Youth center in Elektrostal: services, directions, address and opening hours


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The Younger generation – the future of our country. And from what it will be depends on many factors. Today a lot of time has been given to the younger generation. The guys offer part in various Patriotic events, creative contests and promotions aimed at spiritual development and social formation of personality.

Youth center in Elektrostal

youth centre ElectrostalYouth center in Elektrostal – is the organization focused on the organization of leisure and activities for young people. Here you can socialize with peers, meet people with similar interests, to participate in various competitions, courses and workshops.

The Institution operates since 2005 and is increasingly gaining popularity among the citizens of Elektrostal. Youth centre's newly renovated and now the building acquired a modern look and is more comfortable.

However, the lack of an Elevator and ramp in make inaccessible second floor for people with disabilities. According to the manual, the installation of the ramp was not possible due to the large angle of the stairs. Therefore, people with disabilities will need to enlist the help of others in order to get to the second floor of the building.

At the entrance to the center ramps installed.

Creative people

Youth center in Elektrostal, offers a range of services for its visitors.

Visitors Wait for the dance Studio.

Teachers “Parus” will teach everyone to various destinations in Oriental dance: Egyptian and Lebanese styles, classical and folk Arabic dance directions.youth centre for the city of Electrostal

Studio “Nupur” waiting for the lovers of Indian dance.

Well, for fans of pair dancing open door "Social dance school Yulia Lebedeva”. Here, learn how to dance in European and Latin dancing for people of all ages.youth centre services Elektrostal

The Pride of the youth center of Elektrostal is a recording Studio ROBOT ROCK on which you can implement any creative ideas at a high technical level.

Club associations

The club Association will help you to find friends with the same interests: volunteering, Patriotic activities, games, and more.

The Youth movement "Young guard" brings together people who care about the future of their homeland. Representatives of the Association participate in Patriotic events in the city, actively working in the political sphere.youth center city district Electrostal


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There are the Youth in the city of Elektrostal and the movement of ecologists “Local”. The mission of the movement is the creation and realization of ecological ideas. The guys share a love for nature, for his country, the memory of the past and commitment to the future.

Caring young people entering the ranks of the volunteer movement “People of good will”. Activists help to orphanages, homes for the elderly, concerts and festive events.youth centre Electrostal

Offering its services, the Youth center of Elektrostal and for fans of Board games. Club "Enclave" changed the idea of traditional games. Strategy, managing a whole army of toy soldiers and the development of logical thinking - all this awaits visitors to the club.

But young families will find like-minded friends in the club “the sun”. It regularly hosts family workshops, competitions and contests, aimed at strengthening and developing family relations.youth centre for the city of Electrostal

Leisure and activities

At the Youth centre has an auditorium that can accommodate 130 people. The room is equipped with modern audio and video equipment that is capable of hosting any event from concerts to seminars and contests.

On the first floor is a café “Giggle” where you can relax after visiting studios, clubs and just relax after work and school day.youth centre services Elektrostal

All events held in the city, can be found on the website of the Youth centre. There are announcements about upcoming events and reports that have already been completed.

For the kids

While the parents are learning to dance or learn new skills at the workshops, their children will be entertained by staff in the playroom. The room consists of soft materials, making it completely safe for the baby, and the presence of toys and children's complexes will not allow the child to get bored waiting for parents. The game room can benefit not only the visitors of the Youth center, but any resident of the city.youth center city district Electrostal

Also for little citizens of Elektrostal works creative workshop “Brush”. Work in the Studio paid, their cost must be clarified in advance before recording the child in a circle.

Location and hours

Located Youth center city district Electrostal, address: Karl Marx street, the house 23. To visit the centre can be anyone on weekdays from 9:00 to 21:00.

In conclusion

It is Impossible to enumerate all the services of the Youth center in the town of Elektrostal. In addition to the free areas, there are also paid classes and courses, among which everyone can find something to their liking. To visit or no classes in the Youth center to the residents of Elektrostal. However, the variety of different sections for all ages will not leave anyone indifferent.


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