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What in human life is the most valuable? Some believe that money, other career, for the third main thing is children and family. Not everyone is able to understand that the most valuable thing is your health. When a person is sick, he needs neither money nor love, nor even a career. Long been known that almost all diseases come from nerves, so it turns out that our mental state directly affects the quality of life.

Svetlana Mitrofanova

To Help the patient to know himself, to understand the causes of their behavior, to learn how to identify life values and live in harmony with our inner world - that is the task of the psychologist. Svetlana Mitrofanova - a professional psychologist, trainer-coach, television personality, a wonderful person and a very bright personality.


The Psychologist Svetlana Mitrofanova, a specialist in neurolinguistic programming, certified business coach. Directs the Center for psychology Life Design, and is the scientific Director of the International mediation Institute. She is considered an expert in the management of emotional state.

Svetlana Mitrofanova psychologist

Svetlana Mitrofanova deals with the problems of psychology since 1997. She received the best education and continues to enhance his skills through participation in specialized trainings with:

  • Diploma of bachelor of applied psychology;
  • Master's degree in medical psychology;
  • A certificate of the trainer-coaching Erickson international University;
  • Center for mediation and law, specialty mediator;
  • School diploma DEIR;
  • Courses of hypnosis.

Additionally Svetlana Mitrofanova passed the following trainings:


The manipulation is... the Ways and methods of psychological influence on the person. S. G. Kara-Murza,

The manipulation is... the Ways and methods of psychological influence on the person. S. G. Kara-Murza, "Manipulation of consciousness"

How is it that people are influenced by? Today they live, unaware, and tomorrow you can rewrite a single apartment to a complete stranger. Very often under the influence of some factor people give all their money, jewelry and even life. Is it possibl...

A good family psychologist, Moscow: reviews

A good family psychologist, Moscow: reviews

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Crisis 7 years in children: the signs and ways of overcoming it. Developmental psychology and age psychology

Crisis 7 years in children: the signs and ways of overcoming it. Developmental psychology and age psychology

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  • ‘Spiral dynamics”, certification of the second level;
  • “tot”;
  • “the Metaphors of consciousness and dreams”;
  • “Freedom to love”;
  • ‘4-kvadratnie thinking”;
  • “Management complex negotiations”;
  • “the Promotion of the spirit” etc.

In his spare time, Svetlana continues to educate herself - she reads a lot and enjoy communicating with colleagues.


The Psychologist Svetlana Mitrofanova was trained under the guidance of renowned teachers such as:

  • Deborah Bergman;
  • M. Plekhanov;
  • A. Pligin;
  • Vladimir Kozlov;
  • G. Goncharov;
  • Peter Briza;
  • Yu Chechurin;
  • M. Kastrubin etc.

Svetlana Mitrofanova biography

Since 2007, Svetlana Mitrofanova has held teaching positions at the Moscow Institute of psychotherapy and clinical psychology. She is the head of the study methods, conducting the mediation and individual counseling. Conducting the coaching sessions, trainings and seminars on the territory of the Russian Federation and near and far abroad. In glossy publications regularly appear its publication.


Information about biography of Svetlana Mitrofanova not so much. She was born and raised in Ukraine, has 16 years famous psychologist is married. As she says Svetlana, her marriage is very happy, together with her husband they have a son. Since childhood Svetlana interested in the internal world of the people around her, trying to understand the motives that push a person to certain actions. This interest was the reason for her admission to the psychology Department.Svetlana Mitrofanova appointments

University Tuition has not helped Svetlana to answer many of her interest, so she carried out research activities. Talked to people who have achieved high results in life, and managed to create techniques to realize success skills in any person.

After a while the rumors about the work of Svetlana Mitrofanova spread beyond the borders of Ukraine, she received an offer to start teaching in Moscow. After that began to receive proposals from other cities and countries.

Biography of Svetlana Mitrofanova, its activities lead to the conclusion that his purpose she sees in teaching conflict-free interaction that humanity was “live conflict prevention”.

More programs

Svetlana Mitrofanova became the author of several programs:

  • "Mediation" - the methods of conflict resolution;
  • Training program “Charisma. Technology personal popularity”;
  • Thematic programmes;
  • ‘Spiral dynamics”, used in the management of the company;
  • Program recruiting “Human Design”;
  • “Coaching” - formation of team and personal effectiveness.

Record on reception to the psychologist Svetlana Mitrofanova to do is not so easy. She is a very busy man, but never refuse to help those who need it. For a permanent connection she created the page in social network Facebook, the group “the VC”, the official website and e-mail.

Program “Rehab”

The Psychologist Svetlana Mitrofanova is the embodiment of mediation in resolving conflict situations. She argues that personal success and career growth are directly dependent on a person's spiritual growth. It is these knowledge aimsshare Svetlana Mitrofanova “Rehab” - social project on the channel “Friday”.Svetlana Mitrofanova rehab

Project “Rehab” is a center of psychological assistance to women. It is collected members of the fairer sex who are in difficult situations or have suffered great tragedy. Each of them has behind the load experiences, mired in depression and lost interest in life. Most of them are not able to independently get rid of thoughts about suicide. The project “Rehab” is thus a second chance to start over.

As mentors in the project are 3 persons - Svetlana Mitrofanova, Nikolai Vorobiev (business coach) and Denis Semenikhin (fitness coach). Svetlana Mitrofanova shows himself as a professional with a capital letter. All girls participating in the program all the way open, seeing the person in front of relating to them without judgment and willing to help.


The number receiving assistance Svetlana Mitrofanova there are not only individuals, but companies, such as “Avon" and channel «1+1”. Think of it as a specialist was very high. During a rigorous selection Svetlana showed itself as a high quality professional. She is very attentive and sympathetic to each participant, trying to understand its tasks. Use practical tips Svetlana was appreciated, her work has earned the highest rating. Most large companies prefer to cooperate with the expert of such level on a permanent basis.

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