Image URL: how do I know with a few clicks?


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There are several reasons for which you may need the URL of the image. How to find this mysterious code that you are interested in especially those who need to post images in blogs, sites, send them to friends. But also it is possible to arrange “visual” search for and find sources of photos.

You should Start with an introduction that explains the meaning of the URL.

What is a URL and why is it the pictures?

URL – the location of any object on the Internet. And if the links to the sites know all, for most will be the opening of the existence of the image URL. How to find out the code – a question similar to the question of where the source image.

Photo, picture, document – any such file certainly has its place on a particular server. It specifies the code of the URL. If we translate the term literally, you get something like “universal resource locator". And if you say in common language, it is a pointer to the address of the source.

How to know image URL in the browser?

image url how to learn

On this question there is a clear answer. No matter why you need the URL of the image. How to find it without leaving the browser?

Select image and click right button of the mouse. In the popup menu, first of all user should be interested in the item “copy link location” or “copy the URL". Each browser list may be different, but it always sounds about the same. You will immediately know which item you need as soon as you see him.


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After you click the image url is added to the clipboard. You can paste it into the address bar, a message to a friend or post on the forum. To verify the correctness of the action can have on the format of the link. Since we are talking about the image at the end must be configured with the jpg extension.

How to know URL pictures on your computer?

It is also easy to figure out. You have already realized that the address of the image on the Internet – this is the image URL. How to find it, if the photo is on your computer, not in Network?

To have a photo appeared in a link to the source, it is necessary for him to download. For these purposes well suited social networks, file sharing, Google. Disk. The process of adding each of them will occur in the algorithm. But as soon as the image will be on the Internet, repeat steps from the previous method.

A Couple of mouse clicks, and the link is ready to use. As you can see, it's really simple.

how do you know url pictures on your computer

Less often, but still a question may arise about how to know URL pictures on your phone or tablet? Most existing models simply with your finger on the selected image and not to remove it for a few seconds. In response, a contextual menu appears. It is different from what you saw in the browser. Here you need to look for a function that will open the picture in a new window.

Once you find the item and click on it, page opens where you'll have nothing but need. The address of this page – this is the desired URL.

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