, the scientist, theoretical physicist. Is Tatiana Vladimirovna's two adult sons, a grandson. Almost half a century of experience of preserving the harmony of the marital relationship and upbringing of their own children is female teacher material psychological insights.

Tatiana Vorobieva psychologist biography

And the question about whether it is necessary to endure when you betray to save your family, Tatiana Vorobiev, Orthodox, answers unequivocally: "we must Tolerate all my life. Find the thread of love that binds the Union and keep it off. In this life woman." It's always difficult for her recommendations of modern women, accustomed to assert themselves in society, have a career, a family to be considered incidental. A family is a cross, the torment, leading to the salvation of eternal life. And in this life the Council it gives the female professional of the highest order, and held as a wife and as a mother.

"cannot be a psychologist without faith"

Teaching experience was working in a kindergarten, Tatiana Vorobieva (Orthodox psychologist). In the orphanage she learned the full measure of responsibility of the teacher for the souls of lonely children. For proper behavior need not only the experience and love, but also knowledge of physiology, psychology, medicine. After studying at the University and after graduating, Tatiana Vladimirovna does not stop there, because psychology is the knowledge about the soul, which belongs to God, and its study is not limited.

In order to properly educate, we must know what man has come into this life. Parents who raise their children to secular life, trying to develop intelligence, business acumen, ability to stand up for themselves. Secular psychologists can give meanwhile and such recommendations: if grandma bothers you, paint it, tear it and burn it (prorietary, how are you going to deal with their rivals in the future).

The Orthodox beliefs of Tatiana Vorobieva is that man is born for eternity, that kids are given to parents from God "on loan" and must return to Him. And the core should be the nurturing love of children to parents. The latter are required to monitor not only the words and behavior, but also for their inner feelings. And if they feel the burden in childhood, it is likely children will be to him hateful burden in old age. To consider their child an obstacle in life – a slap to the Creator for his gift. In addition, complaining about their children, parents are deprived of their vital forces, creating the future losers.

Tatiana Vorobieva psychologist

"Need to understand"

To have the right to be called a psychologist and to help in difficult situations associated with the development of the soul, is not enough to know the theory. Tetyana Vorobyova ‒ psychologist of the highest qualification category, and it was they through the pedagogical experience, harmoniously United with the theoretical calculations. Her advice is accurate and life, even if they initially do not take into account.

It happened once with a girl from the orphanage. The child was going to adopt American parents. After watching five-year-old girl, Tatiana Vorobyov came to the conclusion to give it is abroad impossible. Too little vocabulary in their native language has this child to adequately Express the needs of his soul. In the orphanage, it was understood, but abroad, in a foreign language environment, Russian girl, knowing foreign words, you will not be able to use them properly to describe the spiritual life. Forecast of the psychologist justified in five years when the girl grew up, literally ran away from American families. “I don't need their food and clothing, I need to understand”, - such was the explanation of the revolt.

Professional Tips

Now the Actual advice of a psychologist Tatiana Vorobyeva that do not get involved in the early study of foreign languages. Neither kindergarten nor primary school not suitable for in-depth study of foreign language environment. Should be formed phonetic and lexical database native language. The child should learn to clean and properly speak Russian. Someone else's speech is better understood in the age of 9-12 years.

Tatiana Vorobiev Orthodox

Neither is it a supporter of schooling for six years. And it's not intellectual readiness. Strong-willed qualities of the psyche are formed mainly to seven years. In six years the child is difficult to force yourself to obey the requirements of the teacher and school discipline. Not all children at this age have such a powerful motivation as curiosity. School lessons can become a torture for six-year-olds. He will simply take away a year of childhood. But the soul is not from intelligence, but from the feelings that the child has already or does not have time to test at an early age.

Developmental psychology of infancy

A Large part of his speech at the XXIII Christmas readings 22 January 2015 Tatyana Vorobiev (teacher, psychologist) devoted to the problems of the age crises and proper behavior of parents during these periods of development.

The First such crisis - three years. The kid is happening self-determination on the floor. In this age begins the nurturing qualities of a boy, a future man, and the girl who will soon be a woman. For a guy the main quality should be a sense of responsibility: the boys were born to serve your family, loved ones and homeland. The girls should lay a fundamental quality of a woman is patience. Three-year age ‒ deep emotional understanding of the world. To get from the baby of obedience in this period, it is necessary to tune to the key of his mood.

The Next revolutionary stage of development is 5 years. In this age begins the formation of volitional qualities, which provides for seven years the commitment to learning in school. From the child can be required to do as it is necessary, as it is written.

Seven years formed the emotional-volitional control, and the child has a sufficient mental power to restrain and direct emotion, and will in the right direction (it's time to start training activities).

Three things that need strap

Punishment is needed and very fine thing. Tatiana Vorobeva does not tire of repeating that education is an intimate process, and it is only two. So when punishing father, mother to intervene has no right, and Vice versa. Three misdemeanor, which the psychologist calls actually a spiritually pernicious, allow the use of physical punishment.

Tatiana Vorobiev Orthodox psychologist

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