There were many - is the norm that prescribes marriage within a specific social or ethnic groups


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The institution of marriage has always evolved over time and has gone through many changes and forms. The fact that modern man may seem outlandish, it was quite a normal thing for a savage, and Vice versa. Many limitations have come to us. People still care about the opinion of other people, especially family members. Many of us still divide other people on racial, religious or caste basis.

Relationship with family

For some, marriage is a sacred process, for others it is nothing more than a creation of optimal conditions for the birth of offspring. The marriage connection, it was completely different at different times and for different Nations. Each totemic group had its own idea of what a family should be and what society allowed marriage. Gradually the society came to such concepts as there were many and exogamy. The inhabitants of ancient worlds had not even thought about these two names, but were well acquainted with their essence. We have yet to learn what they mean, and to understand the features of these two aspects.

As there were many and exogamy?

Remember ancient man. He had no idea what it means to marry, and the institution of the family was completely alien to him. The most that he was able to unite the tribe and to operate within a given society. Udovolstvye the hormones and the instincts of the savage were reproduced offspring. He didn't know whom it enters into a sexual relationship, and, in fact, he didn't care. Played no role, was this man a relative of his. But soon, looking at children who were born after the sexual contact, for example, brothers and sisters, people understand that such specimens will be inferior. Only the minimum number of cases turned out healthy and normal child. In others it was the individual ability to resist diseases, natural disasters or attack the enemy clan. He was weak and ugly. Even with fairly low intelligence, ancient people understood that having kids is better with representatives of another tribe, because often such groups were small, and inhabited them, for the most part, only family members.


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there were many it

How to get a healthy offspring

So the selective opportunity has exceeded expectations. The children were born healthy, strong, intelligent and quick-witted. Their body reacted to external stimuli, and the health could only envy. Had only one problem, where for a long time could not refuse the marriages within the same kind - the mixing of blood. But her purity for centuries was considered a sign of a strong tribe, having a weight among many others. You get a good heredity, but bad health.

It was the clearest example of endogamy. There were many is a secret order compelling the individual to join the marriage and to produce offspring only within the same social, ethnic, religious or other similar group of people. Exogamy - the concept is almost the opposite of endogamy. Exogamy permits, allows and even welcomes the marriages outside of their enterprises. In different sources you can meet different variations of interpretation of these concepts. So, according to others, there were many implies the prohibition to marry within the same genus, but about other cases nothing is said. Nevertheless, the broad concept of endogamy suggests a ban on communication with members of the representatives of other classes, totemic groups, races, religions, etc.

Indian tribes of North America

There were many and religion

There were many within a certain religion is found to this day. For example, representatives of Islam, as a rule, do not enter into marriage with the Gentiles. For them is a sin if a marriage is not a Muslim. And such examples around the world quite a large number. Often people don't even wonder why they are allowed to start families only within the same religion. Most of them simply feel they do not have even the right to discuss this topic. And the thing is that so marriage most convenient, if not to take into account the specific requirement. At the pious people are of equal value, they are used to perform the same rituals, to respect some traditions.

Why was always best to marry within a religious faith?

Marriage on this principle does not "dilute" the religious caste, in consequence of which faith does not lose its identity and authenticity. Also there were many religious prevents quarrels and disputes, because of the belief. After all, what is acceptable for one religion, absolutely absurd and even offensive to the bearer of another faith.

You may Recall that the same Muslims do not accept pork, and Catholic or Christian population such food sometimes is the basis of the diet. In addition, the Gentile will introduce elements of an alien religion, which is often unacceptable. And the people of one faith often live nearby. I would like to mention that there is nothing wrong with religious endogamy no, if a marriage is on the good will of the spouses. In some tribes and other religious groups provided that a couple chooses the eldest in the family or the leader. After this were many - it is the norm forreligious grounds, it can have its own distinctive rules and laws, the observance of which is strictly regulated by the relevant individual or group thereof.


The Endogamous totemic group appeared in ancient times, before our era. One of the first representatives of such endogamy was the Nodites. The Andites were also the followers of such an ideology. The people who inhabited ancient Egypt, Syria or Persia, was endogamous.


The traditions of the ethnic groups were not allowed to marry outside of their race. Each of the inhabitants of these ancient States were to tie the knot with his relative. The Indian tribes of North America approached the question of endogamy is not strictly. For the ordinary people of this tribe were allowed marriage with people from other tribes. But to know and upper class had to maintain blood purity through marriage to one kind.

there were many and exogamy

There were many eyes, men and women

In General, no matter what time period or taken, men are always more sought to exogamy, and women to endogamy. There were many - this is another way to subdue and keep under control, so like all women today, but exogamy assumed greater freedom. The popularity of endogamous marriages was at its peak, when a woman could choose a man of the kindred of her father. The purpose of endogeneity could be the desire to keep the secrets of the craft or the family business.

totem group

The Transition to exogamy

Come to exogamy began with the emergence of the phenomenon of polygamy. After all, if a wife became a sister, she always was a priority, as most religious laws are aimed at equal treatment to all wives. The Indian tribes of North America also began to move away from endogamy. Exogamy became a great political tool. There was a possibility of reconciliation of two warring clans, if their representatives were married. There were many - this is a direct way to protect the purity of his race and clan.

traditions of the ethnic group

But it is an obstacle to friendly of the existence of several social groups. From the point of view of biology there were many - is a danger to a viable offspring, because it is a mixture of different genotypes and races allows you to get most beautiful and healthy individuals. This fact applies to both animals and man, matter how monstrous it may sound.

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