Optimization: transformations carried out in order to improve education


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The School is a social public institution, whose main task – formation at pupils of certain system of knowledge, skills and education of the individual in a moral, political and ideological way. Over the past decade in the education system were carried out many reforms, pursuing, by and large, positive purpose. However, not all plans had been achieved, and many of the results – very doubtful.

Reform and optimizationconversion undertaken in order to improve

Any reform is a conversion, carried out to improve those areas of life or activities in which it is conducted. If we talk about education, here we are talking primarily about optimizing the learning process. What does it mean? Optimal - i.e. the best. The most convenient, accessible, and productive of many such. In transferring the concept to the needs of school education “optimization” is the transformations carried out in order to improve the training and education of children. A selection of teaching actions that will give high-quality knowledge at the lowest possible cost of time and effort both teachers and students. Naturally, we are talking about the whole system of deliberate and consciously selected forms, methods and teaching techniques, together constituting a particular method. Moreover, the pedagogical transformations carried out in order to improve, require updating of the whole teaching methodology as a whole and not individual sectors or regions. This is due to the fact that is generic methods in didactics does not exist. Some are optimal under certain conditions, others – at the opposite. the transform with the aim of improving

Optimization tutorial

Teacher as a creative personality must be in a state of continuous pedagogical search and experiment, constantly enriching their methodical piggy Bank personal discoveries, experiences of colleagues, and applying the accumulated practice. In each case it looks like this: preparing for the lesson, the teacher relies on transformations carried out to improve learning, increase interest of children to subject matter, etc. the goal a process of ongoing improvementThat's Why he topic of the lesson formulates and selects learning material and forms of its submission considered. All this is necessary in order for the maximum benefit to spend the allotted 45 minutes. For example, it's one thing if the teacher on the lesson of the Russian language in the 5th grade just read the rule from the book and offer to perform all exercises in a row, up to the change. Children will be boring, uninteresting, they will quickly become fatigued, attention will dissipate, and the performance of such a lesson to be equal to zero. And quite another if the entire lesson will take the form of a fabulous journey, and a new theme, and its binding will be taught as tests for revenues from the troubles of fairy tale characters, etc. this class belongs to the category of unconventional. This is exactly the optimized transformation to improve the learning process which the teacher is required. This lesson will not only leave a strong emotional trace in the students, but also help to fully digest the material under study, deeply understand it and memorize for a long time, will form a practical algorithm for the application of theoretical concepts. Consequently, standard – one of the main principles of optimization. The main and necessary. The achievement of each individual student possible level in the development of training programmes – the main optimization goal. The process of continuous improvement of teaching focused on it, but the effectiveness of the tasks depends first of all from the teacher, and the second – from the children themselves, their families, the environment in which they grow, and other factors.

Thus, the teacher must master innovative techniques to work on yourself to improve the skills that his work was based on optimization, not the old-fashioned way.

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