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A Family of sea turtles, inhabitants of the tropical seas, includes 6 species. Conventionally, these reptiles can be divided into Pacific and Atlantic. But they differ from each other not enough, and the story of their life on Earth are similar.

Green sea turtle. General description

green sea turtleThe biggest species — green turtle (photo below). Some individuals giants weigh about 450 kg, but generally the mass of their bodies is approximately 200 kg. the Length of a short, rounded-oval carapace varies from 70 to 150 cm Carapace covered with flaps covering each other and lying around. The front legs are in the form of flippers with one claw indispensable for swimming. On the small head are large eyes. The carapace (the so-called dorsal part of the carapace) may be olive green or dark brown with yellowish spots, its color is irregular. The ventral portion of the shell is yellowish or white.

Green sea turtle, unfortunately, is also called the soup. For the sake of tasty meat and the famous turtle soup destroy these animals. Hunting for turtles is ongoing everywhere. In places where there is water, the green turtle, its meat is eaten, and fed to pigs. Of shells made crafts and Souvenirs. In the course are even bone plates are not of such high quality. Eggs are eaten fresh or added to confectionery. Therefore, even when turtle meat is not exported to the markets of large cities and in other countries, many of the species are constantly under threat of annihilation.

Breeding turtles

green turtle photoAt the age of 10 years turtles reach sexual maturity. For mating of animals travel across the ocean hundreds of miles. They are sailing to his native land, where he was born. Mating occurs in the sea, a short distance from the shore.


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After mating, the female on the shore digs a hole in the sand and lays in it from 100 to 200 eggs. Laying green sea turtle covers the sand, thereby protecting from predators, direct sun and heat. Little turtles will hatch from the eggs in 40–72 day. To crack the shell they will help eisawy tooth, which will disappear in the first hours or days of life.

Hatched, and baby turtles in a hurry to get to the water, struggling working flippers. Kids, unlike adults, are very agile. This is a crucial moment of their life because of the way turtles are particularly vulnerable to birds, snakes, rodents. But in the sea they are also in danger — sharks, dolphins, predatory fish are not averse to eat young sea turtles.

Device pool for keeping in captivity

water green turtleThe Content is possible only in high-quality sea water with a temperature between 22 and 26°C. After all, in nature the green sea turtle lives in warm tropical seas, and only for egg laying comes ashore. The pool with sea water have to be big as adult reptiles have large size and for swimming they need a lot of space. Optimum shape of the pool — round, its surface must be smooth, silicone joints closed.

Good filtering, and, in certain circumstances, and partial replacement of water to stabilize the pH value required, due to very intensive metabolism of sea turtles. Pool cleaning by sucking food debris and waste should be regular. Before placing the new pool of individuals is required to examine them.

Adult reptiles are herbivorous and feed on algae and grass, but at a young age turtles eat animals like crabs, sponges, jellyfish, worms and snails. When choosing a feeding diet for sea turtles should pay attention to the prevention of water pollution. So, do not use too soft cod meat, fat herring, lettuce. Shrimp, low-fat saltwater fish, seaweed or spinach is a perfect food for sea turtles.

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