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Since ancient times so happened that the wedding — it's a game. That's why I said “get married”. Every couple certainly wants this wonderful day memorable for a lifetime. Therefore, pay great attention to all details. Any wedding begins with the bride ransom, which is called "bride price". Funny script help to make this ceremony fun and memorable. The meaning of redemption is not just a simple entertainment. Purchase future husband proves to everyone that he is ready for the bride on everything, ready to overcome any difficulties and obstacles in his path. It's also the perfect chance for the groom to show his courage, wit and intelligence. If the bride funny, it would cheer up everybody around you.

the bride funny

Bride in the old days

Earlier it was quite a serious tradition, as the bride was leaving in someone else's family, leaving their home forever. Just because the bride did not want to give one, and wanted to make sure that the future husband is a decent girl. Arranged a serious test of the groom “strength”. Today the situation has changed and most prefer the bride cool and funny.

the bride cool

Who should throw the bride

Typically, the organization of this event involved the bridesmaids and, of course, the witness. Try to make it so that the groom passed all the tests, as the bride he will get anyway, so it makes no sense to spoil the mood of a difficult and impossible task. Funny bride includes striking games, competitions and various entertainment. Often in the process of redemption involved not only the groom and the witness, but to all guests that accompany future husband.


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Rules of the organization ransom

  1. Are requested to come up with contests and entertainment.
  2. To Prepare all for their conduct.
  3. Do Not put off all these preparations on the final two days before the wedding, as at this time the head will be crowded with more important matters.
  4. It is Not necessary to include in the program a complex and lengthy trials.
  5. Safety is paramount, so do not ask the groom to jump off the roof.
  6. Should Not invent a lot of competitions and tests, as all will have time to get tired, and the mood of the guests fall.

funny brideExamples of competitions

  1. “the Groom on the doorstep”. Bridesmaids show the groom a few candid photos of his future wife and set the price for each. If the bride doesn't want photos see will pay. The bride funny means fun, so if the groom refuses to pay, you must praise him for his frugality. For more fun you can get someone from the groom's friends to bargain with her future husband and offer a great price to pay to look at the photo of the bride. Of course you can't do it, if the bride is very jealous!
  2. It's Funny to observe the actions of the groom, if you offer him a towel as much as he loves his beloved. At this point, often come to the aid of friends. After a tightly knotted towel propose to unleash. In this case it must be done as quickly as the husband will solve all problems arising in the family.

Even if the bride funny and fun, it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes. During this time, everyone will have fun and will not have time to get tired.

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