A man of medium height. How tall men are considered middle?


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"God, how crushed a man!" - are you familiar with that exclamation? Interestingly, really the male population is below or just growing up and climbed up on heels for the ladies it seems so? What man of medium height, and what exactly determines this rate in the world and in our country, we will discuss in the article.average height male

Growth – is an indicator of sexuality?

Men of average height, perhaps with some envy looking at high and, therefore, such notable pals. “Oh, if only I had his height! I would have gained all the beauties!” – about the way they argue. And wrong.

In Switzerland, the researchers drew attention to the fact that especially pronounced sexuality inherent in men of average height. Interestingly, the lower the representative of the stronger sex, the higher his libido.

More than 500 men aged 20 to 54 years participated in the experiment, which showed that all whose growth did not exceed 170 cm, proved to be a strong, passionate and tender partners. Incidentally, the ladies notice these qualities almost from the first minutes of the meeting.

The Scientists explained this by the fact that a man of average height and below, usually has complexes, associated with the indicator, so he's trying to prove themselves, to establish themselves in various fields, which, in particular, relates sex.

The growth of the men – guarantee of its success?

Our ancestors height of a man is directly associated with his health, strength, and ability to feed and protect the family, so there is nothing surprising in the desire of modern women to see a tall man. Responsible primarily basic instinct.the average height of men in the world


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But modern man is tall, by the way, have not only this advantage. As proven, they tend to have a higher average income and easier to move up the career ladder. Scientists attribute this to high self-esteem and leadership qualities these people.

It would Seem that and children at large in all respects representatives of the stronger sex should be a lot. But no! As found by Dutch researchers, the most prolific is a man of medium height. He, by the way, before getting married and before first child gets. So, despite the love of a beautiful tall ladies to partners, family, they somehow give birth to a man of average height. With statistics you will not argue!

So what is the height of a man is considered the middle?

The Growth of each of us depends on the combination of 180 genes and, of course, to the life of the mother, vinosense child. And then - and the lifestyle of the person. Once the average height of a male Caucasian was 160 cm, and our contemporaries are stretched to an average of 176 cm

Over time the notion of what is the average height of men in the world has changed a lot. In the knight's armor, which are kept in museums of Rome, now can get only a teenager. As the growth of these warriors did not exceed 167 seewhat is the average height of a man

Increase Europeans grew 11 cm

What affects the number of centimeters from top to toe each person? For anybody not a secret the data about the dependence of growth the race. Asians – low people. Their average height is 165 cm, and the Europeans rise to 178 cm

But not only a genetic inheritance predetermines these parameters. In wealthy countries people higher than where the economy Ekes out a miserable existence. Because the quality of food eaten, and their diversity, and no need to work hard, along with the development of health care, help people to become taller. Perhaps that is why until recently, the average height of a man from America was the largest in the world.

According to observations of researchers, the body length of the average male increased from the late 19th century, 11 cm – from 167 cm to 178 cm

War – is not a hindrance to growth.

But, by the way, despite proof of the dependence of growth on quality of life, it turned out that during the two world wars and the great depression, experienced by mankind, the average length of the body of the people continued to increase. It would seem that growing poverty, scarcity of food and hardships were to affect this indicator, but no, that did not happen. On the contrary, a man of medium height became higher and higher!

Scientists are trying to explain this phenomenon by the fact that people in these times tried to have fewer children in the family, and therefore, decreased the number of consumers and the quality of food came to relative normal, and the child grew up freely. Although, of course, such arguments do not look convincing. Since power during the war could hardly be normalize. So this fact still remains a mystery, by the way, as the increase of the number of births of boys before every war.the average height of men and women

The Perfect growth partners

But, anyway, the average height of Europeans in recent years has increased significantly. In this regard, obviously, has changed ideas about attractiveness.

Researchers from the Netherlands conducted a survey of 50,000 young men and women about what should be the ideal growth partner, and at the same time about how satisfied they are with their growth. It turned out that women seem to be especially attractive to men above their 20 cm, but the representatives of the stronger sex prefer a lady falls short of their growth is only 7.5 cm.

On average, according to the findings of scientists from the University of Groningen, the ideal (i.e. desired by most respondents) the average height of men and women in couples – 190 cm and 175 cm, a high preference in the growth!

The Difference in the growth of rich and poor decreased

Scrupulous scientists from the UK thirty years trying to define the relationship between material well-being and physical features of each person. Now they claim that in 300 years the average height of men in the world increased more than in the previous several thousand years. So, they point out, such a leap speaks about the direct relationship of this indicator with wealth.

So, 200 years ago, members of aristocratic families was taller than the commoners. In the beginning of the last century, for example, 14-year-old from the proletarians did not exceed 130 cm, and his age from a wealthy family was about 25 cm above. Among our contemporaries, the difference in the growth of rich and poor is 7 cm, which confirms the General welfare and medicine. a man of medium height

What they say the average growth rate

Conclusion about what the average population growth is the most accurate indicator of the health of the nation, of course, correct, but you cannot ignore genetics. Africa is difficult to economically prosperous, but the tribes of the Maasai, Tutsi and Dolotov men pulled up to 185 cm, and even up to 2 m, while the pygmies do not grow above 150 cm.

However, in the prosperous Netherlands the average height of men is 188 cm and women of this country it's hard to call “duymovochka” – they grow to 177 see In Sweden, Denmark and Norway, these showed less than just an inch.how tall men are considered middle

What is the growth of the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian men

Full confirmation of the idea of a direct connection between the parameters of the average growth of the nation and its economic prosperity significantly and the representatives of the Slavs, the fates living today in different countries.

Thus, the rise in the average man, citizen of the USSR in 70-ies was 168 cm And in the 80s, the male population has already grown 3 cm

At the beginning of market reforms the average Russian is up to about 176 see him not very different and the average height of men in Ukraine – it is 175,3 cm

In 1997, the Belarusians were slightly lower. They grew to 174 see But in 2008, the research of the Department of anthropology, 18-year-old boys had a height 177 cm studies show that since 1925 they have grown to 15 cm, which is very good. However, the process of rapid growth, once called the acceleration has already been stopped. This is especially noticeable in urban residents, while rural it is still ongoing.

The Average height of men in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, as in other States, of course, closely depends on many factors. By the way, it is seen that it can be linked with the mother's level of education. In fact, she organizes a diet and a daily routine of the child, which can not affect whether the boy later a fairly large man.the average height of men in Ukraine

Average height of a man – a sign of what?

So, as you have probably realized, the average height of people from different countries and Nations may vary. And to facilitate this may impact many factors:

  • Genetics (Asians are stunted Nations, and the Scandinavians always were of high growth);
  • The level of welfare in the state (successful in Japan and China – the countries that originally populated low population, growth in recent years of increased...

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