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Personal life is very important facet of life of women and men. Many do find a reliable partner in life, and some need professional help. To date, a great place for chatting is Dating. To have a cohesive, strong family like everyone. Company Family Club (Moscow) provides a personal approach to any client of their projects. family club reviews employees

Basic functions

Improve your life, develop healthy relationships, build a successful family helps Family Club on Taganskaya street in the capital. To make people happy - that's the main goal facing the company. Experienced experts formed a team of professionals who are always improving their work. The company makes a connection not only with Moscow but also with foreign residents. Many happy couples have been able to combine firm Family Club. Feedback from staff indicates a variety of registered marriages.Taganskaya ulitsa


The Company helps anyone who wants to create a family and not only. For each request, workers developed a number of targeted activities. Many participants taught to communicate and to acquire skills to conduct interviews. This is fashion-procedures, business forums. Wishing to develop in business are meetings and boards of leading international businessmen, public figures, entertainers, and politicians.

The Most popular event of the proposed Family Club is the procedure of "turnkey". It can be wedding, anniversary, great party, birthday. Also desirable are an exclusive Dating and romantic meeting for lovebirds. Why not just come up with talented professionals! It may be hot air ballooning, sailing, visiting the most mysterious places on the planet.


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Main areas of work

World-class Professionals cooperate with the Family Club. The staff say about the services in the following areas:

  • The Development of relations between individuals.
  • Learning etiquette.
  • Assistance in achieving life and professional goals.
  • Advice from experienced psychologists and nutritionists.
  • Conducting communication trainings.
  • Create a certain image and style.



Different ways of solving family problems Family Club offers. Customer feedback is very positive. Family counselors suggest the ways of achieving stability and mutual understanding in families. They will always help to find a way out of difficult situations, to find a compromise.

Always In its place are experienced nutritionists, in case the client needs to learn ways to lose weight. With their help many gain confidence in themselves and their own beauty. With the support of experts, many women and girls have acquired the ideal figure.

Those Interested can visit the here astrology and numerology. They will help you to understand the stars, numbers and their influence on the fate of.

What about the Dating? Encounters with people from abroad, romantic correspondence and meetings kindly offered Dating. All meetings are remembered for a long time, any date can capture the operators or club Moscow

Main benefits

What does a Family Club? Feedback from staff indicates the following benefits of the club:

  • Training.
  • Personal consultations.
  • Personal assistance.
  • Amendments in the course of cooperation.
  • Meet client objectives.
  • Strict confidentiality.
  • Psychological support.
  • Affordable prices.


Who works in a Family Club? The staff testify to the individual approach of professionals to each client. A team of specialists was able to create a suitable environment for personal development and birth of a new family. Masters organize evening meetings, working the images, conduct various seminars, trainings, individual consultations, master classes. The result of this painstaking work, a lot of couples in which love and respect.

Bring dreams to reality helps the head of the company Alexey Mikhailov. The General Director of the company is Kuslansky Alexis. The most sensitive cases handled by creative Director Victor Jurevich. The dream gets even closer if the work included art Director Natalia Novikova. A dozen leading experts at any moment ready to help in creating the family. The work of a professional photographer also does not go unnoticed. A certified stylist and makeup artist every pick their club on Taganka

The Team of psychologists

Proud Family Club are qualified psychologists. In this direction employs 5 professionals, so many visitors are attracted Taganskaya street. The main activities of psychologists serve the following areas:

  • Victory over loneliness and recruitment partner.
  • Obstacles in the pairing, the struggle with uncertainty.
  • The Introduction of practical techniques and exercises.
  • The Study of lifevalues between partners.
  • Practice behavioral, sand, art therapy.

Working With clients practicing psychologist Natalya Vinogradova. Individual consultation by the psychologist Pauline Kaminska. Tips for weight correction gives specialist Natalia Reynten. Very important work is carried out by the candidate of psychological Sciences Anna Kryuchkova and author of many publications Alexander Derzhavin.

Company Address

For many Muscovites familiar Family Club. The address of the company: metro "Taganskaya" Taganskaya str., 15, p. 2. How to contact experts? How to get an appointment at the Family Club? Phone number can be found on the website of the family club

Price for services

To properly organize my personal life, Family Club (Taganskaya street, Moscow) launched the project "Want a family" (Life Management). It helps to count your time and achieve good results. During the course, clients receive the support, knowledge, practice. Each participant is assigned a Manager who advises on interpersonal relations. All this knowledge is then used by customers on a date.

If you look at the price list company, we can see approximately the following rates:

  • Participation in master classes - 12 000 RUB.
  • Photo professional - 10 000 p.
  • Individual sessions with a marriage counselor - 10 000 p.
  • The Advice of a nutritionist - 10 000 p.
  • Sessions with an astrologer or numerologist - 6 000-7 000 p.
  • Conversation with the stylist-image-maker - 10 000 p.
  • Personalised advice from a coach - 10 000-20 000 R.
  • Advice on etiquette - 4 000 R.
  • Entry in a presentation database for 1 month - 20 000 p.


In the course of work family club on Taganskaya street collaborates with many partners. One of them is the beauty salon "elegant". For customers to create a comfortable atmosphere where they feel comfortable. Skilled craftsmen create a fashionable style, cut hair, create individual image.

The club Also collaborates with the audit company "inform-audit", the Studio "Screw and Shpuntik". Customers can spend a romantic dinner at café MIO. There they will find a wonderful kitchen. They can enjoy sushi or to eat pizza.

The beauty Studio "Laboratory of image" carries out consultations of experienced craftsmen. If you need assistance in the selection of music, you can contact the portal club customer reviews

Staff and clients

Dating Club on Taganskaya has a lot of positive feedback from customers and employees. Many say that there really help to build a relationship with a man or a woman. Staff emphasize the thoroughness of the creation of new images. Professional trainers offer high-quality courses in psychology. Particularly important is the lesson about how to behave on a first date. Every woman or man is selected a relevant and rich program to achieve the expected result.

What positive feedback about the company Family Club? First, everyone likes a great team, there are real experts in their field. Psychologists firms praised for helping to understand yourself. Such photo shoots, which makes the wizard family club, just make the clients to look at themselves through the eyes of others, to overestimate their Outlook.

Many customers are afraid to take the first step and call into the club for them to trust professionals is a real challenge. Good time at the club is the fact that here the participants open different options, a large selection.

Some customers a bit pricey, but staff noted that men sometimes pay for women a certain amount. The ladies there is the possibility to get a 50% discount.

Your soul mate is hard to find, because like attracts like, so the club are invited to meet with several partners for comparison. It was after these meetings people come back inspired, because there you can improve yourself to become more confident.

Many clients Express their gratitude for the helpful and positive psychological training. They increase self-esteem, confidence, calmness, broaden their horizons, develop the emotional sphere.

The internal service and reputation in the organization is very carefully monitored, so the workers in the first place - honesty and transparency. People living in such a metropolis like Moscow, very little time is left for myself, so many have to resort to Dating. There is nothing wrong.

To properly Orient the club, the company offers an introductory lesson where you can obtain reliable information about the programs and trainings. Do not think that Family Club come only hopeless people often come here quite successful and vibrant personality. Already the first lesson in the club able to fill the person with positive energy and vitality. After the first training I definitely want to visit them again and again.

Dating to find a mate, but get rid of complexes, become closer to people, to build a correct behavior model. It will help unleash your potential with new eyes to look at the world. For many customers filled Family Club in new experiences, let your world bright colors.

It Should be noted that happy after a workout in the club there were manymen, where they are helped to find their companions. The process of trying to make Dating easy and fun. After the close cooperation of many clients become friends for company employees. Professionals from the family club are doing very necessary and wonderful work for which you get thanks and best recommendations!

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