How to become a "Hulk" in Minecraft


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Many use the mod for the "Love" that change the gameplay drastically. This approach to the game to encourage not only other players but also the developers. With each patch the game becomes more friendly to add-ons, and the developers create even special modes that can make the main character a monster or someone else. In this article we will talk about how to become Hulk in “Minecraft” using only a single command block.

What is “Minecraft”?

The Game was created back in 2009 to prove to the world that the Java programming language is still alive and able to surprise people. This developers of the game turned out, because later they were invited to work at Microsoft, and the language itself became much more popular. Bldae the number of young people started to create their own add-ons, thus developing their programming skills and understanding of computer technology in General, and it is quite useful knowledge during the formation of the computer era.

how to become a Hulk

As already mentioned, the developers also added all sorts of modifications to the game. In patch 1.8 added the ability to become indestructible Hulk, so in this article we will talk about how to become Hulk in “Minecraft”, without using third-party modifications. The result will definitely please every player.

How to become Hulk in “Minecraft”

Unimaginable power of Pernaja in the “Minecraft” are very concerned about monga players, because it's much more fun to fight with others. Now the developers have introduced the ability to become a superhero in Minecraft. Using a special code, you can transform not only themselves but also their friends in the Hulks, and then start the fun on the server.


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how to become Hulk in minecraft

So, how to Hulk out:

  1. Run the “Minecraft”. The version must be not less than 1.8, it is only in it for the first time the opportunity to become the Hulk.
  2. Now go to the server where you have access to the commands, or create a world in the mode of “Creativity”.
  3. Take a command block and place it on any surface.
  4. Next you need to copy the code that helps to Hulk out from the developer's site code is very long, so it should be.
  5. Copy the code in the first line of the command unit, and then put next to the aforementioned block or lever block red stone.
  6. Creates a design, but that's not all. Throw on the ground the following: skull Desiccant, a block of dynamite and pickled spider eyes.
  7. Congratulations, you are now the Hulk.

In conclusion

I Hope that this article helped you solve question how to become the Hulk without using mods for the game. The method is quite simple and useful, but not all can be carried out because the necessary access to the server commands and the version is less than 1.8.

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