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Every politician is a very easy target for the press who is willing to dig though in the dark past, at least in the dirty linen of the representative of “mighty of this world”, hoping for a scandal or at least a modest newsworthy.

Getting the path

Incumbent and who is running for a second term President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite, a biography which is quite typical for all politicians in the former Soviet Union, recently became the subject of lively, and sometimes quite spectacularly investigative journalism.

biography of Dalia GrybauskaiteShe was Born on 1 March 1956 in Vilnius unremarkable family. High school, the future politician has done what the passport was full of “triplets”. Possible, so the universities had to wait and work of Junior civil servants in the personnel Department of the local Philharmonic, but it is not long enough: a year later a young ambitious girl moved to the Northern capital.

Biography of Dalia Grybauskaite in the Leningrad period is considered very mysterious. The official version says that at first she was an ordinary working (and remembers what she Madam President), and then transferred to the chemical laboratory of the famous Soviet enterprise «AVK».

What exactly is engaged in the service of future policies is unknown, but the work at the factory gave a number of advantages: first, the right to limit the so-called temporary residence permit, which wasn't unnecessary newcomer from a distant Republic of the girl, and secondly, the required work experience, useful for admission to a prestigious University, which was Leningrad state University. Zhdanov.


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It Should be noted that the biography of Dalia Grybauskaite unquestionably proves only one thing: the dedication and perseverance she was not to occupy. In 1976, the flow of the evening Department of the economic faculty of Leningrad state University. Work in the factory of the future President left. Today classmates say fanatical focus on their studies, the maximum concentration and complete lack of privacy. Such a specific behavior has caused numerous speculation.

After Graduating from University in 1983, yesterday's student returned home. Further twists and turns of events in her life indirectly acknowledge that its labor activity was not to “pushing heavy carts”, as she says Grybauskaite, and the public unrestrained zeal. In the memories of classmates she looks purposeful, ideological, avid and become a member of the Komsomol.

Dalia Grybauskaite biography

Labor operation

Perhaps this version has a right to exist, because after returning to Lithuania, she went to work somewhere, and a lecturer at the Higher party school. This school has produced many politicians of both the Soviet and independent Lithuania period. It is remarkable that she was admitted to the teaching, having no academic degree, but as a member of the now diligently hated by the Communist party.

In 1988, an unfortunate misunderstanding with the absence of the thesis has been corrected: the successful defense crowned by the fact that the scientific Council of the Academy of social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee unanimously voted for awarding the applicant the title of candidate of Sciences.

At this time the Soviet Union began “crackle”. The social life of the Baltic States sharply intensified, has prompted calls for independence, but up until 1991, there is no information about the fiery struggle against the regime Dalia Grybauskaite. Her biography States that in the beginning of 1990 she worked tirelessly on the same place of work, then got a scientific Secretary at the Institute of Economics and it seems there were no signs of rapid development.

President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite biography

The Beginning of a political career

As she managed to distance itself from former associates, is unknown (and in fact the direct supervisor of the future President was forced to flee from lustration abroad), but in 1991 was Dalia Grybauskaite in politics, which feels like a fish in water on this day.

A Kind of stimulus learning in the United States: the future President graduated from the course at Georgetown University. From this moment begins a truly spectacular career of Dalia grybauskaitė's biography has blossomed prestigious and responsible positions-from the Director of the Department of the Ministry of international economic relations in 1991, to the Minister of Finance in 2001. I managed to work and Plenipotentiary Minister at the Embassy in the United States, and Ambassador extraordinary to the EU.

After the entry of Lithuania into the EU, Grybauskaite delegate to the European Commission, where she focused on education and culture, but by November 2004, her office was again linked with the economy: it is the Commissioner for financial planning and budget.

Madam President

During this period, skyrocketing its popularity. Promising politician Dalia Grybauskaite, whose photos appear frequently on the pages of various publications, gets very good press: it is compared with Margaret Thatcher, and in 2005 even awarded the title “Commissioner of the year”. Activities in the field of reform of the European budget gets good reviews.

Dalia Grybauskaite photoMeanwhile, in Lithuania's economy suffers serious problems, and Dalia Grybauskaite, whose political career is in full bloom, sharply criticizing the authorities, earning sometimes very harsh accusations of politicking.

In 2008, she becomes the “woman of the year” in the country, which is the way: next year she is running for President, and triumph in the first round, with almost three quarters (69.2 per cent) of the vote. While this is a record of trust has still not received.

Relations with Russia

The Political course of the current head of the largest of the Baltic republics can be described as aggressive, anti-Soviet and anti-Russian. Given information about an unheard-of ideology, which was famous Dalia Grybauskaite in her youth, and her membership in the Komsomol and the Communist party, this position sometimes causes a smile.

No one is as fiercely critical of the Kremlin and personally the President of the Russian Federation, as the Lithuanian first lady. Statements Grybauskaite about Putin's regime, speaking out on the account «terrorist state" of the earnest support of Ukraine in the conflict makes her character very unpleasant for the Russian authorities. Perhaps this it required participation in several scandals, because the biography of Dalia Grybauskaite really gives a lot to the imagination.

Dirty politics

After a series of interviews to international media, the President of Lithuania has received a sharp rebuke from Russia: foreign Ministry spokesman told her “moderate Komsomol fuse and leave the complexes of the Soviet past”.

Dalia Grybauskaite youngProblems at the customs, organized by the Russian side, too, was to hint to the President that it would be easy, but Grybauskaite did not work: in an interview given at this time, the air force, she said that won't speak with the President of Russia, until it abandons its aggressive policy.

Immediately after this burst into a downright scandal. December 9, 2014 members of the European Parliament found in their mailboxes a book by the Lithuanian journalist Ruta Anotine, in which the biography of Dalia Grybauskaite was served with a very unpleasant side. An excellent English translation, the sinister red and black cover, without a doubt, the money is in provocation has been invested a lot.

To Say that the book is scandalous-to say nothing: Dalia Grybauskaite, pictures of which blossomed from the Internet, accused of collaboration with the KGB, of callousness, careerism. The current patriotism is declared just “another coat of paint" unscrupulous “red Dale”.

To Wash away these charges, the President will be difficult. Europe lives according to the principle of the well-known joke about tarnished reputation: “whether he stole something, or he stole something… was there some dark history”.

Personal life of the head of state

Accusations of callousness and lack of compassion is also known way succeeded: the private life of the President – a mystery: she's not married and never was even in a civil marriage. Children from this 59-year-old female no. The tabloids even tried "to sew" of her sexual orientation, which the politician denies hard, causing a storm of negative jokes.

In the Russian segment of the Internet Dalia Grybauskaite (personal life, photos, politics) also over and over again becomes an object of investigation and trivial speculation. There are allegations of lesbian tendencies do not matter: on the contrary, claim that she had an affair with a high-ranking Soviet official, who broke her heart.

Memories of former employees Grybauskaite is credited with an affair with a member of the district Committee of the Komsomol: with him she seems to be "kissing on the benches” under the cover of darkness. With this mysterious character is linked and working as a lecturer at Vilnius College, where without a degree, like it was difficult to get into, and “sudden” protection disse...

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