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A Huge number of women and men from different countries are in the friend zone. What kind of place is this? Let's try to understand the issue.

Just friends 

There are in the world are relations between people in which one is friends and one that loves. And love is a long, selfless, painful and, unfortunately, unrequited. This type of relationship is the friend zone. Is that translated from English means "the friend zone".the friend zone is that relationship  the party that is third wheel, prone to various psychological disorders. This low self-esteem, and constant depression, their background and even migraines, indifference to everything and everyone.

Of the friend zone. How to understand that you can not believe.
the friend zone how to understand

There are three most important distinguishing features of such a relationship:

  1. Do You constantly dream about an ideal future together, although this time not so smooth and good as you would like, and on the opposite side there is not even any slightest of hints that is the future you will have. You are constantly waiting for something, hoping that when something happens, the attitude to you will change. But the wait can be a lifetime, and then so in the end not to.
  2. Lack of intimacy-is also an indication that you are in the friend zone. Still, sex must be present in the relationship. Of course, at this point, there are exceptions – children and adolescents up to 18 years, religious people. If you find yourself in this category don't belong, but sexual relations with the object of your love does not have, it is safe to say that you are in a place of the friend zone. What does that mean? Perceive you either as a friend or as a fallback.
  3. The easiest way to find out, what are you, a friend or someone more, is to ask yourself this question: do they like you? If you begin to doubt or to think about the answer, then you are in the friend zone, nothing more.exit the friend zone

"friend zone" - is that from time to time utters a woman or a girl who is indifferent to the specific person, but to let them go do not even think. It is possible to use it in their own interest, in order to ensure stability, both material and moral.


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How to find a way out of the friend zone?

First you need to change the tactics of their behavior. It makes sense not to spend all your own time on the object of your adoration. Need to partner noticed a change. But it is in any case does not mean you have become a boor, closed in itself. Think and act positively, that you will show to your partner that you are all going great. No need to indulge in the ideas and desire the object of your love. Because of the friend zone is that? This is when one loves and the other indulges in all. Therefore, fulfilling all desires, you'll never get out of the friend zone. It is better to limit your meetings, for example, stating that you are busy today. Or to walk, but not alone, and with friends. That you will show their independence from the person to whom you are indifferent. Increase your self-esteem, engage them, meet new people. By following these recommendations you will never be in the friend zone.

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