How beautiful to part with the guy and keep their dignity?


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Sooner or later any relationship. I feel that this moment has arrived and your team? Then it's time to think about how to nicely break up with a guy. But still, before you act, do not be lazy once again to weigh and consider.

Separation and without rules

How to break up with a guyTry to assess how your favorite ready to rupture. If the relationship is not a serious problem and the main reason – your feelings, surely the separation is painful for both of you. Of course, can be carried out preparatory work. Try to communicate less, especially to irritate partner by their behavior, but not the fact that this tactic will help to get over a breakup less painful. Remember that all your tricks can have a negative impact on reputation. So do not pretend to be a bitch or "the snow Queen", just to talk. How to break up with a guy and keep a good relationship? The first rule – all you need to discuss in private. If there is a probability that the conversation will drag, specially choose a limited period of time – to immediately after lunch or walk along some of you had pressing business. By the way, it is not necessary to leave a guy in the day when he will have to do some serious and responsible work.

How to tell a kid that part and not to offend him?

How to break up with a boyfriendIs Not necessary to embellish the validity. Immediately tell the young man about his decision, and if he ask why, tell the truth. Try to avoid scandal or quarrel. If he starts to sort things out, answer calmly and tersely. In any case, in no way rebuke it myself. Your relationship is over, why rake up the past? You can thank him for all that happened, and good luck. Whether to offer to stay friends? This phrase is often used in the tips on how to nicely break up with a guy. But in fact, meaning it has very little. If you really are like-minded people when the pain of the relationship will certainly improve. Otherwise, you can agree about anything, but the result likely will follow.


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How to break up with a boyfriend: creative

How do you imagine the perfect good-bye? May be it is better to arrange a romantic dinner or a walk, and to speak during it? This is a good option for a slowly fading relationship. If you feel that your partner is also not as interesting to you as earlier, the best – to spend one more pleasant evening and to say goodbye forever.

How to tell a guy that parted But not always, this method of how to nicely break up with a guy, it works. Often imbued with a romantic ambiance and enough to walk up and mingle together, really don't want to say goodbye. However, perhaps it best? In any case, if you decide to do the last romantic date, it is not necessary to appoint it in a public place. It is best to take a walk somewhere in nature, for example, along the shady alleys of the Park, or dinner at home. But still much easier to part on neutral territory: in this case, you have the opportunity to end the conversation and leave at any time.

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