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Milk snake – this reptile, which is very easy to keep in captivity, so it is often used in terrariums - both at home and in zoos. At the bottom of the terrarium for this it is best to put a moss, sawdust, coconut. As these snakes love the water and prefer moist places, the presence of the pool is  required. This snake is not poisonous, not aggressive, very bright and beautiful,  a memorable color. In length it reaches almost half a meter. In nature, common in the Eastern coast of North America.

milk snakeAwesome title

When you see this bright representative of the family of Colubrid snakes, the question arises: “Why "milk" a snake?” the Name of this it has received according to the legend, which relates that when the cattle were lost in the milk, farmers are often blamed for these beautiful creatures. It was believed that they supposedly sucked from cows milk. But it is notable that snakes have no upper sky, and they do not know how to suck. In addition, they completely lack the enzyme, processing milk. So this myth of scientific facts is absolutely not backed up. In nature, milk snakes feed mostly on lizards, small animals, birds. In conditions of captivity they did not abandon the mice, lizards, and particularly large specimens even eat chicken. However, in the food they are mild, and for a week they usually only two or three of these feedings.

The Most common type, who live in the homes of fans terraria is a milk snake Campbell. Its length is equal to approximately 90 centimeters. In nature it lives in Mexico. She spends a lot of time in the water and prefers the nocturnal life. The appearance of the snake is very remarkable and vivid. It has a bright orange color with black, white, yellow, red. Lives about ten years. Females of these snakes Mature later than males, by approximately the third year of life. The species is oviparous. In one clutch, which in nature occurs once a year, sometimes up to 12 eggs.


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Royal milk snakeThis milk snake on the market today is in the range from 3 to 6 thousand rubles. Hands on usually gets used well. You can keep it in a terrarium with a size of about half a cubic on one individual. Temperature maintain day should be about 32 degrees, at night +24 degrees, humidity 75%. If you have several of these snakes, it is recommended to keep them singly. In captivity they breed, so females and males can unseat the spring. In preparing snakes for breeding should pay attention to their diet and diversify. 

milk snake Campbell

Royal dairy snake, as well as dairy, is a representative of the genus Lampropeltis. There have been cases when she had eaten rattlesnake. Common king snake is small and quiet. Often she was kept on a sandy substrate.

Milk snake Honduran

It is in length can reach almost one meter. Contain it should be in the cage, which is shaded and half open space. This species belongs to the forest.

These snakes are so beautiful and attractive that will decorate and enliven your terrarium.

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