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Andrei Mironov – the legendary Soviet actor. Most of the films in which he starred, was included in the Golden collection of national cinema. “an Amazing person, sincere, charismatic, incredibly talented… a True over-achiever!” - that was talking about the actor, his colleagues and friends. How was the life of one of the most famous actors of the Soviet cinema and theater and died from what Andrei Mironov?

Childhood and youth

Before moving on to the main topic of our article and find out what has died Andrei Mironov, is to talk about him as a person, about his work, achievements and personal life. He was born into a family of actors. His father, Alexander Menaker and Maria Mironova, the mother met during a tour of the Theater of satire, when both were in conjugal relationships with other people. After the beginning of the novel Alexander and Maria immediately terminated their marriages and formalized the creation of a new family.

Although Andrei Mironov (at birth Menaker) was born on March 7, the parents recorded the date of birth other – March 8, as had already been convinced that their handsome son will be a boon for all women, and not lost. Andrew was born a few months before the outbreak of the Second world war. Since the theater was evacuated to Tashkent, it was there along with his parents Andrew spent his early childhood, but went to school in Moscow. As the father of the famous actor was an ethnic Jew, and the Soviet Union began a “cleaning”, it was decided to enroll my son in the name of the mother. So was Andrei Mironov.


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Because the parents often took my son on a theatrical rehearsal, and the rest in Moscow suburbs in rest house, which was built for artists, since childhood, Andrei Mironov was among the creative people and myself grew up very artistic young man. At the age of 11 years in the future, honored artist of the RSFSR decided to try himself in the acting profession. He came to audition for a movie called "Sadko" and was chosen as the actor for the crowd. Andrew had to play a beggar, but under the torn shirt he had put on his shirt, and the Director drove him off the court for disobedience. After this incident, the boy had firmly decided to become an artist and began to participate in all school productions, to determine the future profession.

what did he die of Andrei Mironov


In 1958, Mironov Andrey became the student of Theatrical school of a name of Schukin. The young man is enrolled in the course, not even knowing that before them the son of a famous artists. The most important thing for Andrey Mironov was a red diploma, because he did not seek, like his other classmates, to be in the crowd, and carefully studied. Among others, he differed cheerful character, charm and inimitable flair. In the fourth year, the novice actor was offered to play a small role in the movie about teenage love "And if this is love?”. Film critics the film is not liked, as they believed that the love relationship between the characters shown were immoral.

After graduating from College, immediately after the first listen, Mironov took to the Theater of satire. The newcomer immediately attracts the attention of the entire theater troupe and instantly becomes one of the most recognizable artists. Theatrical premiere be one for one and are incredible with a full house – ‘catcher in the rye”, “Profitable”, “Bug”.

the wife of Andrei Mironov

The role of Andrei Mironov

Most of Andrei Mironov, of course, became famous for his film roles. Despite intense theatrical activity, he has played in more than 50 films. His career in cinema began with film Director Alexander Zarkhi called “My younger brother”. Andrei Mironov played the role of the second plan-the Jura, the basketball player and the dreamer, a young man from the generation of the thaw.

His first major role Mironov played in the immortal comedic romance the “Three plus two”, which is popular among the audience today. The actor got the role of a veterinarian of the Novel who fell in love with a beautiful circus artist Zoe. The picture describes the delights of a holiday on the Black sea “savage”. After the premiere of the film in the Soviet Union, a trip to the beach with tents became the most popular form of recreation.

In 1965, Mironov was another gift of fate – the role in the film by Eldar Ryazanov “Beware of the car”, which has received many different awards. The actor played Dima Semizorova who earns a dishonest way by selling under the counter appliances in deficit and living beyond its means.

Other well-known roles of Andrei Mironov became the role of Felix in “literature” and Friedrich Engels in the film “a Year of life”. Despite the fact that “the Diamond arm” the actor played a con man Gennady Kozodoeva, the image of the criminal was so charismatic that many viewers Andrei Mironov recognized and loved thanks to this role. The song ‘the Island of bad Luck”, which the actor has sung for a film, still is a legendary hit.

“Unbelievable adventures of Italians in Russia” became Mironov's debut in international cinema. The picture won the love of the audience and the critics, and mostly thanks to the inimitable talent of Andrei Mironov. To the surprise of his colleagues from Italy, actor, all stunts performed on his own, without backup, that could not fail to arouse admiration. Mironov played Andrey Vasilyev, the policeman under cover which helps Italians to find the treasure of a deceased emigrant. After the release of this film Andrei Mironov became the honored artist of the RSFSR.

“Straw hat" is another movie that brought Andrew recognition. The role of Leonidas Ferdinand, the rake's progress and the conqueror of female hearts, which before the wedding I had to find a straw hat, a failed actor perfectly. The musical "12 chairs” also was among our favorite films with the participation of Andrei Mironov, who played the role of a young charismatic adventurer Ostap Bender, hunter of diamonds for a rich lady foolishly sewed into the chair from your headset.

Little known fact, but Andrei Mironov was supposed to star in the film by Eldar Ryazanov “the Irony of fate or With light steam!”. The Director offered the actor to play Hippolytus, but he asked for the role of Zhenya Lukashin. When Mironov began to rehearse, it became clear that nothing would happen, as due to the attractive appearance of the actor, his charm and natural charisma, he just could not play timid Lukashin, who, by his own admission, never really liked women.

In 1980, he received the title of people's artist of the RSFSR. In 1981 came the film “Be my husband" is a beautiful romantic story about how a young woman who came to the resort to settle in a private house, you have to ask the first person to pretend to be her husband. It selflessly played Andrei Mironov.

Comedic roles a little weighed down by the actor, and because he tried to look for roles in drama movies. “My friend Ivan Lapshin” becomes, in a sense, material for training students in theatrical universities. The actor played Hanina, a Director who, tired of his inner feelings after the death of his wife, tries to shoot himself in the bathroom, but he lacks determination. It was the scene in the bathroom is still considered the best dramatic scene played by Andrei Mironov.

The Last film of the actor was ‘a Man from Boulevard des Capucines”, in which he played johnny fest, a missionary who decides to open a cinema silent cinema in one of the provincial towns of the Wild West. He believes that people can re kind and good movie. This film clearly demonstrates the impact of cinema on the culture of the people.

Andrei Mironov cause of death

Personal life

Andrei was a charming man, always fashionably and neatly dressed, known for its urbane and inimitable smile. Women were interested in biography and the personal life of Andrei Mironov. Fans literally adored him. Because the personal life of Andrei Mironov (biography confirms this fact) was rich in novels.

While students Mironov met with Tatiana Egorova, the actor invited the girl to marry him, but the wedding was canceled because his father died the actor. Since the passion of the son the mother did not like, taking advantage of the situation, Maria Vladimirovna has done everything possible to ensure that the aspiring actor quickly broke up with the bride all the relationships.

The Second choice Andrew was beautiful Ekaterina Gradova, who was known to a wide circle of Soviet audiences for his role as the radio operator cat in the cult TV series “Seventeen moments of spring». So impressed Andrey Aleksandrovich, that he immediately began to action, trying to win her heart. As a young actress gave to understand that in the short-term shenanigans is not going to participate Mironov, burning with passion and being sure that Katya – his true love on the second date he proposed to her, and in 1971 they were married.

Maria Vladimirovna, mother of Andrei Mironov, first met his daughter-in-law is cold, but after I saw that son's wife is very flexible and with great love to her son. And mother-in-law tried not to meddle in the relationships of happy couples. In 1973, the couple had a daughter who Mironov was named in honor of her mother, Mary...

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