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Actress Natalie Mendoza to a wide audience the little-known, however, genre fans appreciated her work in the horror movie “Descent”, where she played the role of a bright and independent Juno. We invite you to read her biography and learn some interesting facts.

Natalie Mendoza

Origin and family

Natalie Jackson Mendoza was born in 1978 in Hong Kong. Her father was a jazz musician, so the family, consisting, besides Natalie, another of six children, traveled throughout Asia and Australia. The girl soon began to study dramatic art, played several leading roles on stage and often her work was evaluated highly.

The First role in a movie

To connect his life with film, the aspiring actress decided in 20 years. Among the earliest popular works should include the following patterns:

  • In 1998, Natalie Mendoza he played a small role in one of the episodes of “Purely English murder”.
  • In the series “wild party” played the role of a SIM.
  • In the Australian science fiction series "Farscape" played a small role.
  • Series "Beastmaster" gave the opportunity to an aspiring actress to play 7 episodes of the role of Kira.

The series was a great start for your acting career girl with exotic looks got her noticed and in 2001, she participated in the filming of the musical “Moulin Rouge”. Natalie had a small part of one of the dancers, but the fact that she starred in a single tape such celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, says that her acting career has leaped forward.


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Natalie Mendoza movies

Movies of 2000-ies and “Descent”

In 2001-2003 actress Natalie Jackson Mendoza played small roles in the films: ‘revenge of the blondes”, “horseplay” and “Code 46”. Then followed the horror movie “Descent”, where the girl got one of the biggest and undoubtedly the most memorable role in Juno.

The Plot starts off pretty standard: a few friends, fans of an active lifestyle come together to support Sarah who have recently lost a daughter. Girls dare to make the descent in one of the caves, not knowing that this will give them a true nightmare. Natalie Mendoza plays the role of matriarch of the group has changed voluntarily their route and led friends into the caves, which is not even on the map.

After a landslide blocked the passage back, the girls realize that they are cut off from the outside world, look for them here, no one will, all hope only on your strength and endurance. They decide to find an alternative path and soon realize that in the depths of the earth they are not alone.

Natalie Jackson Mendoza

The Way Juneau is quite contradictory:

  • Is a strong willed girl, the leader and mastermind; she has a desire to take the risk.
  • However, the character can be called negative: the girl was having an affair with the recently deceased spouse Sarah, she throws to die the wounded Beth, ready to do anything to survive.

Natalie Mendoza very well conveyed this duality: the power and the willingness to act and selfishness. Low budget, the picture earned a few awards and so impressed the audience that it was decided to remove continuation.

Future movies

Will Continue to consider the biography of Natalie Jackson Mendoza. After the role of Juno, she participated in the filming of several movies:

  • War drama "the Great RAID" (2005) where he played a small role in Mine.
  • “Hotel Babylon" (2006), in a few seasons which Mendoza played the role of chief maid of the hotel. The hotel team is doing everything possible to force customers to spend as much money as possible. Was filmed 4 seasons.
  • “Surviving evil" (2009). This horror movie has low ratings. The plot is simple: a film crew arrived on the exotic Philippine island to shoot a reality show. However, they were not lucky: they accidentally awakened an evil spirit, who began to kill their intruders one by one.

Of these movies the viewer Natalie Mendoza the most memorable role of Jackie in the “eat”.

biography of Natalie Jackson Mendoza

“the Descent 2”

The success of the first film was the reason that the creators decided to continue the development of the plot and removed a second ribbon. “the Descent 2” was released in 2009. In the film Natalie Mendoza plays Juno again, which, as it turned out, did not die in the bowels of the earth and quite successfully repel the attacks of bloodthirsty monsters. The image of the girl was a bit changed, now it's a strong and determined heroine, who sincerely repents for what caused Sarah pain.

Interestingly, in the film “role” of dead girls from the first part is played by the same actress. While the filmmakers could take advantage of previously captured material, but they decided for greater reliability to redo all the scenes.

actress Natalie Jackson Mendoza

The Latest work Natalie Mendoza is a pilot of the show “American realities”, which was to be devoted to the biography famous fashion designer. But the shooting of the series took place.

Personal life and interesting facts

About the personal life of an actress the information is rather scarce.

  • In 2002, she met on the set with actor Joseph Fiennes. He helped her to enroll in acting classes. However, a year later, the couple parted.
  • In 2006, Natalie Mendoza became the wife of composer and songwriter Eliot Kennedy, but the marriage did not last long, and in 2010 the couple divorced.

In conclusion, we offer you to get acquainted with some interesting facts:

  • In Addition to the activities in theater and film, Natalie is actively involved in music, is a successful producer.
  • Growth of the actress – 170 cm.
  • Natalie's Mother was a TV presenter and dancer, father – a jazz musician, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that she started her career with musicals: “Cats”, “Miss Saigon”.
  • In 1998, the girl, together with her sister organized a musical group that has released some quite popular in Australia singles and in 2000 he split.

Natalie is Now only 37 years, it is clearly not going to stop there. The actress tries his hand at different activities, so you can expect new pictures with her participation.


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