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The Pain, the betrayal, lies, and circumstances. All this very often leads to the same end - parting. How to survive is what they say great men and those who faced, tell quotes about parting. Sayings can help Express feelings, and to learn to think differently about what happened.

quotes about breakup

Quotes about parting with a loved one

  • "men should leave at that moment, when he still does not think, not to leave him."
  • "the more time has passed after the breakup, the more desirable and interesting meeting."
  • "we continue Sometimes to be sad is not the person, and the memories about him."
  • "Love seems more just after her loss".
  • "Men have no idea how to leave. Women - when it is better to do."

quotes about parting with a beloved person

Quotes about a breakup between lovers often meet in the form of status in social networks. Here there is a deep sadness, and disappointment, and resentment, and even gratitude. Therefore, this set of feelings are universal, familiar to many people. And the realization that you're not the first who know this already can be a saving grace on the road to emotional balance.

Quotes about sad breakup

  • "When people lose everything and everyone I loved, it is easier to say goodbye to himself."
  • "Only become a forgotten man, so once the brain recalls that today is his birthday and he loves watermelon more than cantaloupe".
  • "When love brings only pain, it's best to leave."
  • "Separation is able to reduce just a passing infatuation. Just as the wind extinguished the candle. Love in separation is only growing. As the wind flares up the fire."
  • "the Man best characterizes it, whether he was able to say goodbye to the woman, humiliate her."

quotes about a breakup between lovers


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Quotes and statuses about the breakup to set the mood

Quotes about a breakup are often hilarious. This applies to those people who have already experienced the first pangs of loss, or those who are optimistic about life. The latter believe that the parting is another possibility. The opportunity to find someone else to get rid of the shortcomings of the past and to take another look at myself. One way or another, but funny quotes can help to look at the problem from a different angle:

  • "Part is necessary. Especially when you know that before the loved one does not need to grow. But there was only a fall".
  • "you can Lose only the one who belongs to you".
  • "a Woman after a breakup becomes a lonely, self-sufficient and free."
  • "Saving your presence, deliver and need to reset your call later."
  • "If you are not lucky in love, growing up, pomnite, clean yourself up, and let him now she's not happy with you."
  • "If you break up, try to thank and smile in response. The time will come when man realizes his mistakes and will remember your nobility".

What they say about the breakup of the great people?

Quotes about parting with a loved one great people also reflect this process in different ways. Someone tells about sorrow and broken heart, someone brings this life lesson. Hereinafter, several examples of separation speak of the great cultural figures of the past.

An Interesting idea was expressed by the philosopher A. Schopenhauer: the separation gives a person the feeling of impending death, it's a date - a real resurrection. That is why old lovers feed their hopes that even after ten years they will be together.

Romantic Mikhail Lermontov successfully noticed that the more joy we experience love, the more bitter will be the parting. William Shakespeare noted that the pain of separation makes people absolutely silent.

And the words of the poet of Antiquity Ovid can be used as a reminder for those who initiated the breakup: "to be able to leave, it's not so hard as to be able not to come back."

Another optimistic observation belongs to Richard Bach. It should be a reminder to everyone who is in a state of despair. He says that it is impossible to stay depressed after a breakup. The latter is only the reason for the meeting. And meeting is only possible for those who remained friends.

In conclusion, I would like to bring in an example of the attitude to separation remark: the separation is not always the end, it is often the first step of ascension.

quotes about parting with your beloved great men

Quotes about breaking up is, in fact, attempt to perform your negative experience, Express it verbally and the first step on the path to liberation. Even psychologists recommend to verbalize what hurts in the shower. It is easier to grasp. And over time, to stop blaming yourself, another, or the fate of injustice, but to treat it as experience.

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