Russian folk tale "Porridge from axe": an animated version of the story and variations of interpretations


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The Tale is one of the forms of expression of folk wisdom. A simple and entertaining in their function, at first glance, it often finds the roots of the ancient sacred knowledge, which allows to control the laws of this world. Consider the specifics of this genre on the example of one of the household tales.

Folk tale "Porridge from axe"

Unlike other types of fairy-tale genre, the effect of household tales set in the environment, similar in its description to a normal life. So, Russian folk tale "Porridge from axe" tells about a soldier returning home from the office, who managed to trick a greedy old woman who hid away from it all edible.

the tale of the porridge from axe

Not bewildered serviceman suggested grandma cook porridge that is, of the axe. The surprise did not know what to answer. As cooking interest woman for a future dish were increasing, and the soldier, seriously passionate about the brewing process, all the while there was something lacking for flavor. So grandma and passed all their supplies: salt, cereals, oil.

The Porridge was a success, but the axe didn't dovarese. But the soldier promised to bring it to readiness for the next stop. The greed was exposed, and the soldier not only got the desired (ate nothing), but also ax took.

Adapted the plot of the cartoon "Cars tales: porridge from an ax"

The Creators of the popular cartoon about Masha and the Bear fairy tale altered in accordance with the fashion trends of our time. In it, telling a story, Mary teaches kids to eat right.

machines tales porridge from axe

In a series of animated films "Cars tale" porridge from an ax prepares a soldier for Baba Yaga, which is not that greedy, just have not eaten. Therefore, she can't wait to roast serviceman in the oven. But he insists on the delay, offering to cook porridge from an ax. Next, the action develops in a familiar pattern, only with an unexpected ending. After eating Kashi, Baba Yaga dobreet and asks the soldier for the recipe of his dish. The moral: "Man, if properly fed, it immediately becomes kinder".


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A fairy Tale lie, Yes in it a hint

What other insights - besides the obvious, what kind of person is well-fed man, and that quickness will help find a way out of any situation, to make the tale "Porridge from axe"? Her hidden lesson that is relevant at all times, can be expressed as: would be the axe, and the porridge is cooked.

Positive character fails to achieve its goal (cook porridge to satisfy your hunger) without this objective means. Soldier seriously trying to weld the axe, from the viewpoint of common sense is absolutely impossible. In this sense, the tale "Porridge from axe" is moving closer to the Italian proverb: "You fire away, fire away, and the fish will be!" If the goal seems unattainable because of lack of funds, throw away all doubts and work with what we have, adjusting your actions as the desired result.

In General, the story as a particular genre of folklore, have once again proved their uniqueness. What literary work can be enclosed in such a simple form such deep content?

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