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Us Senator John McCain, as a person, has become a kind of cliché in public policy, triggering a pre-programmed attitude and lack of understanding among ordinary citizens. But a smart man will think, analyze and understand the importance that a policy of this magnitude should not be underestimated. But it would be better to reconsider what we show and why. Because it is bright, unusual and unpredictable behavior attracts much attention, and also allows you to "punch the walls", through which composure and restraint not to break. But that's not so easy to understand this abundance of available sources. Sites just to cheer give out any information on any taste and color. They do not disdain even such unofficial announcements as “Senator McCain killed”.Senator McCain But let's try to understand in order to approach the question: who is this emotional and not always tactful Senator – with the journalistic impartiality and thoroughness to detail.

Senator John McCain biography

John McCain has been known for not first generation Americans, although previously it caused more Association with the U.S. army. Two of the previous generation John McCain was famous for a successful military career. Both the father and the grandfather of the current Senator rose to chetyrehspalnyh admirals of the U.S. army. But with such high political attributes, as U.S. Senator John McCain, this name appears in the history for the first time. But it later. And the first on a U.S. air force base in the canal zone August 29 1936 born little johnny Junior.Senator John McCain


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The extraordinary Manifestation of heredity, the young johnny was not long in coming. Although strangely showed itself, not in the abilities of the boy and his difficult character and just the absolute lack of discipline inherent in the military. But the desire to be a leader, yearn for victories, to be the center of attention and success made athletic boy to find fulfillment in sports. For the egocentric, aggressive and wants to dominate peers guy's best sport was wrestling. But even such opportunities are unable to meet the domestic needs of a true fighter, so your further way johnny sports to link did not.

Military Family

Senator John McCain. Biography Family and the life of Admiral of the military – father johnny, already about much speak for themselves. Constantly moving, narrow and specific circle of friends, prints provisions and military discipline, military camps and the absolute lack of quiet family life could not fail to affect the child's personality development. Psychologists believe that certain features of the formation of the child's mind is most clearly affect decision-making, prioritization, and the manifestation of characteristics in character traits and behavior has an adult. A picture of family life the boy is given the most serene and optimistic. And how to deal with it his entire life, Senator McCain? His biography without this early period would not be complete.

However, to say that peculiarities acquired in childhood experience will be an exceptional way to affect the entire adult life of a man, too, will be very far from the truth. Because an adult is able and just have to work hard, to do self-education. All this allows not only to overcome the biological and acquired in childhood negative symptoms, and even wrap them for the benefit of themselves and transform them into advantages in achieving their goals. And for someone like Senator McCain, fortunately, this feature in a more Mature age has become quite inherent. Therefore, explosiveness and aggression, existing in the nature such a popular Senator, in his youth was the cause of a great deal of misery, but to date has found striking features of the policy, and undoubtedly lead to success.

Early career pilot

Senator McCain. BiographyBut in the early years of johnny not only had no hope for a good future, but also brought quite a lot of grief, worries and often created the need to connect military relations and the authority of his father and grandfather, not to lose a chance at obtaining a decent education. So he with great difficulty after finishing the Naval Academy. The young man falls under the prestigious distribution. He becomes an officer and a pilot of military aircraft on the aircraft carrier. Further training of the pilots of this category should last another two and a half years. And if Senator McCain details about the countless adventures of childhood has left with family and friends, here's a later period of life known a lot of unflattering facts. For example, to drown in a sea of military aircraft – this is not a joke. But to get rid of quite easily – also a talent, or rather, family support of the father. This fact caused the translation of John to Europe in summer school as a pilot-attack aircraft, but not a broken career of a young man. And it's not the only mistake of the pilot. After three such incidents (and each time with successful bailout) McCain decided to ask to Vietnam.

Senator McCain. Photo

This and similar widely known about McCain's history show mainly about one thing – wild in his youth, young men of high standing were carried out on the principle of “you need to try all” and nothing to worry about. To say that it is a waste of health and a young age, you can, of course. But here in vain? In fact, this kind of adolescent experience which allows a person to grow up and to tame himself. Only one sufficiently humble and less abundant adventures, and for others, and the world is not enough. And let's not forget that without women's participation there it was impossible to do.

First marriage McCain

Giving wide pleasures in the arms of a female, not disdaining even a kind of occupation, the young officer tried to settle down. At the age of 28 he met Carol Shepp, a lovely Philadelphia model, and a year later they were married. For Carol it was the second marriage, and from his first marriage with a classmate of John she is survived by her two sons, where the future Senator McCain has adopted. A year later the couple had a daughter – Sydney. But the Scorcher for thirty years, having acquired the status of a loving wife and father of a family, still does not want to cool. Therefore, in the following, 1967, johnny took part in the Vietnam war as a pilot on an aircraft carrier.

Vietnam War

Senator McCain killedWithout incident here again has not done. Well-wishers blame johnny, although official data do not confirm this. But it's worth noting that the fire on the aircraft carrier, the death of 21 combat aircraft, and 134 crew members the future Senator was not caught. However, the war can not take away and destroy the lives of even such distinguished individuals as Senator McCain. His plane was shot down over Hanoi, and the pilot got five years in jail for prisoners of war.

But lucky star over John, or rather, his father-Admiral again became the reason of a special relationship to his son even from the enemy. But should we rejoice or be upset, judge for yourself. After learning that a captive pilot – the son of Admiral of the U.S. air force, Vietnamese forces decided to use in his political game. And that whoever would not tell, and the fact that John tried in the camera to their own life, and prematurely gray, says one thing that this experience was not easy for him. There is evidence that such a valuable prisoner attitude was not the worst, and without physical violence or atrocities. But the biggest shock for a person can be triggered by absolutely no physical effect and not so much mental violence (although it is hard to imagine the capture, which is able to avoid the first and the second), and some internal negotiation.

The Return from captivity

U.S. Senator McCainUpon returning home after five and a half years McCain has a disappointing medical diagnosis. After a bad crash in Vietnam, severe damage to hands and feet to cure completely fail. Doctors predicted that I would never be able to fly future Senator John McCain. Biography of a military pilot on this, to be sure, came to an end. But this verdict caused the young McCain only desire to once again show his stubborn temper and strength of character. He still raised his own plane in the sky and once again became the reason of its crash, once again, successfully catapulted. Special effects behind this fact is not entailed, but from the position of the pilot still had to be abandoned.

Second marriage Senator

Having Returned from captivity, John was unable to resume his relationship with his wife, but genuinely felt guilty. Strange as it may sound, but for such a violent and turbulent man, the plea looks like a heroic act. Not everyone will be able himself to speak, as he wrote later, Senator McCain, that this step was caused by his own selfishness and immaturity of understanding of the situation. The very recognition of their mistakes already....

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