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Baikal lake together with its surroundings is a very beautiful place, the amazing landscapes and wonders whom to tell can be very long. This is a land of great natural beauty: fabulous landscapes, quaint capes, magnificent cliffs and other beauties appearing at every step.Baikal fauna

The Fauna of lake Baikal is extremely diverse, because the nature is preserved almost intact, while the indigenous population lives in the traditional way. This place annually attracts ecotourists from across the planet.

Fauna of lake Baikal

Here there is a huge number of animals, some of which can be found only in this place. For example, seals – a cute animal, which became long ago a symbol of this lake. Or fish-golomyanka – absolutely transparent! In lake Baikal fauna is represented by a huge number of different fish, seals, etc. On the shore there are squirrels, Sables, deer, wild boars, foxes, tourists are very common. Wolves, bears and lynx are away from the trails of tourists. Day and night here the birds sing. And speaking of fish, sturgeon, grayling, whitefish and Cisco are typical inhabitants of the local waters.

Baikal seal

Here the only mammal – Baikal seal (or seal). And if we consider the problems of Baikal, you can see that this animal is on the verge of extinction.animal world of lake Baikal

There are several hypotheses about how the seal ended up here. There is a version that she got from the Arctic ocean during the ice age the rivers, odpruzeni ice.

This amazing beast like my whole life is in the water, every 20 minutes, surfacing for some fresh air. In the winter it breathes through special vents – a small produhi that creates, raking ice from the bottom claws of the front feet. Seal winters in dens, arranging them in the hummocky parts of the lake under the snow. Around the lair there are more than 10 different support produhi. They can defend from the basic tens of meters. It has been proven that the ability to do produhi is an innate instinct.


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The Main food of the seal is golomyanka-goby fishes. A day she eats 3-5 kg fresh fish. Adult seals for a year eats up a ton of fish.

About 4 years the female becomes sexually Mature. 1-2 years later, reach sexual maturity and males. The seal pregnancy lasts 11 months. Up to the age of forty, she is able to bear offspring.

In February-April puppies. They appear in a snow lair on the ice, fed with mother's milk. Basically Nerpa gives birth to the 1, sometimes two kids, weight up to 4 kg. The cubs have white fur that allows them to stay in the snow almost invisible.

The Average weight of the seal is 50 kg, max – 150 kg Speed floating animal – up to 20 kilometers per hour.

The Big golomyanka

In the lake lives a 2 types of fish-small and large. These 2 species occur at considerable depths. They hold a day to a depth of 500 m, rising at night to 50 m. Since the water of lake Baikal is very clean, you can see these beautiful fish pink, all shades of iridescent rainbow with a size of about 20 centimeters. The golomyanka's body is translucent because of the huge fat content (about 45%).lake Baikal

It is reportaway fish. While large individuals of the birth of the larvae occurs in autumn, while small in June. Big golomyanka the number of larvae around 4000, small - 2500.

Fish live up to 5 years. In the food consumed by juvenile fish and crustaceans.

Baikal omul

Cisco – the main commercial fish. Clear water of lake Baikal allows you to live in her four races of Baikal omul: Chivyrkuiskii, Selenge, Severobaikalsk, Embassy.the problems of Baikal

In the Autumn, during the spawning, all races go to their own river. The spawning run into the rivers begins when aligning the water temperature in August-September. In October, spawning occurs when the water temperature is not more than 5C. Egg development lasts 8 months, and SKAT young larvae is completed by the end of may. The young of Cisco, once on the estuarine sections in the lower reaches of rivers, in litters, bays linger here for 1.5 months, because in may-June these areas are characterized by the best progrevaemost water.

The Young in the warm shallow area intensively feeds on small chironomid larvae, plankton, etc. the Larvae become fry, and as soon as the water in the coastal areas of the lake will warm up to 11C or more, Omolewa juveniles is dissipated gradually along the lake Baikal animal world which is so rich and diverse.

For Adults, Cisco becomes the 5th year of his life.

The Size of the fish different races are different. The largest is the Selenga race. In summer the catches average weight of body up to 404 grams with a body length of 35 centimeters. The smallest sizes you'll be studying race, whose average weight is in the summer catches of 255 grams.

The Maximum fish weight-5 kg.

Baikal sturgeon

A Very rich fauna of the area. Briefly speaking about it, we should talk about Baikal sturgeon. He permanently lives here and is associated with rivers, primarily during the breeding season, which occurs in V. Angara, Barguzin and Selenga. Although the rivers he can live constantly, especially in the first 3 years. Juveniles in further sinking into the lake. Within sturgeon is spread on a huge area. Shallow area he has mastered up to 200 m. during spawning fish migrate to rivers for almost 100 km from the mouth.fauna of lake Baikal

Baikal sturgeon grow relatively long. Males reach sexual maturity at the age of 15, while females only 20 years old.

Once upon a time caught fish body weight reached 200 pounds; at the moment rare representative weighing up to 90 kg, females average body weight is 22.5 pounds with a length of 160 cm, males at around 13.5 pounds with a length of about 130 cm. The average fecundity of fish – 420000 eggs.

The food composition of the fish varied due to the wealth of lake Baikal. The fauna, which attracts the sturgeon, is worms, mollusks, larvae of stoneflies, chironomids, amphipods, shirokolashki, occasionally juvenile carp and perch.

Black Baikal grayling

The Endemic variety of the Siberian grayling. The fish spread around the lake Baikal (Russia), especially near the mouth of rivers, where it breeds. Lives in shallow water (to 15 m) around the coast where there are rocky soils.researchers

During the warmer periods of the species will migrate into major tributaries of lake Baikal. At this time males gain colorful, bright outfit. The black grayling spawning occurs in may. After that the fish rolled into the lake, as fry and larvae of the grayling stay there for a long time. By the fall they slide down into the lake and riverbeds of large rivers.

The black grayling the sexual maturity comes to four years.

Food: the larvae of caddisflies, chironomids, gammarids, mayflies and insects.

Medium size-250 mm with a body weight of 300 grams. The maximum length of the black grayling 530 mm and weighs 1.2 kg.

White Baikal grayling

Endemichnye view of Siberian grayling from the black differs in lighter colouring and some biological features.Baikal Russian

He lives across the lake, while drawn to the spaces at the mouths of major tributaries, mainly North-Eastern and Eastern part of the lake.

White look more black. Its maximum weight is about 2 kg or more with a body length of about 600 mm. Average size of fish is 300 mm and weighs 500 g.

The fish they reach the sexual maturity to seven years. The average fecundity of the white species 5 times more black.

The Spawning happens in may when the water temperature is 14C. At this time the eggs are laid on sandy coastal shallows at a depth of about 50 cm Rolling in and fry fish is the same as that of the black grayling.

Food is a rich fauna of lake Baikal: the larvae of stoneflies, caddis flies, chironomids, mayflies, and dragonflies.

Elk moose

Moose – it is the largest beast of the Baikal region. Its average weight is 400 pounds, males weigh and 0.5 T. the body Length reaches 3 meters in height at the withers of about 2.3 m. the males and females are large in size, as well as those that have a shovel, annually changing horns. The most powerful horns appear in males 15 years of age. In January, the antlers fall off, the new growth begins in March.Baikal fauna

The rut happens in late September. In may, the fauna of lake Baikal is enriched – the females born calves.

Elk are kept in groups of 4-6 individuals or alone.

In the Winter they eat the bark and shoots of trees in the summer – a variety of herbs.

Musk deer

Musk deer-the smallest deer, who...

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