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The traditions of the Navy of China are rooted in deep antiquity, they have centuries and even millennia. But in the modern world the past successes of little interest, except that of historians. Today the club of countries having the most powerful naval forces, including China. The Navy of this country is, according to various estimates, the third (in some aspects - in the second) place in the world. In total tonnage, it is second only to the American fleet, but in combat capabilities is lagging behind the Russian. Confident leadership he holds for the number of personnel. This is typical of all armed forces, called people's liberation army of China.

China Navy

The Chinese Navy in the first half of the twentieth century

After being defeated by Japan in 1895, the country was plunged into a long civil chaos. The country experienced a period of technological and social backwardness, she experienced excitement, rebellion, and therefore the role of leading sea power in the region could not play. The budget was scarce, the armed forces technically equipped with the weak. In 1909 an attempt was made modernization: instead of four fleets (Northern, Cantonese, Shanghai and Pojarskogo) there are three - North, Central and South. Each of them was one battleship and a few (up to seven) cruisers that probably meets the standards of the gunboats. Reformed, albeit slowly, control system and infrastructure. Then, the government has declared the intention to strengthen the Navy and to launch dozens of modern ships, but it failed, again, for budgetary reasons. Managed to build only three cruisers and destroyers. After this, the fleet was replenished only once, when it was composed requisitioned during the First world war the Austro-Hungarian and German ships who have casually visited China. The Navy of this country hardly modernized from that time until the end of the Second world war.


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Formation of the fleet of China

That China has been a powerful and modern Navy was not interested in the postwar world, no country except the Soviet Union, who believed the newly established China as its regional ally in Asia. The first steel units inherited from the Navy of the Republic of the Kuomintang obsolete ships, including a flushed Japanese raised and repaired gunboat “Khe Wei”. Navy China rebuilt, and without external help, it was not enough. And the Soviet comrades did it. Thousands of military advisors, highly trained and with combat experience, did everything to cultivate competent personnel. Already in the autumn of 1949 was based Palanskoe school for naval officers. In addition, it was deployed to combat shipbuilding program, first on the basis of projects developed in the USSR. After the transfer to the Chinese side of Port Arthur at the disposal of the PLA was a huge amount of military equipment, including ships. By the end of the Korean war the Americans were forced to recognize that the region has a new leader - China. The Navy of this Communist country while on combat power greatly inferior to the US Navy, based in Hawaii, but in the coastal area posed a danger.

ships China Navy in Novorossiysk


The Structure of the fleet, adopted in 1909, Soviet specialists were recognized as optimal. It was divided into three parts: Northern, southern and Eastern main ports-based in Qingdao, Jantana and Ningbo respectively. In these cities hosted the management structure and headquarters. In addition, the Navy became a separate (armed forces), although subordinated to the General direction of the PLA. It was structured at the surface, underwater, coastal and aviation areas. The ships of the Navy of China was mainly built during the Soviet era, so the knowledge of the Russian language for a naval officer became mandatory. Imitation of Soviet military orders has found expression and in appearance.

military ranks of China Navy

Form and shoulder straps

Soviet military uniforms of the postwar era, especially sea differed some panache, which can even be called the old regime. Golden epaulettes, black jacket with shoulder straps and openings evoked nostalgia for pre-revolutionary times and was woken up pride in the glorious ancestors. The officers ' insignia of the Navy of China inherited this later Stalin chic. On the shoulder straps, and Soviet, have gaps, at the senior officers of two of them, and the younger one. The location of stars and their size complies with the Navy ranks from second Lieutenant to Admiral. Some national specifics saved for Junior ranks. Military ranks of the Navy of China is different from Soviet and Russian due to the features of transcription, but the overall structure of the chain of command is saved.

insignia of the Navy of China


Form of naval enlisted personnel of the Navy of China is virtually identical to the Russian. Same vest, only with a wider top band. His cap is also very similar, despite the hieroglyphic inscriptions. It is not known how secure the pants: the Russian sailors from the time of Peter the buttons are traditionally sewn on the sides where normal pants pockets. Most likely, the Chinese sailors such subtleties are unknown as the meaning of the three stripes on the collar of the Jack. And they – in honor of the three victories of the Fleet of the Russian (Gangut, Chesma, Sinop).

The Chinese sailors very neat, form sits on them well, shoes are polished, copper buckles scrubbed. Like all of our. Insignia several differ in the shape of chevrons.

China Navy photo

The activities of the Minister of comrade Lin Ben

The Chinese sailors mostly managed to avoid the destructive processes in the course of “Cultural revolution" swept the whole of China. The Navy participated in the suppression of the Wuhan riot of 1967, but his role in the Maoist crimes is limited. ‘Great leap forward” had failed, and immediately after his final unsuccessful efforts of defense Minister Lin Ben began the modernization of the technical base. About a fifth of the entire military budget was spent on the Navy. During the seventh decade of the twentieth century, the number of submarines increased to hundreds (in 1969, there were only 35), ten times the number of submarines (they became two hundred). Began development of strategic nuclear submarines.

It was an important step in the development of Chinese naval power, but it went until the expansion path.

China Navy composition

The Eighties

The Commander of the Navy Liu Huaqing, who held the post since 1980, was a close friend of comrade Deng Xiaoping. He managed to convince the actual head of state that the General direction of naval strategy to the need to modernize China's Navy. The many warships looked very impressive, but technically they could hardly compete with American or Soviet modern destroyers and missile cruisers. The educational level of the marine commanders ought to raise. The focus of the doctrine have been timely to turn from passive-coastal activities in favor of operations on the open oceans. This requires the rocket to be launched from the ships, those which have fleets of the USSR and the USA. In 1982 he was made the first ICBM launch aboard Chinese missile. In 1984-1985, the ships of the fleet of China paid a friendly visits to three neighboring countries. Modest progress, but progress was evident.

naval ships of China

Soviet period

In the last decade of the third Millennium the world has undergone a process that changed the overall balance of power. If in the days of Mao, China has shown an expansive aspirations in relation to the USSR, after the collapse of the intensity of the claims practically disappeared. Among the many reasons for the decline of tensions on the Eastern borders of Russia the most important is the unprecedented economic growth in China, which became “the workshop of the world”. A glut of chemical companies, threatening to become a man-made bombs in densely populated cities, the growing volume of production and other factors led to the change of the military doctrine of the country.

On defense, the Chinese leadership continued to take care of, but the emphasis was already on high-tech means to protect the country, its economy and population from external threats. Moreover, remained a pressing issue Taiwan and other disputed territories.

Unfinished “Varyag” - aircraft carrying cruiser, unclaimed more than anyone, was cheaply purchased for the needs of the Chinese Navy. Today he became the first and only aircraft carrier of the Navy of the PRC.

Navy of Russia and China

Modern fleet

At the moment, China's Navy is represented by the following units:

Carriers – 1 ("Liaoning", the former “Varyag”, the largest Chinese ship - its displacement is about 60 thousand tons).

The submarines – 1 ("Smiling" project 092), in the completion or completed some more (not ...

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