The monkey Emperor Tamarin: characteristics of the species, habitat, food


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Emperor Tamarin – a little monkey, belonging to the family gruntowych. The family includes more than 40 species of the diminutive monkeys, 17 of them belong to Tamarina. But today I want to tell you about is absolutely amazing tailed babies with an unusual appearance. Restless and naughty, they will definitely make you smile.

the Emperor Tamarin

First meeting

Emperor Tamarin has been described relatively recently. When scientists showed the monkey, decorated with plush white beard and moustache, they decided to make a joke, and said that the animals are reminiscent of the king of Prussia and Emperor of Germany Wilhelm II. Especially if you tweak the whiskers up. And, although the resemblance ended there, the monkey received a high Imperial title and became a popular home “toy”.


Because the main character of the article Emperor Tamarin, a description of the animal is not excessive. Monkey belong to dwarf species, as the length of their body does not exceed 25 cm. it Weighs about 300 grams. But agile and prehensile tail can be longer than the body of the host.

Despite the agility and mischievous character, Emperor Tamarin looks great and seriously. Cute prank of nature that gave mind a beard and mustache, highlights animals and draws attention to them. But the coat color in babies the most common: solid, brown or almost black in color. On the chest and the head can slip in “noble” gray hairs. Wool can have a light copper or Golden sheen.


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the Emperor Tamarin photo

Surprisingly, small primates, unlike their relatives, have no nails and sharp claws. This fixture Imperial Tamarin uses for climbing trees.

It's Hard to imagine a human woman would be proud of the moustache and the beard. But females Tatarinov definitely see these decorations to be proud of. Mustache and beard of the females can grow to the abdomen, and they are happy to arrange collective hairstyling, combing and gnawing around each other, the excess length of the pile. The collective care of the beard and moustache – feature a family communication and behavior of young primates.

Meeting Place

The question is, where is meets Emperor Tamarin? Where dwells this little miracle? The area of distribution of the species – tropical forests of South America. See monkey in their natural habitat, visit, for example, Peru, Brazil or Bolivia.

Family hierarchy

Unlike many other types of monkeys, the family of the Imperial Tatarinov is a matriarchy. The head of the family becomes the oldest female. The next social tier allocated to younger females. And males are on the lowest rung of the hierarchy. Their duty - to carry babies from place to place and to get food for the whole family.

the Emperor Tamarin is a

A Family usually consists of 10-15 animals. Conducts a day way of life and often moves through the trees. Its territory protects the family from outsiders. Any outsider Emperor Tamarin will be collectively expelled from the lived-in places. By the way, the area is usually quite extensive. Each family has 50 hectares of its own forests.

Daily menu

It would be strange to assume that these little creatures prey on other animals. The basis of the diet of the Imperial Tatarinov are various insects and fruits. Thanks to the cunning and tenacity, and a long and strong tail, small animals are easily kept on the thin branches of trees reaching out to the young shoots and buds. Often in the food are the flowers and the delicacy can be eaten bird eggs.

Mating and reproduction

Inside the family stable pairs are created. Imperial Tamarine - polygamous animals. Females mate at a time, in accordance with a hierarchical position. Young individuals never mate before more adult friends.

the Emperor Tamarin description of the animal

Pregnancy Tatarinov suddenly long for more of these babies. The average term – 45 days. Mommy appears 1 or 2 baby. Very rarely triplets. The first few days the cubs are completely helpless. Their weight does not exceed 35 grams, but they already have a mustache and goatee! The females feed the babies every 2 hours, and in between they ride on the backs of the fathers. Thus, any cub of the pack can count on the care and attention of any male.

A Certain independence of the babies of 3 months and a year and a half they enter into puberty. At this point, Emperor Tamarin should make the most important choice in his life: to remain in the parental home or to have their family group.

Human Impact

Today, the dream of many fans of exotic animals becomes Emperor Tamarin. Photos of this animal wins the heart, and its tiny dimensions make the animal suitable for home detention. Kids get used to the owners and love affection, but many of them suffer or even die during transport because transporting them illegally, without the necessary conditions are created. Such an attitude could not fail to influence the abundance of baleen beauties in nature. However, the most dangerousfor little monkeys can be considered of interest to the home contents, and massive deforestation of the tropical forests.

the Emperor Tamarin inhabits

Today this kind of primates not think that small or endangered but it is classified as a vulnerable animal, as interest in them grows, and the natural habitat "emperors" of the rapidly shrinking.

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