The judge Giovanni Falcone: the story of the wrestler "Cosa Nostra"


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This man was a vivid prototype of the hero of Corrado Cattani in the famous crime series of 80 years (“squid”). First of all, Giovanni Falcone and police Commissioner, who is impeccably played by a famous actor Mekele Placido, in common dislike and even hatred of the mafia. Both engage in an unequal struggle for many years, both killed by criminals. Today, the judge Giovanni Falcone, a national hero of Italy, who put their own lives and the lives of their loved ones on the altar of the liberation of the country from powerful criminal structures "Cosa Nostra". How did the man who in his youth wanted to become a soldier, a sailor, was able to confront the criminal groups, the head of which stood powerful bosses? Consider this question in more detail.

Italy under the rule of the mafia

For a Long time "Cosa Nostra" held on the Apennine Peninsula a dominant position in the hierarchy of the criminal world.

Giovanni Falcone

In the mid-80s, the leaders of the mafias tried to interfere in the politics of the country, and the murder of judges, deputotov and high-ranking officials then it was almost commonplace. Many remember the photo that adorned the printed publication "der Spiegel" (Germany) - it depicts a plate of spaghetti, dominated by the black revolver. It became clear that the mentality of "Cosa Nostra" much transformed, but there were heroes who were able to decide on an unequal fight against criminal clans.


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The Storm of the Italian mafia

Giovanni Falcone – a native of the Sicilian city of Palermo (Italy). He was born may 18, 1939. His father headed one of the chemical laboratories, and the family experienced financial difficulties. Having matriculation, the young man decided to go to the naval Academy in Livorno, and he succeeded. Soon, however, he woke up the interest in the study of law. In 1964, he got a job in the judiciary. The young man was presented to the magistrate in General, a number of Italian cities. Then the young Giovanni began to study criminology textbook and hard to study articles of the Criminal code.

Giovanni Falcone death

His job profile has gradually shifted from civil rights to the criminal.


The 27-year-old Giovanni Falcone was a judge in the provincial town of Trapani. Here in the West of Sicily, was nowhere as strong communication and authority "Cosa Nostra". However, newly minted representative of Themis was not going to tremble before the mafia clans, most of all he was outraged that the criminal community create excesses and lawlessness, and the common people feel in danger, absolutely not believing that law enforcement agencies will be able to protect them. Giovanni Falcone, whose biography is today familiar to many Italian detectives, believed that to win the fight against "Cosa Nostra" is possible and what is the main weapon against the mafia – coordinated work of law enforcement. And of course, criminal organizations quickly began to see the enemy in the young judges, especially strongly they resented after a trial was held in Palermo: Falcone issued harsh sentences to the 400 members of the mafia.

Giovanni Falcone biography

Of Course, Giovanni was aware of the vulnerability of his position that was unenviable, according to many experts. Therefore have been taken serious security measures: the house where the judge lived, protected from all sides, he himself worked in the bunker, the city moved only with security.

“Panther with the elephant's memory”

Soon he became a legend of Sicily. However, the judge himself repeatedly stated that we should not exaggerate his merits, because he is an ordinary man, who is the guardian of the public interest. The leaders of the underworld called him a Panther with the memory of an elephant, no doubt, that Giovanni Falcone against the mafia is powerless.

The Confrontation intensifies

Soon the judge, who began his career in Trapani, begin to investigate bankruptcy cases. His colleague, Rocco Chinnici have noticed with some perseverance and zeal, Giovanni tries to get to the truth.

In the hands of Falcone enters the bankruptcy case of the company, which the banker Michele sindona was sold to one of the former members of the Christian democratic party. It was only the tip of the iceberg.

Giovanni started inspecting the construction firms and the activities of officials who are suspected of bribery for the issuance of licenses. Of course, after that, once again showered with threats, and he tried to pull on the negotiations. But the judge was adamant in his intentions, and continued his work.

Giovanni Falcone anti-mafia

As a result he managed to find the thread that led to the influential leaders of the mafia. All of them, 80 people were arrested, and a warrant for such a measure was signed by the judge Gaetano Costa. Of course, such attacks are "Cosa Nostra" does not forgive, and soon Costa found murdered.

The Climax of the struggle

However, the massacre of judge Giovanni scared. In the early 80s, he joined the Association of public prosecutors and judges involved in unwinding of the cases involving the mafia structures. On this measure, Falcone went after was deprived of his life, the head of the Palermo police chief Boris Giuliano, who collected a large dirt on the bosses of the criminal world of Italy.

In 1982 the prefect of Palermo, was appointed as Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa, who famously exposed the activities of “Red brigades". However, after three months he is killed on a busy street, shooting from a machine gun.

After some time the criminals severely dealt with by judge Rocco Chinnici, tucked in his car explosive device, and Falcone is the head of unit to combat "Cosa Nostra". The Federal center already rather tired of the crimes of criminal conspiracy and instructed Giovanni to uncover high-profile cases in which he traced the hand of the mafia. Special attention of the officials of Rome was riveted by the murder of dalla Chiesa. And Falcone have coped with this task. Behind bars once again landed representatives of the top mafias. Giovanni Falcone 1993

Detractors among colleagues

Noteworthy is the fact that the enemies of the Giovanni Falcone was not only the leaders of the criminal world of Italy. His work for the capture and conviction of the leaders of the mob tried to stop his colleagues. In the late 80s, several judges wrote their resignations in protest against the fighter mafia. But Falcone knew how easy it is sometimes to bribe the judge, therefore, amused themselves in vain illusions.


But, in the end, the hands of the mafia still get to its main enemy. In may 1992, was killed Giovanni Falcone. The death of the judge has caused a wide public resonance. Who is the performer of murder, and under what circumstances did it happen? The crime was committed by a certain Giovanni Bruska, who was one of the criminal gangs of Italy. He pressed the remote control button. On account of his more than one hundred murders, so experience in criminal cases he had more than enough.

At six In the evening on may 23, 1992, the three cars drove from the airport towards Palermo. The second armored car cortege was driven by ex-judge Falcone with his wife. The explosion occurred suddenly, shortly before the car was to turn to the town of Capaci. As it turned out, the car was laid a 600-kilogram explosives. The first car in which there were bodyguards, after the explosion threw up, and she landed a few dozen meters from the road. From the second car after the explosion tore the motor. Survivors in the two cars was not. The third car was injured, but not critical.Giovanni Falcone awards and recognition

The Guilty are punished

The Investigation is thoroughly investigated this high-profile case. Criminal proceedings were brought a huge number of members "Cosa Nostra", who subsequently actively collaborated with law enforcement, many of them had already served the required time. Only the perpetrator of the crime - Giovanni Bruska - is in prison for committing blatant murder.

Falcone remembers all of Italy. It is called the main fighter against the mafia, it is a symbol of saving the country from the monstrous Hydra called "Cosa Nostra". Traditionally in Italy, held a commemorative ceremony in honor of the man who at times stood alone against the powerful criminal organization.


Today, the Italians can't underestimate the feat Giovanni Falcone. Awards and recognition, which were awarded to this man, - another proof. After the death of the judge celebrated a gold medal "civic virtue".

In the Fall 2006 print edition of Time acknowledged Falcone real hero. In honor of the judges in Italy named streets, schools, squares and even one of the administrative districts of the capital. In Palermo there is an airport that is named after a fighter against the mafia.

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