Psychic phenomena and the inner world of man


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Psychic phenomena human form a rich internal world in which we can distinguish four large groups. Let's consider them in more detail.

First, mental processes are special acts of domestic activities that are the object of reflection, have a regulatory and educational function. The fact that they contribute to the formation of images in the human mind. Data mental phenomena can be divided into three large groups:

  • Cognitive (attention, imagination, memory, feeling, thinking, perception),
  • Emotional
  • Strong-willed.

Thanks to their functioning, formed the human psyche. It is a kind of totality and unity of these processes.

Second, the mental state. They are a temporary uniqueness of the internal activities, which is determined by the particular content as well as the attitude of a personality to him. Such mental phenomena are a relatively stable integration of all manifestations of a person which occur under condition of its interaction with reality. They can be quite persistent or transitory phenomena. Data psychic phenomena reflect functional level of domestic activity depending on what the conditions of activity of the subject and his personal characteristics.

As practice shows, the state can be a situational, short-term and fairly stable. They can be divided into four large groups:

  • Motivation (passion, desire, interests, aspirations and desires);
  • Emotional (mood, affect, stress and frustration);
  • Will (commitment, initiative, perseverance, determination and so on);
  • Intelligent (attention, perception, thinking, memory, imagination).

Moreover, the status reflects the attitude to the phenomena of reality (positive, negative, neutral, etc.).


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Third, mental properties. They are fairly robust domestic entities that are formed in the process of activity and communication of a person.

Consider these mental phenomena in more detail.

Temperament and character are the most resistant properties. They are very actively manifested in the behavior and life of human. The individual is born with a certain type of temperament (choleric, melancholic, sanguine and phlegmatic), the properties of which significantly affect the formation of his character. Under the influence of education and other conditions, some of his features sharpened, becoming sustainable. In the result, saying "this is his character."

Mental properties are also inclinations and abilities. The second group of phenomena is formed in the process of operation. So, the child is born with certain abilities (mathematical, artistic, athletic, musical, etc.), which can develop under favorable conditions, becoming a ability, or "pasov". Therefore, parents need to ensure their formation, recording of the young man in various mugs and sections.

Fourth, the mental education. They are the result of constant work of the mind and consciousness of man, his development and improvement. This group may include the following: acquired during the life skills, knowledge, and skills, as well as beliefs, perceptions, attitudes, habits.

Consequently, the manifestations of the psyche of interdependent and interrelated. In the process of development and formation of personality there will be changes in its structure and content. Moreover, scientists have proved that these aspects are sufficiently stable.

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