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1856 is the date of Foundation of the city, but in the XVII century the territory where there is Blagoveschensk and tried to master the troops of the pioneer V. E. Poyarkov and Khabarov. The signing of the Nerchinsk Treaty forced the Russians to quit the place assigned to China. Only two centuries later began relocating here first of Transbaikalian Cossacks, then the landless peasants from different parts of the Russian Empire – after the left Bank of the Amur river via the Aigun Treaty was recognized as Russian territory.

where is Blagoveshchensk

Town at the confluence of two rivers

In those places where the city of Blagoveshchensk, a peculiar geography. Good location at the confluence of the Amur and Zeya certainly had an influence on its development.

By shipping, fisheries, agriculture was added to gold mining. Of course, trade flourished, not only with China, located on the other side of the river, but also with other regions of the country. For a long time, water transport was the only means of communication with the rest of the world.

The Construction of roads was complicated by the location of the Blagoveshchensk: forests, swamps, large distances to other settlements. Now the Blagoveshchensk travel connected with the Federal highway M58 Chita-Khabarovsk. The railway was only built in 1913. 20 kilometers from the city international airport «Ignatieff”.

where is Blagoveshchensk

The Neighbor on the other side of the river

From any point of the embankment of the Amur river, where the town of Blagoveshchensk, it is possible to not just see, but to see houses and other objects of the Chinese city of Heihe, because the width of the river at this place – 800 metres. Relations with China were different. There was a period of active trade, the city was the Chinese quarters, the Chinese, or rather, the Manchus found a job here, sometimes seasonal: worked as porters, janitors, handymen, selling fish and vegetables. But in 1900, China began military action against Russia, began to bombard not only the area where is Blagoveshchensk, but also other border regions. In the city at that time lived more than two thousand Chinese began to massacre them. As a result, the settlers were forced to cross the Amur river by swimming. A few, swim to the Chinese coast, was immediately beaten by compatriots.


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where is g Blagoveshchensk

Currently, Heiho created a free trade zone between the Russian and Chinese, for Russian citizens visa-free entry to the city. Increasingly, the Blagoveshchensk pensioners buy apartments in Heiho: life is cheaper there. In Blagoveshchensk are not uncommon in the Chinese-Russian marriages.

But the deteriorating condition of the Amur river is alarming. The fact that the waters of the Amur river, where is Blagoveshchensk, contaminates from the right Bank of Heihe industrial and food waste. Threatened fish wealth of the river. The Blagoveschensk inhabitants say that now local fish without lengthy processing is impossible.

Interesting facts

  • In 1889, Dmitry Peshkov, a centurion of the Cossack army, made on the horses of Mongolian breed semi-annual trip from Blagoveshchensk to St. Petersburg, in honor of him the Emperor Alexander III staged in the capital pride parade, and in 2006 in France, a film was made about this amazing hike.
  • In 1994, the city came Boris Yeltsin, who is expected to have a grocery store, it was the abundance of goods, the regular grocery store, and was troubled in particular by the fact that on the counter are three sardines, and the local government boasts that in the Amur river more than three hundred species of fish.

where is Blagoveshchensk

  • In the town there is an unusual monument to the Shuttle – a man with a huge trunk, a large box and bag-Fanny pack, which drop coins, believing that it brings good luck.

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