Font typewriter: the use of names, historical background


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Vintage fonts that mimic the typewriter on today are widely used in web design. They give the text a special elegance and charm, but is applicable, of course, not in all cases.

Historical background

Before the advent of computer systems for typing was used typewriters. They were created mainly for the rewriting of the securities and manuscripts. Font typewriter not just jagged and a bit blurry. When one of the first inventors of this device, M. Alisov, presented their brainchild, it many did not like, as the symbols were reference level as the printer. This created some difficulties when typing documents, it was necessary to censor. Other inventors have taken into account this error, and font typewriter became what we know it now.

font typewriter

Typewriters used so-called fixed-width font, which is the same character width. It is believed that it is less readable than proportional fonts used in modern printing. But in our days it is found in programming when writing source code, in this font write screenplays. By the way, the license plate is also written in a monospaced font.

To save space and reduce dimensions of the device are often removed many of the keys. For example, numbers were replaced homographically letters, a hyphen and a dash were the same as quotation marks.


Most of the twentieth century, all official government documents were typewritten, publishers are also required to bring printed texts, as this greatly facilitated the work of compositors.


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typewriter font for photoshop

In the mid-twentieth century, with the advent of personal computers, typewriters were a thing of the past. But font typewriter is still actively used by designers. It looks great in many styles, gives the effect of vintage. The impression of the work man-made, and not made a soulless machine.

What is the font of a typewriter?

Currently, there are more than 15 varieties of them for Photoshop. Each font of a typewriter for “Photoshop” imitates either the style of a specific device, or writing in various publications (Newspapers, typography). Many styles are available in both Cyrillic and Latin. Looks the most similar font B52 with its big distance between symbols and fading. There are other fonts, for example:

  • DS Moster has quite an interesting effect, in which some characters are missing fatter. And the letters are not exactly in line, and “dance”, making the text very realistic.
  • Underwood completely copies the style of writing the same machine.
  • Harting and 1942 Report look very shabby like the paint in the machine starts to run out.
  • Highly stylized Junkos Typewriter, letters are different sizes and uneven, a lot of “smudging the ink”.
  • Type Writer, Type wrong and King is more close to a computer or printing set, they are clear, smooth and small blemishes.
  • Similar to the Old Newspaper style print in Newspapers in the early twentieth century.

what is the name the font of a typewriter

Today we have a huge number of possibilities. Fonts are used almost everywhere, from government documents to advertising and art. Font typewriter will give the effect of antiquity to any website or image.

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