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Performance – this is a measure of performance. This figure is used to estimate performance of tasks by personnel of the company or enterprise and for the functioning of machines, personal computers, their components and separate software. Usually, the performance understand the number of products or volume of information processed per hour, minute or second. Opposite to it the value of – the complexity – reflect the time required for the release or analysis of data.

performance this

A Basis for effective business

The Key issue on the agenda of any business is the growth of labor productivity, i.e. reducing the time needed to manufacture the product and increase volume without additional costs for hiring new workers. Therefore, the strategy based on goals and objectives must consider the essential reserves of its increase and the factors stimulating staff to work better in a qualitative and quantitative aspect. Without this, no competitive advantage will not be able to make the company a leader in the industry.

Performance Formula

Economic statistics is studying the effectiveness of the enterprise using a number of indicators. The main ones are production and labour. Actual performance – this is precisely the number of products produced at the plant for a certain period of time. If we denote Q as the output of goods T – the cost of labor in hours, and you have the formula. Thus, performance – it is the product of Q and T, or P = Q x T.


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The result reflects the actual performance of the company. For forecasts expect cash performance. This allows the managers or the Manager to understand what is the maximum volume of products, the company may issue at this stage of technology development. Additional costs and risk of downtime in this formula are ignored.

productivity growth

Other ways to assess efficiency

In the industrial economy, the measurement of labor productivity (PT) is carried out using two methods: direct and factor. For the first method needs the following parameters: the output current (O1) and basic (O0) periods, and the corresponding staffing levels (P1 and N0, respectively). Thus,

PT = (A1 x N0/O0 x P1) x 100-100.

The use of factor account performance – this indicator, which is calculated in several stages. On the first classification parameters. The factors are divided into groups: organizational, technical, volumetric and structural. The first parameter is associated with the release of the workers and is the ratio of the number of personnel in the current period and the difference – compared with the previous – percent.

The Productivity by the volume factor is determined by multiplying the volume of production and share of permanent employees (in total) in percent divided by 100. The structural component is equal to the result of multiplying the manhours by the share of this product in total output. The overall performance is determined by the addition of growth for each of the three factors.

performance formula

Improving productivity

The Foundation of any business – is a rational and efficient use of available resources, including labor. It is logical that the management is committed to increase production volume without additional costs for hiring workers. Experts point out several factors that improve performance:

  1. Management style (the main task of the head – motivate staff, create an organizational culture that values activity and hard work).
  2. Investing in technical innovation (the purchase of new equipment, corresponding to requirements of time, can significantly reduce the time costs of each employee).
  3. Trainings and seminars on professional development (knowledge of production allows staff to participate in the improvement of the production process).

manufacturing in the economy is

Improvement of staff

Shows the formula of performance, this rate is not constant, and can be adjusted to a variety of factors. Among them the main place is occupied by technological progress and the proper organization of work. Improving the technical component of production, complex automation of business processes and the establishment of communications between the individual units reduce the time spent on the issue. On the other hand, labour productivity growth can be achieved through the application of the methods of scientific management. However, it is important to understand that the increase of this index does not always improve the efficiency of the enterprise as a whole. This is because, according to classical economic theory, factors of production along with labour is a raw material (land) and capital.

productivity enhancement

National characteristics

Production in the economy – it is the main object of study at the international level. As in most developed countries there is an aging population, an extensive way of its expansion becomes impossible. Therefore, the management refers to the intensive improvement of work efficiency. Russia's growth performance is ahead of the G7 countries, Central and Eastern Europe. The figure for Russia on average is 4%. Now, however, the pace began to gradually slow down, due to not quite the right model of economic growth.

From 2003-2008, the labor efficiency has improved by 6%, and in 2014 – only 0.8%. However, the performance in various industries is growing unevenly, so experts suggest that high unemployment can be a factor out of the crisis. This is due to the fact that the dismissal of workers in low-profit sectors will lead to overflow of labor force in more efficient segments of the national economy.


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