How is division of property in a civil marriage


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Probably everyone knows that civil marriage is not registered in the authorities in the official order. It rests only in words, but not legally confirmed anything. And here itself suggests the hypothesis: the division of property in a civil marriage, as in divorce, not made. Because as such there is no divorce and no for lack of any legal regulation. So what in this case? How to resolve the issue?

division of property in a civil marriage

Yet, despite these legal nuances, there are different kinds of positive court practice regarding the division of property, which was acquired in a civil marriage. I must say, in any case, in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts, you need a divorce attorney.

Appeal to court

The Spores, the cause of which was the division of property in a civil marriage, shall be resolved by the court. We must remember that in such a case the judicial process can be very difficult, so accordingly prepare for it. If you feel insecure in your own abilities to prove the truth, ask for help from professionals. Lawyer family law – your reliable defender in court. It will help to prepare the claim and gather all the evidence we need for a positive solution of your problem.

What proof is needed?

a divorce attorney

First, locate all documents that confirm the fact of residence with a civilian spouse, farming and property acquisition. Here you will need share photos, tickets, leisure, letters, witnesses, etc. the Second thing you will need is a receipt, a contract, which would testify to the fact that the joint purchase. And the third is a confirmation of the overall use of the property. If the house or apartment, find evidence of living together. In this case, the evidence includes the testimony of neighbors, subscriptions to magazines and Newspapers, receipts for the repair of the apartment, which was issued at the address of the apartment in your name. All this will help you to carry out the division of property in a civil marriage.


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What to do with the evidence?

If all documents are gathered and the witnesses found, feel free to contact with a claim to the court. The statement should specify the time, place and other circumstances of the acquisition of immovable and movable property. Be sure to list and attach all relevant documents, which would confirm the fact of such purchase. Select witnesses who will confirm the fact of your residence along with another man in a civil marriage, as well as the acquisition of property. It is important to specify what property you claim, or what portion of the cost want to get. Again, you need to provide the relevant documents confirming the price of the property.

Please note 

When submitting a claim for division of property in a civil marriage must indicate that the disputed property was purchased jointly earned money. Don't forget to mention that it was intended for General use.

lawyer family lawIf you have a good reason plus a good preparing for trial, you will be able to carry out the division of property in a civil marriage, despite the fact that in SK the Russian Federation does not provide such a mechanism of legal protection.

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