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The Role of Joseph Stalin in the history of the is estimated differently. Some adore his personality, others vehemently hate him and his policy. In the years of his life the family of Joseph Stalin lived well. His son, Vasily Stalin often behaved in a willful, doing odious, unworthy of his name acts. However, no punishment for his deeds he was carrying. Grandson of Joseph Stalin, Director Alexander Vasilievich Burdensome, had to change her name so quietly to create.

Alexander Burdonsky biography: the early years

The Director was Born 14 Oct 1941 in Kuibyshev, now called Samara. His father was a famous Soviet pilot Vasily Stalin and mother Galina Burdonskaya. Given to him after the birth surname of his grandfather, Stalin, and helped the boy at a young age. However, after the death of Joseph Stalin, the name had to change to Burdonsky.

The Change is due to the debunking of the personality cult of the great leader at the XX Congress of the Communist party. From that moment began the oppression of Stalin's relatives. Came under attack and the father of the future Director.

Vasily Stalin

The Health of his father Alexander Bordosskogo in conclusion gave way so that he urgently required treatment. Nikita Khrushchev decides to release the Basil ahead of time, but instead requires compliance with several conditions:

  1. Stop talking about the death of his father, blaming the current politicians in his death.
  2. Lead a dissolute life.

Gritting his teeth, Basil agrees with the requirements of Nikita Khrushchev. He allocated pension returns the title and issued a 3-bedroom apartment. But the happiness of Vasily Stalin does not last long: in a drunken state he said the murder of his father, Khrushchev and blames the whole world for their misfortunes. His return to prison, and then sent to the closed city of Kazan.


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According to his biography filmed TV series "son of the father of the peoples", reflect the life of Basil from his first wife and relationship with his son Alexander.

Pensive Burdonsky

Fathers and children

Alexander Burdonsky, the son of Vasily Stalin, was taken from the mother in early childhood. She was forbidden to see his child, so education entirely rests on the shoulders of the father. Constant drinking, dissolute life prevented Vasily properly educate his son.

As he said, they were engaged stepmother and governesses. It is worth noting that, despite all the hardships of fate and the temporary absence of the mother of Alexander was a good man and a loving husband. His father prepared for him a military career, however, he chose to study theater and film.

Pointing finger

The death of the leader and his role in the life of Alexander Bordosskogo

Grandfather, Joseph Stalin, was never interested in the fate of his own grandson. Alexander never saw him live. But he had to see his grandfather at the funeral. As he later noted, Stalin's death did not affect his emotional state.

Alexander is not keen on politics, his interests included the theater. Often he has received offers to write a play about his grandfather, but he always refused. Their relationship with the leader was never outspoken.

According to him, the grandfather was too mad, but undeniably brilliant politician. In his youth, Alexander Joseph Vissarionovich treated with a certain contempt. As an adult, was able to assess the role of Santa in history more as a positive than a negative.

Childhood and youth of the actor took place in a difficult moral conditions. Thanks to the resilience of spirit and the special character of the boy had not lost himself in fallen on him glory. In the future your relationship is not used to polychitsya his famous grandfather. In the view of Bordosskogo he remained a distant figure.

Joseph Stalin, grandfather

Where he studied

And Like father, Alexander began to study at the Kalinin Suvorov military school. After finishing 7th grade, he enrolled in the art and technical school of theatrical profile. Actively participated in the life of the institution and of the pioneer.

In 1958, he graduated from College and starts working the sham artist in the theaters of the capital of the USSR. In early 1966, trained at GITIS in The directing Department.

In 1971 Burdonsky graduated from high school and received an invitation to play in the play by Shakespeare. In 1972 directed by Andrei Popov makes him an offer to stay in TSTSA to pursue an acting career. It is easy to guess that Alexander agrees.

Burdonsky in the theater

Personal life of the actor

Burdonsky married his colleague and classmate Dalia Tamuleviciute. She worked as a Director in youth theatre, has died before the husband. The marriage had no children, and widowed Alexander Burdonsky was all alone. I have to give him credit - he never used his "special" situation, considering himself an ordinary man.


At the age of 76 years, Alexander Burdonsky died. The news of the death of Director and actor has not caused heated discussions in society, which is natural, because he led a modest life. Due to heart problems on may 24 last year, the actordied in a Moscow hospital.

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