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Yulia Lemigova was one of those girls whose fate was initially jealous of almost all the women of the Soviet Union. Worldwide fame it acquired thanks to his scandalous personal life and novels, which sometimes ended with the strange deaths of Yulin men. In France this woman even called “Black widow”.miss of the USSR

But few know that her life was not so merry as it might seem at first glance. Despite a successful career, lovers, millionaires and seemingly carefree life in Paris, Julia Lemigova has faced many challenges and sorrows.

Family and youth Lemigova

The Future of the last miss USSR born 1972 in a military family. Her father was an engineer and attained the rank of Colonel in the Soviet army. In the veins of this woman flows the blood of aristocracy, very proud of her family. Julia Lemigova is the Marquise de La Turner in the 14th generation. Her grandfather was a hereditary French nobleman, who happened to be in Russia and refused to return home.

Fatal acquaintance with Alexander Stefanovich

The girl from his youth did not suffer undue modesty, and in addition to the undeniable physical beauty, had a certain resourcefulness. Friends tell Julia that, as a student of the school, she always added a few years of age. She did it in order not to scare myself by older fans who have always paid attention to it.

This habit of impersonating an older lady and helped her to meet the notorious at the time, Alexander Stefanovich. This person in the Soviet Moscow had considerable ties to show business. That's when the assistance of Yulia Lemigova was adopted in one of the first Moscow model Agency under the name “Idols”.


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As Stefanovich was a young model in a very warm and close relationship, he was official favors her participation in various beauty pageants. In 1989, with the assistance of Julia becomes a finalist in a contest «Moscow beauty”. A year later, she receives the title of Vice-miss USSR. Since the main winner of this contest violated the terms of the contract, the title was transferred to Lemigova. She went down in history as the last «Miss USSR».

lemigova Yulia Andreevna

A year later, she went to America. In Las Vegas taking part in the competition «Miss universe», and suddenly among the top three beauties. Lemigova Yulia Andreevna gets the status of the second Vice-miss. After the recognition in the beauty contest world scale she moved to live in Paris. Aided her all this time Stefanovic was forced to return to Russia, after which their close relationship is terminated. Have Lemigova begins a series of scandalous novels.

The First death of the man she loved

Under President Boris Yeltsin some time, the national Fund of sports led by Boris Fedorov, who was after Stefanovich next lover Julia. One couple flew in from Paris to Moscow, and one of the evenings they spent separately, each with their own campaign. It was then that tragedy struck − Fedorov shot. The bullets came outside and the girl just happened to be in the moment with him. By chance, Julia was still alive.

Another novel by the Russian model over the high-profile murder which has attracted the attention Lemigova not only France but all of Europe.

History links with French millionaire

Julia lemigova

In 1997, she started a love relationship with the heir to the most famous in France banking family− Edouard stern. He was a very successful financier, was the best friend of Nicolas Sarkozy, and was in the TOP 50 richest people in France.

On the stern Lemigova were married. After Julia told him about her pregnancy, he left wife and went to his mistress.

The Tragic death of his son

The couple had a son, who died under mysterious to the present day circumstances. Maximilian was only 5 months old when he was found dead. The investigation found that the cause of death of the baby became internal injuries as a result of prolonged shaking. Allowed version of what the child on the head put a towel, and then dealt a severe blow that caused the bleeding in the baby's brain.

Julia was under suspicion of killing his own son and 89 days held in a Paris jail. Because at the time of the tragedy Yulia Lemigova was absent from the house, and substantial evidence of her guilt was not on the 90 th day of her detention she had to let go. This terrible story has not received any solutions. In 2002, due to the lack of any evidence that sheds light on this cold-blooded murder of a child, the case was closed.

After the tragedy, Lemigova and stern stopped seeing each other, and their fates diverged. In 2005, Edouard stern was shot and killed during a sexual Orgy, and Lemigova again came under suspicion. All charges against her were dropped only after it was delayed another mistress stern, who confessed to the crime.

Martina Navratilova — a new love Yulia

For some time about Lemigova forgotten. But since 2000, her name again is often found in the world's gossip columns. The reason for this was a loud affair last miss USSR with a famous athlete, which also can boast of the ideal reputation. Julia's new lover was Martina Navratilova (born in 1956) − Czechoslovak tennis player with a world name, the owner of a multimillion-dollar capital.Martina Navratilova

She never denied his homosexual and was known long lesbian novels and their subsequent loud explosions. Martin is older than Julia for 16 years and openly shows his affection for a new lover. This strange at first glance, the couple began to appear together at public events. In the press periodically there were notes on what Martina Navratilova and Julia Lemigova broke up. No one predicted this relationship a happy ending, because from Yulia saw everything only selfish motives.Martina Navratilova and Julia lemigova parted

Evil tongues say that Lemigova became too old for the Russian millionaires, and French men are afraid of its reputation as a “black widow”. Since the beginning of 2000, despite a chain of Spa salons and even their own production line of cosmetic products, the financial situation of women was not very stable, she decided to use the shown to it interest of the tennis players are lesbians, who for his long and successful career amassed a few million.

Proposal of marriage

Despite numerous conversations and snide allusions, after one of the tennis matches of the U.S. open, which was broadcast by many TV channels, the player made a formal proposal to his Russian beauty. Martina Navratilova and Julia Lemigova, the wedding which took place in 2014, living together in Florida.Martina Navratilova and Julia lemigova weddingJulia periodically fly to Paris when there is a need to resolve business issues. This pair brings Yulin daughters Emma and Victoria. Information about fathers girls because Lemigova makes no comment. It is only known that daughters were born from different men.

From the latest news it is known that Yulia Lemigova intends to write a novel about his dissolute life.


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