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Have you ever been afraid of anything in early childhood, say, darkness, hags, aliens, or a policeman? It was the case? And now? If you can name at least a few things that frighten you so that the resulting fear prevents to enjoy life?

For Example, about myself I can say with full confidence: I am very uncomfortable when at a fairly close distance from me all of a sudden the dog. And, by the way, no matter big or small, domestic or stray. In addition, when a spider runs through the body trembling. But I still learned to control his emotions.

But there are people who just don't know how to get rid of phobias, and are therefore forced to live with it. That looks like such a life? Whether it reminds an episode from a horror movie or lingering nightmare?

1. Phobia of man: what is it?

In psychiatry, namely that science deals with the study of various kinds of phobias, this condition is commonly categorized as uncontrollable and excessive fear of an increased response to a certain stimulus. This kind of fear that defies logical explanation and is exacerbated in certain situations, which one tries unconsciously or consciously avoid. For example, suffering from herpetophobia, or simply people who are afraid of snakes, I prefer as little as possible to be in the woods. But patients with claustrophobia almost never use the lift, because they feel very uncomfortable in an enclosed space.

However, experts do not recommend to call any strong fear phobia. To identify this kind of disorder the person will need in a special institution to pass a special test anxiety.

2. Kinds of phobias

Perhaps all phobias a person can be divided into two basic types: common and unusual.

Common include:

  • Social phobia, which involves fear of any kind of public action. Its common types are anthropophobia (fear of strangers) and paraphobia (fear before an exam or a speech);
  • Acrophobia (fear of heights);
  • Verminophobia (panic before the possibility of getting some dangerous disease);
  • Zoophobia (fear, the subject at the sight of any one, specific kind of animal);
  • Claustrophobia (discomfort caused by the space or premises);
  • Get – a fear that affects mainly children, afraid of the dark. Although suffer from and get some adults, including the well-known. For example, Jennifer Lopez, Keanu Reeves, Anna Semenovich;
  • Fear of flying or pteromerhanophobia.

Sometimes I have to come across the article entitled “the Most ridiculous phobia”. Honestly, I never realized what fun can be in the psychological suffering of another person. Over here laughing Unusual phobias person, for example, the fear of sharp objects (aichmophobia), gravidity (fear of meeting with a pregnant), colofonia (terror of clowns) and others are rare, but, nevertheless, they exist.


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3. Phobia of humans - whether it is possible to get rid of them

Psychiatrists say that at an early stage of the disease to get rid of this problem you can own. In this case, the help of a specialist and does not need them. And only with time, if the fear of something entrenched in the psyche and will significantly increase the person can diagnose “panic” disorder.

Phobia can be safely attributed to the category of acquired or so-called “learned” fears. Why? Imagine a very small child. He was born absolutely fearless, he is not wary of, say, fire or depth, not afraid to stumble, fall or injury. It all happens later, and with a really useful fears that will help to prevent further trouble, purchased and useless, which can then grow and turn into a real phobia.

Here there is quite logical question: “If you can learn to be afraid of, it is possible to just learn and not be afraid?” the Answer, sounds very optimistic: “of course!” However, in order to achieve this, you will need to exert some effort and spend a certain amount of time.

According to experts, on the Ground phobias are exposed to a total of about 10 million people. But in order to get rid of fear, you need to adhere to the following rules:

  • To determine the exact cause of his fear;
  • Never focus on the subjects feelings;
  • Try to cover your own positive associations. For example, if you are afraid of dogs, cuddle the neighbour's puppy, feed from the hand print on the walk;
  • Allow yourself to be afraid of. Perhaps this point can be considered the most important. Admit that you sometimes get scared, because fear – this is a normal reaction of any living being in response to the danger.

If you carefully follow the above rules, then after some time find that the intensity of fear decreased significantly.

Alin Trodden - author of the article, editor
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