What if the VC doesn't open across all browsers from my computer?


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Social network "Vkontakte" is one of the most popular in the CIS, slightly ahead of "Classmates" and Facebook. It exists for a long time and liked by the users so that many and can not live a day, not to go in there. And what if the VC doesn't open?

This disease

what to do if the VC doesn't open

Many users of VK can't go a hour to log into your account on your favorite social network. This is not surprising. Today "Vkontakte" allows not only to communicate with friends and to meet new people from anywhere, and listen to music, watch videos, meet in thematic interest groups. Most users are just like it. A lot of people come there to listen to their favorite artists, view the show or to browse through the news feed, which, by the way, you can find a lot of interesting information among the pile of posts with jokes and advertising.

And this is why, for many, is a great loss to the fact that "Vkontakte" does not work. While many people do not know what to do if the VC doesn't open. And to save a couple of thousands of nerve cells of the poor user who can't listen to your favorite songs or answer a message to a friend, consider why this problem occurs and how to fix it.

And there it is for the following reasons:

  • Because of a wrong domain record in the system;
  • Due to the blocking of the website or problems;
  • Problems in the browser;
  • Lock antivirus.

If there is a problem, and no idea what to do, if the VC doesn't open, check your Internet connection. Just need to look at the icon on the toolbar (which is next to the clock) or try to go to any other site that works. In the case when the Internet is functioning perfectly, digging a little deeper.


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What to do if VK is not open

The Most common problem is a clutter of browser cache and data sites. So you need to clean it. This can be done in your browser settings, or by using special utility (such as Ccleaner). Also need to clean browser cookies. To clean they are as follows:

  • Platform Chromium (Yandex, Google Chrome, etc.) - go to the right top in settings, scrolling the wheel all the way down and click on "Show advanced settings". When the settings page opens, look for "privacy", where you have to press on "content Settings". Next, open the "Show cookies", where in the opened window, delete all cross.

what to do if VK does not open with all browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox - go through the settings in the "Advanced" tab. There select "Network", where under "Cached web content" click "Clear now". Next, go to the tab "Privacy" and click on the link "Remove individual cookies". Remove all cookies.

what to do if the VC doesn't open page

  • Opera - go to settings, then General settings. In the opened window, go to the Cookies section, where you need to click on the button "Manage cookies". Now just select and delete.

what to do if the VC doesn't open website

Restart the browser, try again. This method is suitable in the case where VK is not open in one browser. If nothing has changed and nobody knows what to do if VK does not open with all browsers there are a number of ways.


A Very frequent problem can occur because the HOSTS file which is responsible for converting a domain name into an IP address. This is due to constant virus attacks to the file and as a result, it appears the new records to sites that don't exist (for example, vkontakte.ru, i.e., the old domain of VK). What if the VC website does not open in this case?

Go to your system folder (most likely it will be disk). Pass in WINDOWS, find the folder system32\drivers\etc. Now open the HOSTS file with Notepad, where you need to delete the row with the address vkontakte.ru.

what to do if the VC doesn't open with computer

Lock antivirus or a firewall

It's possible that the problem is in the anti-virus or firewall that for some reason, I think the website vk.com malicious and block it. This certainly must be notified of this program on the lock, so figure it will not be difficult. The only thing to do if the VC doesn't open, it is allowed to work on your favorite social network. To do this, go to the antivirus, find the section where you can put files, folders, and websites to the white list, and add to the "Vkontakte". Now try again.

It is Also worth remembering that usually the antivirus just blocks and maybe the site really is spreading malicious files. So is disabling it entirely at your own risk.

Problems with the site

Last time with the "Vkontakte" there are frequent crashes, bugs and brakes. Associated it can be with anything: hacking the social network, the improvement of the service, etc. So don't be afraid to think of what to do if the page VC not opening. It is possible that the developers fix the flaws orimprove the existing service. A way out of this situation: to wait a bit.

Lock provider

It is Quite possible that a provider offering Internet services, blocking the popular social network. This, of course, uncommon, and unlikely, but still possible. So if nothing helped, you can contact the ISP and ask him not to block it hour a site like vk.com. What if the VC doesn't open from the computer in this case? To change the provider, if, of course, you can do it. It is also worth remembering that this option is extreme, and almost none of this website will not block.

Style tips

The First thing not to do is panic, because the source of most problems is the person sitting in front of the monitor. Next, be sure to check the connection to the Internet, and then start to scroll through the other version.

Also that was not the question of what to do if the VC doesn't open across all browsers, it is not necessary to install on PC different clients to receive mail, as they very often carry with them viruses and different malware, which can cause a lot of problems.

Another way to check the efficiency of "Vkontakte" is to go to your page from your phone. If the mobile comes without problems, and with computer not, so the problems in it.

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