What does 14 88? Is there in numbers, the danger?


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There are people who, without thinking, used the symbolism of not the best character. They are attracted by the popularity of images, their use in groups. Is to understand, not to get in trouble. That's what the 14 88? You know those people who commonly use the specified set of numbers? Let's fill the gaps in the information field.

Symbols of terrorism

what does 14 88

Understanding what does 14 88, we will certainly come across the name of David lane.He is considered one of the founders of the so-called white nationalism. The idea was a neo-Nazi. He believed that the white race has no right to assimilate with others, as it should retain its purity for future generations. Their views, he defended non-democratic ways. Lane known as the American terrorist (died in prison). He came up with the slogan “14 of 88”, which means the first digit – his dictum, consisting of such number of words, the second – the number of commandments. That is, people who use this sign agrees with the ideas of David, including extremist.

I Must say that the use of weapons – not the best method of political struggle, not to mention the ideas themselves, which contain the idea of white supremacy. Now I understand what it means 14 88. This encrypted neo-Nazi slogan that can be interpreted in the following way: “We must preserve our race for the future of white children!”. It must be aware of those young people who have fascinated by the beauty of the idea, not penetrating into the harsh reality of its implementation.

Historical significance of the set of numbers

There is another interpretation of deciphering what it means 14 88.It is connected with the period of the victory of Nazism in the territory of one state. So, it is believed that “88” means “long live Hitler”. And the first part – his name, encrypted by the numbers Russian letters.


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what does 14 88

Interestingly, not so long ago in Europe there was a huge scandal on the grounds of the use of this highly questionable symbolism. That means 14 88, began to speak so widely and with such negative meaning that the test were multiple labels. It turned out that the packs of powder pretty well-known company is part of the symbol. Scandal. The firm was accused of having links with neo-fascists and Nazi propaganda. To settle the matter failed, only promises not to use further aggressive combination of numbers.

Who and where knowingly use 1488

On Internet sites these numbers started flickering quite often. Mostly the one who uses them knows what it means 88 14. People put these figures instead of a greeting or sign of this symbol. It is considered a password.what is the meaning of the numbers 14 88The One who made it a rule to use a similar “stamp”, declares its adherence to neo-Nazi views. It is important to understand adolescents, often obezyannik wishing to demonstrate their “coolness”. Do not rush to join a particular political trend, until you understand what it means.

After the Snowden revelations all understand that information, once posted online, never disappears. It is carefully stored in "secret place", waiting for the moment when it can be used against those who provided it. And those people that collect and assess information, understand the meaning of the numbers 14 and 88.


Understanding the meaning of newfangled encryption, we can draw several conclusions. First, it is recommended that anyone interested in the beautiful mystery, to understand their hidden meaning. Secondly, if you see this symbol, then you should look for one who uses it. By the way do you with this man? If he does not try to drag unsuspecting readers into the maelstrom of the neo-fascist organization from which to get out then it will be Oh how difficult! And last: more optimistic decryption does not exist.

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