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The Name of bill gates is familiar to almost everyone, especially those who use Microsoft operating systems, because this man is their Creator. But, besides the fact that bill gates is an exceptional businessman, he still seems very reasonable man, who recently surprised the world in its approach to the education of their children.

Bill gates-the richest businessman in the world according to Forbes

In 2015, the Forbes magazine has again summed up the results of the year and made its annual ranking of the richest people in the world. This list already in the 16th time was headed by bill gates-Creator of Microsoft Corporation.

how many children do bill gatesBased On the life of bill gates can be removed no one touching film. In school, he studied any and all subjects, except mathematics, is considered unnecessary. For bad behavior the boy was even sent on consultation to the psychiatrist.

But the guy is well versed in computers and programming. At age 13, bill had already wrote simple computer programs, a couple of years together with my friends managed to crack the program in one major Corporation is Seattle's Computer Center Corporation.

At the age of 17, together with Paul Allen, gates founded his first company, which account for about two months, was 790 thousand dollars. And in 1975 created the first Microsoft BASIC.

Personal life of a billionaire

Gates met his future wife, already a very rich man. He arrived at a press briefing in new York where I met Melinda French, whom he married January 1, 1994

daughters of bill gatesMelinda was born in Texas in a large family of ordinary engineers. Bill gates in his interviews often surprised at how darling was able to get him to join with her in marriage, because before meeting this girl he had an ambiguous attitude towards family ties. However, there is nothing strange in the fact that Melinda found a computer genius with a common language, because she once received a bachelor's degree in computer science.


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In the 90s Melinda joined the team of Microsoft, and in 94-m to year became the wife of the richest man in the world. The wedding ceremony was held in Hawaii after their wedding, Melinda became a housewife. If we talk about how many kids bill gates was born married to this woman, and the heirs of multi-billion dollar state will be three: two girls and one boy.

Melinda gates is widely known for its activities in the field of philanthropy as a founder of the Foundation bill & Melinda gates Foundation.


“sophisticated” bill gates has very specific principles for the education of their children. To provide them to the end of his life and even after his death, is not the purpose of the owner of a multimillion-dollar state. On the contrary, he realizes that his main task-to teach the offspring to cope with all problems, including cash.

daughters of bill gates biographyThe Children of bill gates should have been learned in the period of its maturation the following truths. First, a person must be self-esteem. It's good to have dignity and self-respect, but you have to respect everyone else, you need to make in my life something worthwhile.

Second, nothing happens quickly, and after finishing school or University will have one year to work before you have your own limousine.

Third, the poor performance does not happen. Even working behind the counter “McDonalds”, you have a chance to make a career.

Daughter of bill gates: a biography. Jennifer

The children of gates in General, and General is little known, because they are quite young.

In 1996, was born the eldest daughter of bill gates. What is the name of the first child of a billionaire? Parents named their first child Jennifer. In the ancient Celtic language the name means something like "white witch” or “light of the spirit”.

children of bill gatesThe Eldest daughter of the gates in 2015, 19 years old. But to find about the girl mention in the press is almost impossible. However, a few years ago in the Network are actively discussing the fact that the way of life of gates and his children are hardly modest (as they like to highlight this issue to the media). For my daughter, which at that time was only 15 years old, gates easily rented posh house in Florida worth $ 600 thousand per month.

It Turned out that Jennifer is seriously involved in horse riding and she has wanted to participate in the festival, which was held in palm beach. Jen to feel comfortable during this time, father rented her a “Royal” the mansion. So the strictness of the gates in relation to the education of children, most likely, exaggerated.

Rachael Leigh cook - daughter of bill gates?

In recent years various social media spread the photo of a pretty girl, signed with a joke, saying that the daughter of the gates was the best “product”, which have ever released Microsoft. However, the actual appearance of the daughter of bill gates are far from the appearance of the comely person, the image of which is spread on the Internet.

Rachael Leigh cook daughter of bill gatesIn fact, the photo shows Rachael Leigh cook – movie star "Texas Rangers” and “Dawson's Creek". And it is unclear who thought to give the famous American actress for the daughter of bill gates. Most likely, it was a joke. But many regulars Network, still believe that the cute blonde girl – this is the real daughter of a billionaire.

Phoebe gates: the facts of life

Bill gates Daughter Phoebe – the youngest child in the family. The girl was born in 2002 and is currently still a teenager. As in the case with other children of a billionaire, biography girls covered with aura of mystery, and even get pictures of her – difficult: daughter of bill gates lead a quiet and “closed” for others a way of life.

If bill gates left his children without an inheritance?

Daughter of bill gates is not going to be able to enjoy a multimillion-dollar fortune of his father. In 2015 a conference bill stated that his children after his death practically nothing will receive.

Of Course, the media blew the news, releasing a lot of articles under the screaming headlines, they say, gates has left his children with nothing, having forgotten to specify one detail: the billionaire recently made a new will according to which daughter of bill gates, and his only son, still something to get, and it is for $ 10 million.bill gates daughter

Every person on Earth would've been so proud of such a heritage: $ 10 million – this is not a joke, and a very good start-up capital. Also, in addition to all, gates will provide his children the best education, which is also important for a successful life. All the other material possessions children should earn their own labor, said bill gates. He also noted that the fortunes bequeathed to the people that have not earned by their own labor, only become “lip service”. His children should know the value of money.

This approach to parenting gates learned from Warren Buffett. Anyway, to be “hard working” and “smart” now again fashionable. As can be seen, “time of fools” passed, since even the millionaires want their children to be smart, independent and functional.


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