The concept of "butterflies in the stomach": what is it and what does it mean?


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Butterflies in the stomach – what is it? Everyone has heard this famous expression, and someone can even boast that he could feel little wings tremble in his body. "Butterflies in the stomach – love for you" - singing Glucose. And the heroine Renee Zellweger, Bridget Jones, wondering about what it means butterflies in the stomach – true love or love.

butterflies in my stomach that it

Generally, when we hear the expression "butterflies in the stomach”, think about the feeling of love, romance, love excitement and all-consuming passion. But as it turned out, not all lovers experience the “thrill of butterflies". Does it mean that they have not experienced these feelings? Let's face it.

Butterflies in the stomach – what is it?

Many people, especially girls, can very definitely feel the love. Women's subconscious is closely associated with physical sensations, so it can respond to any feelings. There are those sensitive individuals who are able to feel the "butterflies" in any stressful situation, whether it is a feeling of euphoria and love or letting a difficult exam.

Still, most butterfly – it is a sign of your tender feelings and thrill. The fact that this insect is associated with softness, tenderness, beauty and freedom of flight, just like your feelings and feelings when you are with the one you love.

Butterflies in the stomach – what is it and where are they?

what does butterflies in the stomachWhen you feel a tingling sensation or a gentle tickling in the abdomen – then you flutter the little butterfly. But where did they come from? Or is it all a figment of our imagination and fantasies? The reason for their appearance can become wonderful memories of the time when you were happy and felt love. For example, your joint with your favorite photo. Butterflies in the stomach may tremble and gentle touching or beautiful words of love whispered in your ear. The reason for this phenomenon is that due to the physiological natural human instincts such as desire for intimacy, in our body there are some processes. For example, the blood rushes to the stomach, and that's when we feel the same flutter of a butterfly.


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Butterflies in the stomach – that is, the feeling of love or love?

photo of the butterflies in the stomachLove – this is the stage at which your relationship will give you lots of emotions. First touch – as if the electric discharge, a first kiss, gentle and beautiful. Words of love that caress the ear and thrill. You feel light, weightless, as if floating in the clouds. At this moment you feel the "butterflies".

Love – this is a deep feeling. The feeling of attachment, respect for a beloved person, understanding and responsibility. Love is a more sturdy and permanent. But in this period you may feel butterflies in your stomach. If you really want to experience again the euphoria bright and magical feelings the first feelings, need a little work. Paint with new colors to their stable relationship. Make them more romance and adventure. Do something unusual, surprise and raduyte your soul mate pleasant surprises. And then you feel once again how superheat butterflies in your belly.

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