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Wives of prominent politicians and businessmen, and also achieved the popularity and make a career in other areas people often remain in the shadows. Little is known about them, they rarely appear in public and try to remain in the shadows of their husbands. Often, however, the success of the second half are the achievement of women, and the biographies of these women deserve no less and sometimes even more attention.

Who is she, wife of one of the most famous people of the era?

Boris Berezovsky has lived an incredibly full life. It can be called one of the most prominent political figures and businessmen of our era. His name is known to all, but Berezovsky's wife Elena Gorbunova almost always remained in the shadow of his famous wife. Who is this woman? Why it attracted the attention of this sophisticated feminine beauty of a businessman and the role played in his life and is doing what today? You'll learn in our article.

Elena Gorbunova

Common Soviet family

Elena Gorbunova was born in 1967 in the suburbs, and in the early 70-ies of the family settled on the third floor of one of the new five-story building, which were built in the village of Voronovo on the site of the demolished old wooden huts. It was the most ordinary Soviet family-parents and two children. The father held the position of engineer at a local farm, my mother worked as a bookkeeper at a dairy. Also in the village graduated from high school Elena Gorbunova. Biography girls nothing special is no different. According to the teachers, she had a friendly, reserved and maybe even a bit secretive nature. Among classmates was not singled out, all supported by smooth and friendly relations. Closest friend girls always had a brother Alyosha. Despite the fact that the characters of the children were almost diametrically opposite, this did not prevent them to get along and understand each other.


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Incomprehensible cautious statements

Classmates speak out about Lena cautiously positive, but very carefully. She, apparently, preserved good memories about school years. Subsequently she willingly responded to the requests of the administration and has repeatedly assisted the home school.

 Elena Gorbunova biography

Natural beauty has yielded results

After graduation, the girl went to study in Moscow. Became a student of the Institute of management. She studied the medium, but always tried to look impressive, which is largely helped by the natural beauty. As a freshman, Lena was repeatedly seen in the relations with foreigners. It was a turning point in the fate of the provincial girl. To avoid publicity about his frivolous behaviour, she became a KGB agent. Attractiveness, sociability and natural intelligence gave the opportunity to easily make acquaintance with people of interest to authorities.

Elena Gorbunova photo

First marriage

So Lena got acquainted with her first husband, known by the time the playwright, Mikhail Marquee. In the house Shatrov often met cultural figures - writers, artists, Directors, actors. Playing the role of friendly hostess, Lena very carefully listened to the conversations and drew the necessary information immediately passed on to the KGB. In marriage, the spouses have lived a little more than ten days, therefore, to learn she managed a little.

After that, Lena wound up “necessary” Dating, she was often seen in the company of well-known journalists, writers - no wonder young people from the student environment, she simply did not notice. Elena Gorbunova, a photo of which still rivet the attention, seemed to know that created for more.

Meeting which changed a life

As Time went on, not far away was the pre-diploma practice. The circumstances were such that this practice Elena took place on "Cherokee". How I met Berezovsky and Elena Gorbunova, to this day it is not known, but the subject of the future diploma project was prompted by her Berezovsky. Then there was the trip to Italy…

Spectacular blonde and the oligarch

The Starting point was an unexpected meeting in the Bolshoi theater one of the Premier. Spectacular blonde won oligarch.

Considering the fact that Berezovsky has always acted aggressively and quickly, and Elena is too highly valued a comfortable life and expensive gifts, to say that the courtship was long, impractical.

The Perfect wife

The family of Lena was restrained, caring wife that liked to Boris Abramovich. After a year they had Arina and a year later – Gleb.

Berezovsky was generous with the relatives of his wife. Father-in-law and mother-in-law he built a three-story house in which they moved from their two-bedroom apartment. He received a degree in law at Leningrad University, and then returned to Moscow and settled in a luxury apartment on Frunze embankment.

Elena Gorbunova, Berezovsky's wife's date of birth

Leaving home

Later, family circumstances force Berezovsky to go to England and settle in the suburbs of London. Elena Gorbunova, a biography which is often regarded as the third and last wife of the deceased oligarch, is actually pretty self-sufficient woman, and in itself interesting to the public not only as the mother of two children, but as the acknowledged Grande Dame. She always attracts attention with its flawless appearance, ability to impress in society.

 Berezovsky's wife Elena Gorbunova

The protector

The Name and photograph of the third wife of the oligarch Boris Berezovsky appeared on the pages of Newspapers in connection with the outbreak in London scandal, which featured Russians Roman Abramovich and Boris Berezovsky. Elena Gorbunova appeared in public as a defender of its civil wife in case against Roman Abramovich charges. Her testimony largely played a crucial role in this difficult litigation billionaire Abramovich the oligarch Berezovsky.

Here and there was an unspoken confrontation between the companions of the defendants in the case. It should be noted that impeccable taste and ability to behave appropriately depending on situations and natural intelligence contributed to the fact that the ultimate victory was for Elena. That's so adorable, despite his age, looks, Elena Gorbunova. Berezovsky's wife, date of birth, which, unlike many other public lady, is not hidden, it often causes envious sighs over young women.

His testimony, she indirectly accused Abramovich of falsification of the documents, what was the occasion for a thorough investigation.

the wife of Boris Berezovsky Elena Gorbunova photo

The Infidelity of her husband was a blow

But thanks her husband was short, Elena found out about the infidelity of a spouse. Insulted the woman demanded for the children and five million pounds of the proceeds from the sale of their house in Surrey in the South-West of England. But money never received. Since all the proceeds went to pay off debt to Boris Abramovich Berezovsky. Afraid to be in a difficult financial position, Elena Gorbunova went to court, where at the suggestion of one of the judges of the High court, it was decided to freeze 200 million pounds of its assets to ensure a comfortable life Elena Gorbunova and her children. Thus was achieved another victory this woman.

In this article, you learned that the wife of Boris Berezovsky Elena Gorbunova deserves attention not only as the last wife of the oligarch and the mother of his two children, but as a woman with a difficult life story. Endured its share of trials only strengthened the power of the spirit and enabled to achieve great things.


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