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The beautiful ancient city of Kiev conquers culture, art and identity. You can live all your life in this city and every day to discover something new, unknown. Many adults, especially visitors to the city, wonder where to go with a child in Kiev. We will tell not only about the attractions for kids. And also mark interesting places in Kiev, which must be shown to the child while in the historic city. We hope this information will be useful.

Куда с ребенком пойти в Киеве

Tours of Kiev for children

Where do you start? Interesting for kids leisure will be thematic tours of Kiev. Most travel agencies offer children's walking and bus tours. Toddlers will be escorted through the courtyards of Kreshchatik and will tell about the house with chimeras, a playground with a toad, a bear yard. Children will get acquainted with the dac of Fan-fan and Crocodile at the house of Gorodetsky, many other inhabitants of Kiev. In the central areas of the city you can easily find "tourist stalls" where it is easy to sign up for one of the proposed excursions.

Kiev Academic Puppet Theatre

In the heart of the capital of Ukraine is an extraordinary beauty castle, where live fairy-tale heroes - it's a puppet theater for children. Kiev became proud of it in the last century. It is one of the first puppet theatres in Ukraine. At the moment it is a member of the international organization of puppet theaters UNIMMA, which has a long list of awards (one of them is the international award "Friendship").

The room consists of a small room, capacity of up to 30 people, and a large hall - up to 110 people. Performances are designed for children from 3 years, the average duration is 40 minutes. Popular productions of the theater are: "The Wolf and the Seven Goats," "The Frog King," "Peter Pan," "The Cat in Boots." It's not just shows for kids. Kiev - a city of large and small theaters of different genres, offers evening sessions for adults in the walls of this institution. Performances are held in Ukrainian and Russian languages.




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In the foyer of the theater there is a children's cafe, where you can eat a small visitor tasty and useful. As well as the building is a museum of dolls, which presents rare exhibits from around the world.

The cost of a children's ticket is 40 UAH, an adult - 50 UAH. Tickets can be purchased directly at the box office of the theater and points of sale. You can book places by phone or online. The booking fee is 10%. In addition, you can buy an electronic ticket on the theater's website or order its delivery.

Театр для детей Киев

Kiev National Circus

It will not leave indifferent neither children nor adults. With a century of history, the circus settled in the largest domed building of the city, designed for 2100 visitors. And it has acquired the status of national relatively recently - in 1998, today it performs as a national troupe, and world circus groups. Tickets can be purchased at ticket offices throughout the city or in the circus building itself, ordered with online delivery. The cost is from 60 to 180 UAH. Admission is free for children under 4.

Выходные с детьми в Киеве


Visiting this place will give not only a lot of unforgettable impressions to the child, but also will be useful for educational and educational purposes. The zoo covers an area of 40 hectares, so we recommend to take care of the presence of a pram or bicycle, so that the walk is not tiring. About 500 species of animals live in the Kiev zoo. There is a children's play area and a "village yard" where kids can feed goats, sheep, donkeys and llamas on their own. Ticket price: 40 to 100 UAH. Admission is free for children under 5.куда повести ребенка в киеве

Children's Entertainment Centre (Kiev)

Residents of the big city will not be surprised by the huge shopping complexes, which necessarily have a place for children's leisure or a full-fledged entertainment center. Kiev is no exception - literally in every large market there are paid or free children's labyrinths, slides, trampolines, racetracks and many other entertainment. Let's talk about the most unusual and interesting children's centers, where with a child to go in Kiev will be nice.

The most popular locals consider Happylon, which is located on the 2nd floor of the Ocean Plaza shopping mall. The interior is made in the sea style: there is a whole underwater kingdom and even a pirate ship.

In this place, everyone will find entertainment for your liking and age. For crumbs from a year to three in "Happy" came up with the developing island "Ocminnochek." It is absolutely safe - all rides are made of soft materials. Children under the age of two here have fun with their mothers. The children from 5 years will love the maze "Sea World." Senior visitors are offered a wide range of modern active and even extreme rides. Entertainment will cost from 7 to 50 UAH.

In addition, the center regularly hosts various children's animation performances with contests and gifts. It is impossible to pass by the children's restaurant "Ikinka" which continues the sea idea in the style of design and offersMenu. Completing the sea journey with your child in the Ocean Plaza shopping mall, be sure to look at the 1st floor - there is a large aquarium with presented rare species of fish.

Kibalchish Children's Entertainment Centre

The Bolshevik shopping mall, located on 6 Getman Avenue, is home to the Kibalchish Kinderplatz children's entertainment complex. There are as many as 3 playgrounds with labyrinths, slides designed for different age groups. There are also educational toys for children on them. Kiev will not be surprised by such a zone, but "Kibalchish" differs in that the sites work baby-sitters, it is sure to appreciate parents. For 30-40 UAH you can leave the baby under the supervision of qualified caregivers and go shopping in the shopping center or drink a cup of coffee in numerous cafes "Bolshevik".

In addition to playgrounds, there is an indoor ice arena. The cost of the visit will be from 20 to 50 UAH. The modern racetrack and amusement park will not leave the older children indifferent.

Развлекательный центр для детей Киев

Kidland Development Centre

The question arose, where to lead a child in Kiev? The answer is simple - in the real children's world "Kidlandia" which was created by adult masters on the 2nd floor of the entertainment center "Blockbuster" located at: Moscow, 34-B.

There is no place for adults - behind the counter of the supermarket, in the police department, the airport, the bank, the beauty salon and fitness club are only children. There is a monetary unit and certain laws. Children "earn" money by participating in various competitions and assignments at 50 different stations. Earned units can be spent on entertainment, visiting cafes or accumulating in a bank. In the interactive park, children from 4 to 16 years will not only get a lot of pleasure from the entertainment offered, but also usefully spend leisure time.

For children under 3 years of age there is also a lesson in a special safe play area, and mothers will be quite comfortable thanks to the presence of a changing room and recreation area. Moreover, the cost of entry for crumbs up to 3 years is only 1 UAH and has no time limit. For the age category from 4 to 16 years of entry will cost 180-200 UAH, and accompanying adults - 150-160 UAH.

DiVosvit Family Center

In the Obolon district of the capital at 24/10 Marshall Street, there is a huge educational and entertainment family center "Divosvit". Children of all ages will find classes here. Toddlers up to 3 years old will be interested in the touch arena. Preschoolers will be delighted with the three-level labyrinth and territory for creativity. No child will pass by a children's cinema, puppet theater, disco, attractions.

"Divosvit" will surprise the exhibits of the Space Museum and the dinopark. The centre regularly hosts children's activities, workshops, and workshops for parents. The center, among other things, provides services of baby sitters, animators and organizers of children's holidays.

Kiev water parks

In the warm season, young lovers of entertainment on the water can offer rest on the shore of Dnipro - in the hydropark. The beach has water attractions, boat rentals and catamarans. Nearby is the center of the attractions.

The alternative to beach holidays were water parks. On weekends with children in Kiev you can visit one of them, located in the shopping center "Drim Town", at: Obolonsky, 21-B. Interior is created in the form of a prehistoric world - with wild islands, exotic animals and plants. There is a children's safe area, swimming pools with currents and waves.

The "Terminal" water park is popular with residents and guests, despite the fact that it is located in the city of Brovara, at 316 Kiev Street. Price category from 100 to 300 UAH. The facility occupies 4 floors. Directly the aquazone is located on the 1st floor. Here are: 200-meter slide, extreme attractions, children's zone "Desant on the Moon", a large wave pool with the sound of the surf and many other different entertainments.

Интересные места Киева

Sea Fairy Tale Aquarium

As recently as 2012, a unique aquarium appeared in Kiev. Located at: Street Malyshko, 3. At the entrance to the aquarium you meet a real pirate. He escorts guests to his shipwreck with corals. After that, visitors get into a unique underwater tunnel, where exotic fish and even sharks swim around. Guests will get acquainted with a variety of inhabitants of the seabed and see an outdoor pool with starfish. The Aquarium invites guests of the underwater kingdom to join the feeding of sharks, stingrays and piranhas, which will undoubtedly leave incredible memories of visitors. The cost of entering the underwater world is from 55 to 99 UAH. Admission is free for children under 3.

экскурсии по киеву

Recreation parks

Where to go with a child in Kiev in the hot season? In summer it is better to spend time with children outdoors. The most favorite places of rest of Kiev are Kreshchatik, the central park by T. G. Shevchenko, the park "Happy" and landscape alley. You can always find something interesting - children's attractions, playgrounds, activities and entertainment.

Botanicals deserve special attentionGardens of Kiev. Although there are several such places in the city, the natives know the "old" and "new" botanical garden. Speaking of the first, Kiev residents are referring to the botsad by Academician Fomin, who is located near the metro station "University". In addition to the great variety of the plant world, kids are sure to be interested in a new modern playground and wood "for feeding proteins" where you can please animals with nuts.

"New" is called the National Botanical Garden by I. I. Grishko. It is located at: 19th Street, 1. The garden collection has unique plants, a greenhouse of subtropics, a garden of roses and much more. It offers a variety of excursions, the cost of which is 10-20 UAH.

игрушки для детей киев

Here is an incomplete list of interesting places where to go with a child in Kiev. It is impossible not to visit the planetarium "Atmosphere", children's railway, toy museum and Kiev funicular. Interesting places in Kiev will not leave indifferent neither children nor adults. Choose a lesson to your liking and spend children's leisure not only fun, but also useful. Have a nice holiday!

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