Female American names: patterns and trends


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As the US – a multi-ethnic state, the number of names is huge, the account goes on thousand. However, the true names of a lot less. The fact that parents in the US are free to give a child almost any name (except offensive). And yet so many in this country problems with spelling. It turns out that Rachel and Rachael – different female American names. These errors artificially increase the list.

The Top 3 American names for 2013: Mary, Patricia and Linda. The first name is popular in power the Christian roots of American settlers, there are also derivatives Maria, Miriam, and Meriem. Patricia – a name popular with the Irish, and as Irish immigrants in the United States very much, and girls are often so-called. The popularity of the name Linda is difficult to judge, maybe it's all in euphony. It is in the top for a few years, and the situation is unlikely to change.

female American names

People from the former Soviet Union know female American names are mainly translated literature and the Latin American serials. So we aren't surprised by such names as Ruth, Barbara, Susan, are frequent in North and South America. Quite often became the name of Faith - tracing from the Russian Faith. Perhaps it was brought and adapted the Greek Orthodox immigrants, perhaps the Russians were the first to call their daughters. But the name entered in a thousand of the most common, so this is not an isolated phenomenon. Russian names, for example, Tanya, oddly enough, very often African-American girls.


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beautiful feminine names

Very often used the names of flowers, e.g. Daisy (Daisy) Daisy means (that name was the heroine of ‘the Great Gatsby”). Another example – rose. Like Russians, Americans love to adapt male names in the female: and it turned out the name Patricia (after all, Patrick – the patron of Ireland). Sometimes female American names are taken unchanged from the “database” men. So there are girls named Francis or Fred. So our singer Slava and Maxim did not reveal anything new.

Female American names include also a large number of German names (Gretchen, Madeline) and French (Michelle, Genevieve, Antoinette). There are among the Indian names and, although they are found among the white population is not easy: Donoma (the light of the Sun), Hantawyii (true), Ayasha (little one). There are also exotic: Sarita, Tavanna. First, it seems, is native to India, the second – African, so there is in America the beautiful names. For men and women. In the States selection is especially great.

mystery names

The Secrets of the names are still not disclosed. Always choose them carefully, trying to ensure that they were harmonious. There are special programs that assess the emotional impact of the name. Maybe prospective parents should take advantage of them. Need to consider how the name will be combined with the middle name and last name: Scheherazade S. – it's just tasteless. And if you are in the States, better give your child a Russian name. Female American names are not Slavic, they are harmonic in the passport. Be careful you choose the fun, and the child for life then “difference”. Better to give the baby more or less adapted the name - e.g. Suzanne or rose.

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