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In the twenty-first century, the issue of the relationship of man with nature has been particularly acute. Striking too were so vital to the continued existence of the planet indicators as the state of the ozone layer, temperature of the ocean water, the rate of melting of ice, the mass extinction of animals, birds, fish and insects.

In the minds of humane and civilized people began to appear the idea about the necessity of such concepts as environmental justice, and introducing it to the masses. If this mission is to carry out on the planet, it could forever change the consumer attitude of people to nature on the partnership.

Environmental ethics

When in the 70-ies of the last century the ecological crisis was just brewing, the scientists in the West have responded to the creation of such scientific disciplines as environmental ethics. The main cause of problems in ecology, in the opinion of specialists such as D. Pearce, D. Kozlowski, J. Tinbergen and others is care at some stage in the development of life on the planet in a complete lack of connection with nature.

environmental ethics

If in the beginning of the way mankind has perceived nature as a manifestation of divine power, on which depends the life of civilization, with the development of science and industry admiration for the wisdom and harmony of this world gave way to greed.

That is why the organizers came to the conclusion that it is impossible to consider existing problems in isolation from the study of moral and ethical standards of a person. Only will plant in people the realization that they are not the crown of nature, and its low biological and energy part, you can configure between them a harmonious relationship.


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This is such a scientific discipline as environmental ethics. Promoting its values in the minds of most people, can fundamentally change life on the planet.

The foundations of environmental ethics

Maybe it's another confirmation that everything in Earth's history is cyclical, and the knowledge possessed by modern man, was already known extinct civilizations, but scientists again returned to the roots of ancient wisdom.

Philosophers, who lived a few thousand years ago, knew that the Cosmos, everything animate and inanimate on the planet, the visible and the invisible is of the unified energy system. For example, this wisdom was characteristic of the ancient Indian teachings.


In those days the world was not dual, that is, divided into nature and man, and were integrated. People worked with him, studied and was well versed in various natural phenomena. Developed Vernadsky's theory of biosphere and noosphere is based on the fact that the Cosmos, nature and animals are in harmony with the person in full respect of each other's lives. These principles formed the basis of the new ethics.

It Also takes into account the teachings of Schweitzer on the inclination of man to all living and its responsibility for maintaining balance and harmony in the Universe. Ecological ethics and morals of the people must be United and focused on the desire to be, and not to have. Make this happen, humanity should abandon the ideology of consumption.

Environmental ethics

A Big role in changing attitudes on contemporary problems of ecology played an activity of the club of Rome. In the last quarter of the twentieth century on the progress report of the Rome club to its President A. Peccei had first voiced the concept of ecological culture. The program was linked with the development of a New Humanism, which included the task of complete transformation of human consciousness.

The Basic principles of the new concept was formulated at the international Seoul conference in 1997. The main topic of discussion was the fact that it is impossible to further the recovery of an ecosystem with such rapid population growth and consumption of natural resources.

Adopted the conference Declaration specifies the relationship between environmental crisis and social uncomfortable people in most countries. Where for a full life of citizens created all the social, material and spiritual conditions, threats to the ecosystems observed.

The Output of this conference was the call for humanity about the harmonious development of all countries, in which all laws are aimed at the preservation of nature and respect for her and to life in General. Over the years, and was not powered the formation of ecological culture, as this concept is not brought to the attention of all mankind.

The Law of nature and society

This law States that there can be no harmonious coexistence of rapidly developing human civilization based on consumption, and the preservation of natural balance. The increasing needs of humanity are met through the resources of the planet. Plant life and fauna are under threat of extinction.

 nature and animals

Changing this situation is only possible by reducing the technical exploitation of natural resources and change in human consciousness of material values to the spiritual, in which priority is caring about the world.

Many scientists believe that the problems of environmental ethics can be solved by reducing the birth rate especially in densely populated regions of the planet. The first principle of the science – attitude towards nature as a living subject in need of love and care.

The Condition for the existence of the biosphere

The Main condition for the existence of the biosphere is its constant variety, which is impossible with the regular exploitation of resources, as they either do not regenerate at all or it takes a lot of time.

Since the development on the Ground of any culture, and its diversity and richness was supported by the natural diversity, the decline of civilization is inevitable without maintaining this balance. The situation can change only a reduction of human activities in terms of consumption of natural resources.

The Second principle requires overall limiting human activities and development features of nature to heal itself. In all countries of the world should be the promotion of solidarity for the preservation of natural resources and the creation of additional artificial natural ecosystems.

The Law of Commoner

This law supports the theory that nature rejects what is alien to her. Although it might be chaos with the destruction of the cultural environment. It cannot develop spontaneously, as everything animate and inanimate in it is interconnected. The disappearance of one species leads to the destruction of other related systems.

plant life

Preserving order, as well as the elimination of entropy, possible only with a reasonable consumption of the planet's resources in the framework of the energy needs of humanity and the possibilities of nature. If people are taking more than earth can give, a crisis is imminent.

The Third principle, which reveals modern environmental ethics – humanity must abandon the consumption of resources more than necessary for survival. For this science must be developed mechanisms to regulate the relationship of people with nature.

The Law of Reimers

An Important need for all living on the planet people is the opposition to the pollution of the external environment. The best option to implement all this in practice is the creation of non-waste production in any industry, but as the law of Reimers, there is always a side effect of industrial impact on nature.

Since the creation of completely waste-free production is impossible, the only solution would be the widespread maintenance of greening the economy. For this to be a socio-economic bodies of expertise in the construction of production facilities or their conversion.

The Beauty of nature can only be saved in a joint observance by all countries of environmental norms in the operation and management of technology.

The Fourth principle involves the influence of eco-organizations to heads of governments, political and power structures of society that make decisions on exploitation of natural resources.

Human Use of natural resources

Throughout the history of mankind can be traced to the close relationship between the consumption of natural resources and improvement of their quality of life.

If the primitive people were satisfied with caves, hearth, caught and killed dinner, when you run a settled life, their needs have increased. There is a need for deforestation for the construction of houses or expansion of arable land. On – more.

living and nonliving

The Current situation is called an overrun the capabilities of the resources of the planet, and the brink of no return to the previous level has already been passed. The only problem could be the limitation of human needs for the economical use of natural resources and the turning of human consciousness towards spiritual unity with the surrounding world.

The Fifth principle States that nature and animals will be safe when humanity will impose austerity as a fact of life.

Ethical and philosophical problem

The Basic principle of human existence is to identify its future path on this planet.

As an ecosystem with strong time...

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