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Italian cinema has always occupied one of leading places in world cinema. This country gave the world many talented Directors, actors, and brilliant films. A special treasure is an Italian actress. The names Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale, Gina Lollobrigida, Ornella Muti, still cause awe in the hearts of fans. Laura Antonelli - another star of Italian cinema, whose fame came in 60-70 years of the last century. She's not as famous in Russia as her colleagues on the set, but in the country Antonelli was a star at the highest level. Very beautiful actress, unfortunately, has experienced many tragedies, losses and died in solitude and oblivion.

Normal life

A Future star of Italian cinema Laura Antonaz was born in an ordinary family in 1941 in Istria, which at that time was part of Italy. The girl's parents were engaged in teaching activities. As often happens, the daughter chose the family profession. Laura began working as a physical education teacher, educated in Naples, Higher Institute of physical education. Perhaps the girl would have lived an ordinary, quiet life with her husband – publisher Enrico Piacentini. But intervened his Majesty the case. The beauty is noticed, when Laura took part in a television show as a promotional model. The girl was invited to the movies. In 1965, she got a first small role in the film Luigi Petrini “Sixteen”. Arriving at the cinema, Laura took the alias Antonelli.


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Natural sexuality

Laura Antonelli was endowed by nature not only of undoubted beauty, but natural femininity and sexuality. Short of stature, with wide-set, light eyes and hair, she was very harmoniously folded. From its chic shapes men just lose your head. Laura was not so catchy beauty, like Sophia Loren.

But the correct, refined facial features, piercing eyes and charming smile did not leave anyone indifferent.

Laura Antonelli

Another advantage of the actress was her lucky gift – she was friends with a camera. She is very charming impressive and looked on the big screen. Filmography actress Laura Antonelli clearly proves it. Her sexuality was natural, of internal origin, it was not aggressive and vulgar or artificially created. Beauty was present to the fingertips. For an angelic appearance, a glimpse of serious passion and temperament. This fatal combination has not gone unnoticed by filmmakers. The actress became the star of erotic cinema.

Erotic movie

Movies with Laura Antonelli – drama, thrillers, comedies, serials binding with erotic overtones. She starred in such films as "Sexual revolution”, “Tigers in lipstick”, “Crazy sex”. The names speak for themselves.

Laura Antonelli films

The First film in which Antonelli played a major role, was called “Venus in furs" It was shot by Director Massimo Dallamano in 1969 by the famous novel of Sacher-Masoch. Associated with this project an interesting story. The film starred Italian-German film crew and was intended for rental exclusively in liberal Germany. In Italy he was allowed to be shown only in 1975, after severe censorship. Filmography of Laura Antonelli is very extensive. These works made her famous, but did not bring this glory.

Artistic talent

That All changed in 1973, when the actress starred in the movie Salvatore Samperi “Cunning”. He made Laura a star of the first magnitude. The film was a commercial success bringing in Italian cinemas six million pounds. Laura has revealed herself as a talented dramatic actress.

Laura Antonelli filmography

One of the most successful and strongest films Laura Antonelli steel: painting “Innocent” Luchino Visconti, romance “Wife-mistress” Marco Vicario and psychological drama Ettore Scola “passion”.

The Most famous films

Laura Antonelli was very famous and in demand actress. For twenty-six years of her career she starred in more than forty paintings. The most successful and well-known critics and the audience referred to several works:

  • “Cunning” Salvatore Samperi (1973),
  • “Innocent” Luchino Visconti (1976),
  • “Wife-mistress” Marco Vicario (1977),
  • “passion” Ettore Scola (1981),
  • “my God, how low I fell!” Luigi Comencini (1974)
  • ‘Sin is worthy of forgiveness,” Salvatore Samperi (1974)
  • “Simon" Patrick Langhams (1974)
  • “remarry” Jean-Paul Rappe (1971).

Awards for creativity

The Talent and the unforgettable image of the beautiful Laura was not only recognized by the audience, but also awarded the prestigious film awards.

Movies with Laura Antonelli, who in different years became winners of the international awards:

  • “remarry”. Received the French «Palme».
  • “my God, how low I fell!” Took the American «Golden globe».
  • “Cunning”. Was awarded the Italian prize “David di Donatello” and “Silver ribbon”.

Antonelli for her role in this film was awarded in Italy with the title actress of the year.

Starry affair

In 1971 on the set of the film “remarry” there was a fatal for the Antonelli meeting. She met the irresistible Jean-Paul Belmondo. The actor was fascinated by the appearance of Laura and immediately fell in love with her. Antonelli replied to him in return. Passion flared. Laura even went for divorce from her husband, to be near the beloved man. She bought an apartment in Rome. So began their lives in two countries: France and Italy.

movies with Laura Antonelli

Paul came to her in Rome, and it is to him — in Paris. Belmondo several times offered to Laura to become his wife. It's amazing, but she refused. Although the woman herself has destroyed your marriage for a lover, to marry him was in no hurry. They say that Laura was very proud freedom and career, so I didn't want to change anything in life. This did not prevent her from regularly roll Field scandals and Italian temperamentally him jealous. Their relationship lasted for seven years. Perhaps the couple would remain together for a long time, but Belmondo was tired of the uncertainty relations and the erratic character of Laura. He was tired and decided to leave.

Laura is extremely upset by this gap. It was at that time in her life there was alcohol and drugs. The woman tried to return a loved one, but along with the renowned actor was another – a nineteen year old model Maria Carlos Sotomayor. However, Jean-Paul Belmondo sorry Laura for a long time and helped her financially. Maybe the actress made a fatal mistake by refusing to marry the man of her dreams.

Tragic 1991

After the affair with Belmondo life, Laura began to deteriorate. She even took many pictures, but in appearance, especially the look, there's some kind of doom. This is particularly noticeable on the photographs. And in 1991, the life of a star has changed dramatically. In her Villa, the police found drugs, Antonelli was arrested and convicted. Not managed to calm down the scandal, as in life Laura was a real tragedy.

Laura Antonelli before and after surgery

The producers of the film “Obsession” in which he took the star, strongly recommended the actress to perform the procedure for facial rejuvenation. She obeyed and took a course of injections of beauty that forever divided the life of Laura Antonelli in "before" and "after" surgery. Failed procedure disfigured the face of the actress and nothing could fix it. The film with the speaker called “Obsession” was the last in the career of the Italian star of erotic cinema.

Life after fame

Antonelli long and unsuccessfully pleaded with the clinic. The court first rejected the claim of the actress. Then, as a result of the new process, she was compensated ten thousand euros. And in 2006 alone, Laura was able to prove his innocence, she was paid compensation in the amount of one hundred eight thousand euros. But exhausting the judicial process has brought the actress to a psychiatric clinic.

movies with Laura Antonelli

For years, Antonelli spent in seclusion in the town of Ladispoli, near Rome. She lived in poverty, receiving a small pension in the amount of five hundred ten euros. On the question of what happened to her savings and jewelry, she replied that it's a long story. How many losses still had to endure poor woman, no one will ever know. Externally Laura was nothing like his former self. It with anybody did not communicate, did not go anywhere, not watching TV and was not interested in anything. Say, Antonelli was listening to Catholic radio and prayed a lot.

actress Laura Antonelli filmography

In June 2015, the housekeeper found the body of actress ...

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