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People in society, constantly interact with each other. Through this process, they solve different kinds of problems, identify prospects, produce necessary things, objects, information. Public relations – a complex phenomenon, which is studied by various Sciences.

Everything is based on social ties. This term refers to the interdependence of people, which is caused by these or other provisions. On the basis of its individuals together in community. Public relations – the kind of social relations.

The Nature of society determines the specificity of this relationship, they, in turn, support the society, ensure its stability, development and prosperity.

Public relations – this specific interaction, which regulated all sorts of social norms. They arise between two or more people who play a social role, have any social position. They arise also among groups of people, between a person and a group.

Sociologists have come to the conclusion that such relationships are the most advanced form of studying their phenomena. Social behavior, social effect and interaction of them significantly inferior.

Do also note that different researchers use different ways to describe the essence of public relations. A single definition that would suit everyone, there is so far.

For some public relations – those that have developed between people in specific historical conditions at a particular time in a particular place. For others, they are phenomena that arise from the Association of equality and excellence to their subjects. In this case, the big emphasis is on social justice, distribution of material and spiritual values, means of production and so on.


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Competition is the rivalry between participants in the market economy. Types and functions of competition

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Types of social relations are different. They can be class, ethnic, group, interpersonal, national. They fold in different spheres of life.

Public engagement can be expressed in various forms. One of them – the cooperation. It is specific so that both sides are on mutually beneficial terms. None of them infringed on the interests. Joint actions aimed at the most rapid achievement of results, which will be considered as General. This kind of public relations are based on mutual need for each other, coordination and, as a rule, on respect for each other.

Competition – this is another form of social interaction. It is connected with desire of the parties to circumvent each other, to achieve better results, to move ahead faster than someone else. In this case, a common goal is missing, but it is important that all parties pursued similar goals. Without this condition of rivalry is not out of the question. In this process the parties consider the position of our competitors obstacles in its path. A long rivalry may cause the emergence in humans of negative emotions, hatred, latent or open aggression.

Competition – a group or individual fight for certain benefits that relate to scarce. Under the conflict is understood as the particular interaction of participants of social relations in which there is a clash of views, opinions, interests and so on. Conflict can quickly spoil the relationship.

Social relations only become public when there is some stability. Over time, they change. Because of this their study and learning never stops. Management of public relations without understanding them it is impossible.



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