Luke Dottie. How did the lives of the youngest son of Audrey Hepburn?


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Just hearing the name Audrey Hepburn, the people are gentle and charming woman with a huge and pure. Favorite actress of millions is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the history of cinema. However, apart from her famous roles and superb acting of the data, she was a wonderful mother of two sons and no less a wonderful person with a big heart. At the end of his career in movie Audrey until the end of his days he was an Ambassador to UNICEF, helping children from the poorest and most underdeveloped countries. You can describe the life of this truly amazing women, but today, in this article special attention is to be given to her youngest son – Luka dotty.

Introducing Audrey with father Luke

After the divorce with her first husband, Mallam Ferrara, with whom the actress lived a long 14 years and older gave birth to son Sean, Audrey Hepburn fell into a depression. At that time, namely in 1968, she really had a very difficult. Friends and colleagues are very worried about Audrey and tried his best to support her and to lift her spirits.

Andrea Dotti and Audrey

So in the same year, her good friends invited her on a cruise. There fate would have it, one of the invited was a psychiatrist Andrea Dotti. As it turned out, he had been fascinated by the beautiful Audrey, knowing her as an actress. The two immediately broke out a spark, and started a novel. Dottie was supported by Hepburn in her difficult situation and helped to survive a divorce. Very soon Andrea made her an offer, which she happily agreed.

Later life and the birth of Luke

It Seemed that life finally turned to her his happy face. After all has come true, I dreamed of Audrey throughout life – she was the mother and now wife. Hepburn immediately gave up his career, diving into a quiet family life. Very soon their family was a joyful event. February 8, 1970 was born the second son of Audrey Hepburn – Luke Dottie.


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Hepburn's son

Audrey adored both her sons and is actually into them. What can not be said about her husband. Pretty quickly got bored of Andrea's life, and it increasingly began to notice at parties with young girls. Audrey all turned a blind eye, preferring to do more children. Also for the family influenced by the fact that in Italy because of the threat of terrorism to stay has become quite unsafe. Audrey with two children returned home to Switzerland. Andrea stayed in Rome, thus further distanced himself from his wife and son.

Growing up Luke

When came the time for Audrey to return to the screen to help in the education of her sons, Sean Ferrer and Luca Dotti, was hired as a nanny. The boys got on well enough without jealous over the attention mother. The nanny went with the brothers on frequent walks and strongly engaged in their education. In recognition of Luke, he had no idea that his mother is so famous. He says that for him and his brother, she was just a mother who filled their house with cosiness, delicious food and the atmosphere of happiness.

Luca Dotti, mom

At the time, Luca's father, Andrea, was visiting his wife and son only on weekends. In 1982 Audrey and Dottie made their relationship official.

After her mother's death

In 1993, the legendary Audrey did not. This sad event of lightning from a clear sky struck around the world. Luca Dotti, recalls what Audrey really wanted to see the grandchildren, but, unfortunately, did not wait for their birth. The eldest granddaughter was born a year after the death of the famous grandmother.

As to the biography of Luke Dottie, the youngest son of Hepburn, it is known very little, because he is not public. We only know that Luca works as a graphic designer and has recently released several books with memories and rare photos of his mother. Below you can see a photo of Luke's dotty mom.

Luca Dotti and Audrey Hepburn

Sons Audrey Hepburn divide the inheritance

This year marks 25 years since the death of the great actress. However, some financial issues related to her personal property, still remain unresolved. According to the will of Audrey, Luke and Sean are the only heirs of all the property and accounts on the ground. But as Hepburn forgot to mention some expensive things like a collection of her costumes, jewelry, scripts for films, as well as many personal photographs, between brothers broke out a dispute over how to divide this part of the inheritance.

Sean Ferrer and Luca Dotti

And now, many years later, at the beginning of last year, was finally divided all personal belongings of the actress. And it seems to be the case it was time to end the matter is resolved. Luke and Dottie even was about to have auctioned things mother, but the case involved a charitable Foundation Audrey. It was created in 1994, her sons, and last lover. The Fund representatives said that they are forced to file a lawsuit against Luke for further proceedings, stating that the decision of the brothers to split things up Hepburn is the opposite of the idea of a Fund. The institution often organized exhibitions of items of clothing Audrey, and all the money raised from them was passed on to needy children. But if the entire collection will be sold, and the Fund named Audrey Hepburn to exist is not what.


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