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moral ideals

The Moral ideal is a process that is based on the perception of moral requirements through a certain type of personality. It is formed by a number of characteristics. Later in the article take a closer look at the concept of "moral ideals" (examples will be given below). What would they be? What are the goals?

General information

Spiritual and moral ideals of the individual are role model. Society has for people with certain requirements of moral behavior. Its speakers are the moral ideals. The image of a highly moral personality embodies the positive qualities that serve as a benchmark of attitudes and behaviour between people. These characteristics make the person in particular and society in General to improve their moral character, and hence to develop.


Ideals and moral values of different times differed. Many famous thinkers and poets have raised this issue in their works. For Aristotle, the moral ideal consisted in self-contemplation, the knowledge of the truth and detachment from worldly Affairs. According to Kant, in any personality is the "perfect person". The instructions for its actions and is the moral ideal. It is a kind of internal compass that brings a person to perfection, but perfect does not. For each philosopher, scientist, theologian there was their way and their understanding of the moral ideal. moral ideals


Moral ideals, undoubtedly, contribute to the self-education of personality. Employees with willpower, and understanding that the goal should be achieved, seeks to achieve and conquer the heights of a moral nature. Moral ideals are the Foundation upon which later formed the moral principles and standards. All this happens on the basis of interest in a person's life. Equally important is the life situation, in which resides the person. For example, during the war years moral ideals focused on the image of the courageous, valiant, honorable man that owns the weapon, but apply it only to protect their land and their families.


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The Impact on society

Understanding the moral ideal is widespread in the whole society. People wants to see themselves in society based on just and humane principles. In this case, the ideal is the image of a society in which the expression of the interests of certain social groups, their notions of higher justice and that the social system, which would be the best.

moral ideals examples

The Moral indicators of the social ideal consists of equitable distribution of vital goods among members of society, the relationship between human rights and responsibilities. For a highly moral elements include the ability of the individual, its place in the life, contribution to society and the amount received in return for it. Moral ideals lead to positive indicators of life and ability to achieve a happy existence. Striving for perfection, which is the ultimate goal of all efforts of man and society must use moral means.


ideals and moral values

Lenin considered the moral ideals of "moral high", combining the positive characteristics. In his opinion, they were all necessary for people and was a model for society. Of moral properties that are measured at a higher scale, is built the content of the ideal. Raises consciousness to a superlative degree those moral traits, qualities, relations of people which are valid and real in nature. The society and the individual seek to realize moral values. Each member of the society must be adequately and properly to think, to be able to build relationships and interact. The ideal is accompanied by certain positive emotional expressions. These include, in particular, include admiration, approval, desire to be better. All of this is a strong stimulant that causes a person to strive for self-education and self-development. There are several types of ideal: they are regressive and reactionary, real and utopian. The content of the moral qualities changed the course of history. The ideals of the past time because of its illusory nature and detachment from reality, don't focus on the activity of the individual, remained inaccessible. Even progressive moral essence of indicators take the basis of the subjective wishes, without the awareness of the impartiality of the law and ways of achieving.

The Impact of modernity

moral ideals examples

During the Communist moral ideals were meant to serve the establishment, the strengthening of the existing system. High morality of modern society is harmoniously developed personality. It is distinguished by the pursuit of moral perfection. Society imposes on its members certain moral requirements. They constitute a model of a fully developed personality. Constantly enriched, replenished with something new, they reflect the development of the ethical practices of the socialist society. The society of the times of socialism in the first place puts the culture, identity, active citizenship, a sense of public duty, neraskhozhdenie words and deeds, honesty.

The Moral ideals of our time have the character of an active and effective associated with the needs of society. They become a reality in the socialist cooperation of members of society. The moral foundations of modernity active in the areas of self-improvement, moral education and self-development. Plekhanov said that the more actively one seeks to achieve a societal ideal, the higher it becomes in moral terms. But even in socialist times moral indicators, not coincident with reality, go ahead. They set a certain goal in a constant movement, a continuous process of development. The increase of social activity of personality, improvement of social practices and moral education – all this will help resolve the differences that have arisen between reality and the moral ideal.


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