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Most of the XX was in the wars. By the beginning of the new Millennium the world has undergone major geopolitical changes, the Cold war ended, Soviet Union collapsed, and behind him, and the world socialist system. It would seem that the passions around the issue of world leadership would have to decline, and the arms race, if not stop, at least slow down. This, unfortunately, has not occurred.

Economy and army

War – a continuation of the policy in circumstances when diplomatic norms cease to operate. But the attaché and the representatives feel much more confident if the tails of their dress coats have a distinctly menacing silhouettes of aircraft carriers, tanks, strategic bombers and Intercontinental missiles.

the most powerful army in the world

What army in the world stronger? By what criteria can it be determined? The sum of the military budget, the number of troops, modern weapons, or information saturation? For example, it is necessary to consider four of the most significant army in the world: American, Israeli, Chinese and Russian. They differ in the principles of configuration, and the number and size of consumed media, representing a unique model of the armed forces.

U.S. Army

Defeat the command-administrative system in the field of production and distribution life of wealth caused some euphoria in the camp of the winners. Was followed by an immediate conclusion that if the cost of the country the free market is stronger, and in the military sense of superiority no doubt, like the assertion that the most powerful army in the world – the American.


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The size of the military budget of the United States – the world leader. The annual amount disbursed by the Pentagon funds is an astronomical sum approaching seven hundred billion dollars. This money is enough for you to five types of troops (Navy, air force, Marines, Coast guard and the actual army itself) has always received the most awesome of weapons, outstripping the time and being on a fantastic technical level. At least, so the situation is, if you believe the media (of course, American). In practice, things are not so rosy. After an impressive victory over Hussein and Iraq “revealing the beating” Yugoslavia list of military victories as it went down. In other words, none of the tasks set by the government and the President, U.S. armed forces failed to do. Afghanistan, Libya and Syria virtually controlled by armed groups, which are called illegal. The most powerful army in the world is powerless in his confrontation with international terrorism. Instead of the proverbial “strikes” it causes harm to the civilian population, causing increased resistance. However, note that the solution of local problems has been the Pentagon's priority after 1991.

the most powerful army in the world

Us army

Over the past two decades have reduced the level of training of the personnel. Americans do not want to serve in the armed forces, they were not satisfied with the salary and the risk to soldiers. The most powerful army in the world today, in large part, comes the newcomers, the foreigners, ready to wear uniform for the prospects of obtaining citizenship. Interest in the technical superiority influenced the physical training US military personnel.

However, the us army remains strong, and in the area of its responsibility includes the entire globe (so you know your mission, the leaders of the Pentagon). US Navy – the biggest in the world (almost 2 400 units), nuclear capacity is about the same as Russia (about 2 thousand warheads), and the staff has nearly half a million people. Abroad contained numerous military bases.

best army in the world

As for the latest models of military equipment, apparently, some of them are successful, and those that do not deserve such laudatory epithets. MIC is interested in larger orders, which dictates the requirements to the weapons. They must be, first, great, second, to look impressive, and thirdly, it simply must be expensive. Here's what Americans can learn from any country is the ability to provide their soldiers all need - from food and medicines to clothes and toilet paper. In matters of logistics U.S. Army - the best army in the world.

Chinese people

By tradition laid down in the distant hot 1927 Mao Zedong, the Chinese army called the people's liberation. She really led the fighting against the Japanese invaders. The issue resolved itself after the successful offensive of the Soviet troops.

the place of the Russian army in the world

In the years 1950-1953, the PLA tried to free from the capitalists and the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, but it failed. Another was a failed attack on the USSR (Sino-Soviet, 1969) and Vietnam (1979). Yes, Tibet was released from the monks. Currently, foreign policy problems requiring military solutions, China does not have, except, perhaps, polupriznanie Taiwan and the Senkaku Islands, but these issues have long moved into the category of diplomatic.

Chinese assets

Military glory, the banner of the PLA not covered. However, you can say that she, if not the most powerful army in the world, then, at least, is a force with which to reckon neighbouring countries. The military budget – a hundred billion (in US dollars). The nuclear potential is approximately equal to the French. In the number of soldiers and officers of the Chinese army is second to none (almost 2.3 million). There are still militia (12 million people). Artillery - 25 thousand guns. Aircraft on three quarters consists of fighter aircraft, which indirectly indicates the defensive nature of its military doctrine. In case of an attack on China's mobilization reserve is estimated at 300 million “men”. We can assume that the aggression against China, no one will dare. This country has the strongest army in the world-largest.

the most efficient army in the world


Israel – a small country. There are, of course, States and smaller, but they do not have as many to fight. Hostile environment repeatedly sought not just to harm Israel, but to destroy it. The situation in modern conditions is compounded by the short distances, and consequently, low flight time means of delivery of munitions. The IDF, of course, is not the most powerful army in the world, the country is simply not enough economic potential and population in order to compete with China, USA or Russia on the power and number of weapons, but the very existence of the Jewish state more eloquently than any statistics indicating a high efficiency of its defense system.

the most efficient army in the world

Jewish “chips”

In order to triumph over a numerically superior enemy, you need special methods and techniques. To those in the middle East event include:

- Maximum possible military training of the population. Serve in the IDF and men and women (unmarried).

- Powerful intelligence network. Intelligence agencies, the main of which is the Mossad, to give the country's leadership detailed information about the risks and promptly put him aware of the problem.

- the Best possible samples of military equipment, both imported and produced in the country.

- Ideological preparation, expressed in instilling in young people the desire to protect the homeland.

Unique organizational and management structure of the armed forces.

what army in the world stronger

There is reason to believe that, even with their small numbers, today the IDF is the best army in the world. This refers to the ability to quickly solve tasks necessary to maintain the viability of the state of Israel.

Russia's Armed forces after the collapse of the Soviet Union

After the collapse of the Soviet Union for the former Soviet military fell on hard times. Soldiers and officers of the Union, since the childhood knew that the most powerful army in the world – our, experienced in 1991, a real shock. Mass media strongly and lucidly explained that the Afghan war was fought in vain, the Czechoslovak events of 1968 criminal, the war with Finland, the Soviet Union lost, and the Holiness of the Victory is questionable. The moral crisis was accompanied by a material. The salaries of the Russian military in the face of the raging natural market seemed a mockery. The first Chechen campaign revealed numerous systemic flaws. Place the Russian army in the world could not be attributed to the leading. It seemed that a complete collapse of the armed forces is inevitable, and behind him, and the dissolution of a Federal state into separate principalities. But…

 place the Russian army in the world

Army Russia today

The Crisis had been overcome. The country's leadership managed to maintain the basis of the defense – the nuclear shield that protects from direct emergencies and disasters.

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